Source: “There will be news today” on Deshaun Watson

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The scramble began when Myles Simmons texted a tweet that the Browns have delayed their media availability for Thursday.

Here’s what we learned. Per a source with knowledge of the ongoing Deshaun Watson situation, “There will be news today.”

The news will be either a settlement or a final decision from appeals officer Peter Harvey. My guess is that the NFL and NFL Players Association have struck a deal on a suspension of less than a year (10-12 games), and a fine of up to $5 million.

Judge Sue L. Robinson imposed a six-game suspension on Watson 17 days ago. Fifteen days ago, the NFL appealed, hoping to get a more lengthy suspension.

Watson, per the Associated Press, was willing to accept an eight-game suspension and pay a $5 million fine.

Either way, stay tuned for more.

21 responses to “Source: “There will be news today” on Deshaun Watson

  1. Full extent, drop the hammer! No tolerance for this behavior, ban him for life from the NFL.

  2. Remove him from the NFL, sentence him to prison and make an example out of this behavior.

  3. Everyone involved will look guilty as you know what if Watson gets less than a year.

  4. Slap on the wrist for Watson and slap in the face of his victims!

    The NFL officially does not care about Watson’s behavior if this report is true.

  5. The league literally has all leverage in this scenario. If they accept a deal that puts him on the filed this year, we can assume the Idiocracy train rolls on unencumbered by common sense.

  6. I am guessing 8 games with a $5 million dollar fine and admission of an issue on his part and treatment.

  7. Does it really matter at this point? We all know it will be longer than the 6 games but shorter than the year. The difference between 10 and 12 is meaningless. The NFL already screwed this up by not just suspending him for the year with a review next offseason. Now that they’ve agreed to settle it will done when it’s done

  8. So my best guess is Watson or more likely The Browns have said if he gets a 10-12 game suspension it might as well be a year, lets agree a full season and start again afresh and with a reasonably clean slate….

    I hope the Browns can see the clear benefit in this ?

  9. The female judge,handpicked by the NFL weighs all of the evidence and comes up with a sentence she feels is fair and the NFL doesn’t like it. This is just wild.

  10. Et al…. Watson is a Pig, BUT he may come out of this and learn a few things. The 5 extra is one more than thought and the fine is good too (should have been 10m). The five is what Watson ends up paying for the suspension last year….

    PS: he will be booed for ? seasons on the Road.

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