Marcus Mariota doing all he can to help rookie QB Desmond Ridder prepare

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Some veteran players say it’s not their job to help a rookie, especially a rookie who might take the veteran’s job. Marcus Mariota doesn’t see it that way.

Mariota, the Falcons’ starting quarterback, says he’s doing all he can to help rookie Desmond Ridder prepare, even if that makes Ridder more capable of pushing Mariota aside and becoming the Falcons’ starter.

“If you can help guys — especially the younger guys — out, it’s ultimately going to make your team better,” Mariota said, via ESPN. “So, I do whatever I can. I pass along as much information as I can to him, whatever he wants to absorb.”

Ridder said he sees Mariota as both a teammate and a coach and regularly goes to him with questions.

“When something’s not right and I know he’s been in that situation before and I just go and ask him, ‘OK, so Coach said this, how do we really want it?’” Ridder said. “He comes back and gives me an answer and just makes things run more smoothly.”

Both Mariota and Ridder looked good in the Falcons’ preseason debut. There’s no real quarterback competition in Atlanta right now, as Mariota will start Week One, but it’s possible that Ridder will take the job from Mariota at some point this season. If that’s what happens, Mariota sounds willing to accept it as what’s best for the team.

4 responses to “Marcus Mariota doing all he can to help rookie QB Desmond Ridder prepare

  1. This is a really good system for Mariota and he should have success in it. That said, this team is still ways away and there’s a very good chance that it’ll be Ridder who eventually leads them to whatever success they have. Marcus is a really good guy, an incredible teammate and has the potential to be a good QB on this team. I don’t think he will ever be a great QB, but he gives them a fighting chance this year and will do everything he can to help Ridder. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Alex Smith, but I think Smith was a lot better than Marcus.

  2. Your eyes tell you what’s happening more than your ears. Tannehill said something, and everyone jumped on him. But Tannehill probably helps young players as much as anyone. If you believe everything you hear, give me a call, and have your bank account information handy. Rider has no chance of taking Mariota’s job, even if his coaches don’t realize it right now.

  3. Smart play by Mariota. He knows his days starting are limited so he might as well continue building his back-up resume. And nothing says good back-up like “helps others.”

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