Todd Bowles: No firm date for Tom Brady’s return

NFL: AUG 01 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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When Tom Brady left the Buccaneers to take care of personal matters a week ago, head coach Todd Bowles said that the quarterback would return to the team after they played the Titans in their second preseason game.

That game will take place on Saturday, but it’s not clear how much longer Brady is going to be away from the Bucs. At a Thursday press conference, Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles said, via Greg Auman of, that there is no firm date for Brady to rejoin the team and that they will revisit the issue after facing Tennessee.

When Brady first left the team, Bowles said that the break was something “scheduled way before training camp.” That suggested that both the start and end date to his absence were known by the team, but that clearly was not the case.

Bowles and General Manager Jason Licht have both shrugged off any concerns that the time off could negatively impact Brady or the team this season, but the longer he’s away the harder it will be to say that it’s all business as usual in Tampa.

36 responses to “Todd Bowles: No firm date for Tom Brady’s return

  1. Hey Diva,
    Either you’re playing or you’re not. Either show up for work or retire already…. God you are insufferable.

  2. He really must be worried this is his last season and with that OL, he’ll end it by mid-season.

  3. Tom Brady going to training camp is kind of like bringing sand to the beach: there’s already plenty.

  4. if the Bucs had any guts they would just cut him now. you have to get down to 53 eventually … go with the guys that WANT to be there.

  5. Bowles said that the break was something “scheduled way before training camp.” What a Liar!! The Bucs are Liars, Bowles is a Liar, and Brady is a Liar!

  6. This was his punishment for talking to Ross. He was heavily involved in that situation but the shield wouldn’t ever publicly punish him.
    Just retire, that OL this season you are going to wish you did. Should of gone out on top after SB win.

  7. Starting to become convinced Brady came out of retirement because he believed the Bucs were going to replace Bruce Arians with Sean Payton. As soon as that didn’t happen and the Bucs instead presumably let Arians name Bowles as his successor, he started to have second thoughts.

  8. nickfoliage says:
    August 18, 2022 at 1:04 pm
    Tom Brady going to training camp is kind of like bringing sand to the beach: there’s already plenty.
    So no Bucs need to show up, since there is already plenty of sand. Right? Godwin can take a vacation as well.

  9. Hes going to retire just like Favre. About mid-season it will be obvious they dont have a championship team. Hes going to get hit hard behind the makeshift line, have a chili dog and a hot cocoa at halftime, and call it a career.

  10. Sometimes movie shoots take a little longer than anticipated, so Brady may not be back until week one. Especially if he’s doing his own stunts.

  11. Now even Antonio Brown is upset with Tommy’s “vague vacation.” You know you’re in deep do-doo when AB starts tweeting about you!

  12. Everyone here knows that practically all of the offensive starters are currently out injured, right?
    Who’s Brady going to practice with? Guys that won’t be there in 2 weeks?
    Whatever Tom is up to, he’ll be back around the same time as everyone else gets healthy.

  13. Brady unretired with the understanding he hates training camp and doesn’t want to participate is my best guess. It’s a drag for him. Do you really think he needs a full camp ?

  14. I don’t see a problem. All of the top QBs are not playing in the pre-season games. It’s not as if Brady needs the practice.

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