Bears coach Matt Eberflus sees Justin Fields improving, in preseason games and practices

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
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Bears quarterback Justin Fields played just one series in Thursday night’s preseason win over the Seahawks, but in that one series, head coach Matt Eberflus saw the same thing he’s been seeing from Fields in practice: Improvement.

Fields went 5-for-7 for 39 yards, led the offense into field goal range for the Bears to take a 3-0 lead, and perhaps more importantly avoided taking any sacks despite repeatedly facing pressure behind a shaky offensive line. Eberflus said Fields’ solid play in the preseason game mirrored what he’s been showing on the practice field.

“I see more progress in practice,” Eberflus said. “His footwork’s getting better, his delivery when he’s feeling pressure, how he slides in the pocket and delivers the ball, that’s getting a lot better too. He’s improving every single day.”

Eberflus noted that Fields throws well on the move, something Bears fans often complained Fields wasn’t asked to do enough of last year under former head coach Matt Nagy.

“He does a really good job with the movement passes, the play-actions, in pocket, out of pocket, and to be able to deliver the ball,” Eberflus said. “So we’re excited about that.”

Fields’ development is the Bears’ top priority this season, and Eberflus is seeing progress.

34 responses to “Bears coach Matt Eberflus sees Justin Fields improving, in preseason games and practices

  1. The Bears should have committed more to the trenches in free agency. I don’t care what scheme or style you play, pressure in the face of a QB inevitably leads to disaster. This kid is gonna end up shell-shocked and broken before long. Late-round flyers aren’t enough if you actually think he might be the face of the franchise.

  2. I just hope the offensive line can give him time to make plays. No quarterback can succeed running for their life all of the time.

  3. He’s surrounded by very little. Has obvious talent but may get killed with a tissue paper OL. Up to the new coach to keep him upright.

  4. Watching this Bears team hustle and not commit stupid penalties all game is a huge relief. O-line still needs some work though. Special teams showed up this game for sure.

  5. Fields’ development is the Bears’ top priority this season, and Eberflus is seeing progress.


    Don’t make me laugh. They are competing the NYG for worst offensive line in the league and Fields has no one to throw to other than Mooney and a 25 year old special teamer they’ve been trying to talk up. Of course he’s getting better at throwing on the run because he doesn’t have the protection for a 3 step drop.

    Given how bad the offensive trenches and skill positions and developing fields being the “top priority” the bears would’ve invested resources in fixing that? ROFL. No.

    Did I mention Eberflus is a defensive coach? Top draft picks? Defense. Free Agency money? Defense.

    It’s gotten so bad that the money the line on the Bears win total shows that the gamblers think the bears will actually be as bad if not worse than last year.

  6. Between coaching changes, system changes and not a great cast around him, Fields’ development make take some more time, but count me among those who still believe he had tremendous upside potential.

  7. Eberflus is putting tremendous pressure on Fields. In the 1st two games all we have gotten is a tiny taste of Fields, neither great or terrible. I know it is preseason but Trevor looked fine. Against the NINERS on 9/11 in Chicago if we get 3 straight Fields 3 and out the crowd will be crying for Trevor. He needs more game time on 8/27 against the Browns.

  8. Fields was OK. The starting OLine is really bad. Everyone is talking about how Fields has no one to throw to but protection is by far the biggest liabilty for the Bears offense at this point.

    Biggest takeaway for me is the night and day difference in how much more prepared, motivated, disciplined, and fundamentally equipped to play football this team is compared to the past few years.

  9. Bears roster is not as bad as the media bandwagon makes it out to be. You want to see a truly awful roster, look at the Seahawks.

  10. Since when have the Bears valued QB play? Good luck on your next team, Justin. Get paid while you can.

  11. I just don’t see it. He’s a good guy and solid hit the books type student. But o get the feeling he’ll always be just decent, perhaps a tad above average.

    QBs are so difficult to draft. One of the qualities you can’t predict is whether they will have the “IT” factor. The one that suddenly makes a great improvisational play averting disaster or gets everyone else believing in them.

    Either way, hope he has a good career. They don’t have the horses to compete, but despite that, this could be the Chiefs offense and I still don’t think Justin Fields is a top flight quarterback.

  12. He’s just not that good. Every year we hear hype for QBs and no one can really explain why they think a prospec projects well into the NFL.

    Accuracy, leadership, football IQ, feet, pocket awareness, ball out on time, pre snap reads?

    You hear none of these things when it comes to Lance, Wilson or Fields.

    All potential to bust.

  13. Justin is going to look like Burt Reynolds at the end of the Longest Yard by the end of the season!!

  14. I’m trying to recall when a coach said his young QB isn’t getting better? “No man, he’s regressing if anything. I don’t see much hope,” said no coach ever.

  15. Justin Fields is in good hands because his Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy gets it. He doesn’t have an offensive system that he’s asking Justin Fields to fit in to. He’s building his system around Justin Fields’ strengths.

  16. Flu is a defensive-minded head coach, but who’s calling the plays on Offense. Mastermind Luke Getsy.

    Plenty of other defensive HC are having success in the league, Bills being one of them.

    The line is finally being addressed. I’m thinking it’s better than last year. Keep in mind our starting center is out with a broken thumb, but should be back Week 1. We have a ton of competition brought in to make this team compete.

    I’m still optimistic, wildcard spot, given the weak schedule and expanded format. The fact is the team looks prepared for once.

  17. touchback6 says: Every year we hear hype for QBs and no one can really explain why they think a prospec projects well into the NFL.


    Kinda like Mac Jones.

  18. I really liked Fields coming out of college and thought he was the best QB prospect after Lawrence. I wasn’t happy the Bears drafted him as I’m a Packers fan; he could be the best Bears QB since Sid Luckman (I know. Low bar.) but he has no WRs or OL right now. I hope they get more talent around him so he doesn’t end up shell-shocked like David Carr.

  19. To think the bears were goonna fix all their problems in one off season is foolish. Maybe B. Jones is a 5th round steal and becomes a stud LT. T. Jenkins wasn’t perfect but showed some promise at RG for only playing the position for 3 days. L. Patrick should be back by season opener playing C and R. Reiff should be the LT. J. Fields gonna show much progress this year and next year bears will have most cap space in the league and probably a high draft pick to field a more competitive roster. Bear down

  20. Fields still looks sort of stiff & mechanical at times. Seems like he isn’t entirely comfortable & I wonder even in the Getsy offense, if he will ever really be any good ?

  21. Once the O-line is solidified I think the Bears will be OK. The 5 guys who end up the starters will need to be some nasty, tough and the tone setters. Run the ball and kick some ass. I don’t know why the Bears can’t win

  22. I truly don’t love or hate the Bears, but nobody will be shocked if we read about Eberflus being fired within the next three years.

  23. Small sample size but the Seahawks look BAD. Take away a good QB and you might as well tank it.

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