Kyle Shanahan on Trey Lance: He’s gotten a little better at everything

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As second-year quarterback Trey Lance prepares for his first year as a starter, he’s making progress, according to his head coach.

“Trey’s done a good job,” coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday, following joint practices with the Vikings. “I thought he had a good day today and we’re in the middle of camp, so you have some good, some bad, but he’s getting better throughout the whole process.”

Shanahan was asked to explain how Lance has improved since his rookie year.

“Just being more consistent,” Shanahan said. “He gotten a little better at everything, which is what you need to do for a rookie coming in, especially the lack experience that Trey had. So you throw everything at him and sometimes he gets one down and then you go a bunch of new stuff and then that takes a step back. So that’s been the process here throughout all last year and coming into this year, just in every single area, the consistency of it, not having to take two steps back as much. As I keep saying, the more he plays, the more reps he gets, the better he’ll get.”

That’s what the 49ers need. They’ve gone all in with Lance, and all out with Jimmy Garoppolo. Durability will be a key for Lance. Effectiveness will be another. In 24 days, we’ll find out when the 49ers face the Bears in Chicago.

9 responses to “Kyle Shanahan on Trey Lance: He’s gotten a little better at everything

  1. Why isn’t Jimmy G raising holy hell to get out of there and land a job? They are going to release him when the season starts to avoid his pay then what is he going to do?

  2. Looking forward to seeing Trey’s progression. He showed improvement in the first preseason game and has the mental makeup to succeed in this league. His physical talent is off the charts. He is in the best system with the best coach to help him succeed.

  3. Not as worried about Trey as I am about the interior line. They need to move on from Jimmy G and go out and sign Tretter asap.

  4. Shanny did Lance a solid by redshirting him. He’s in the perfect scenario with a dangerous skillset. I expect inconsistency but a lot of excitement along the way.

  5. Lance is a well below average starter. Once we get out of the pre season and he has to play against good NFL defenses that are game planning for him his accuracy issues are going to show up again and he’s going to seriously struggle in 2022. He played in two games last year and was injured twice, dudes a 50% passer massively struggling against the one good defense he faced. Lance is going to bust, same issues he struggled with last year he’s still struggling with and to top it off SF has a bad OL this year so Lance will be under a lot of interior pressure with SF having a very bad OL from LG to RT. I cannot wait to read the laundry list of excuses the Trey Lance truthers will be spouting once Lance inevitably struggles in 2022.

  6. Trey to Gray. They have been connecting on long TD’s a lot lately. With Gray and McCloud being 4.3 guys running posts, who’s gonna cover Deebo and Aiyuk? Kyle’s squad is gonna hang some 50 burgers on lesser opponents this year.

    The haters on here are stuck with Mac Jones and Drew Lock as their team’s QB’s LOLOLOL

  7. The 49er Lovers are saying Trey is going to be MVP.
    The 49er Haters are saying Trey is going to be a bust.
    Trey Lance could possible fall in between all of that quite frankly. It’s just a lot of hot air. You see the fans who hope for the best, and the haters who troll.

    Here are the facts:
    We know that he is a good leader
    We know he has improved a lot since last year
    We know he can throw a deep ball
    We know he’s not the most accurate QB
    We know he’s a dual threat
    We know he’s in the best system for a young QB
    We know he’s a hard worker.

    What I don’t know, is how much he has improved since last year and how does that translate going against a good NFL defense?

    How good or how bad is our Offensive line going to play and how will that affect Trey Lance?

    Truth be told, none of us knows until the seasons begin, so I can’t wait to see and find out.

    Personally, I hope Trey has a good year overall and we see marked improvement over that time.

  8. People with thin lips cannot be trusted. The Clara PD have had an All Points Bulletin for Shanahan’s lips for years with no success.

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