Drew Lock is “really sick” from COVID, could start preseason finale


Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock was supposed to start on Thursday night. Due to a sudden COVID diagnosis, he didn’t.

“He’s really sick,” Carroll told reporters after the 27-11 loss to the Bears. “He was sick. Well, that was of I think it was this morning. It hit him pretty hard.”

Lock is eligible to return to the team on Sunday, assuming he’s no longer sick by then.

And there’s still a chance he’ll start the preseason finale against the Cowboys.

“I postponed the thought of that,” Carroll said. “And we had a long week here, we’ll figure it out. I don’t know exactly how to do that yet, ’cause I don’t have to. So, I’ll let you know. I might let you know. I’m not very good at letting you guys know that stuff.”

On Thursday night, Geno Smith didn’t do enough to end the competition. But for Lock to have a chance to win the right to face the Broncos and Russell Wilson in 24 days, Lock has plenty of work to do. And not much time within which to do it.

30 responses to “Drew Lock is “really sick” from COVID, could start preseason finale

  1. Seahawks should be looking hard at Jimmy G if they want to salvage their season. It would be criminal to waste a year of Metcalf’s prime with no QB to get him the ball…

  2. I think that the Seahawks may be about to find out that life was a lot better with Russell Wilson than it will be without him. Unless they can figure something out at the QB position,it’s not looking good.

  3. I know it’s not in Pete Carroll’s vocabulary but it feels like a tanking season for Seattle. They’re pretty clearly the fourth best team in a very good division and need a franchise QB, desperately. Someone like Jimmy G might improve them slightly but really only make their draft position a little worse.

  4. I’m okay with Jimmy G at QB as long as no draft capital is lost. Simply sign him as a free agent and let him play. Otherwise the draft is the only hope and 2024 is the earliest I would expect the team to be competitive again.

  5. Seahawks decade of relevance is over. Back to the non factor they were before Russ. Gonna learn the hard way how valuable a franchise QB is

  6. dprouse52 says:

    August 19, 2022 at 10:01 am

    Seahawks should be looking hard at Jimmy G if they want to salvage their season. It would be criminal to waste a year of Metcalf’s prime with no QB to get him the ball…
    Soooo your solution to not “waste a year of Metcalfs prime” is to bring in a stopgap qb who wouldnt make them a super bowl contender, would hurt their draft position(which is how they get a qb and dont waste future years of Mercalfs prime) and who has shown consistently he cant hit the deep ball. In other words your solution is to slightly improve this yr(but not be legit contenders) while hurting Seattles future team build 🤦‍♂️🤡

  7. Seattle committed the cardinal sin. There’s a reason that teams don’t trade franchise-quality QBs. They are rare. Trading Wilson to Denver was a huge mistake.

    And even though the draft next year is loaded with quarterbacks, the odds of getting one that will be as good as Wilson are slim to none.

  8. Wilson is a game mgr qb who pete helped make great .. everyone all over his game balls are joking themselves .. hasn’t been good for 2 years, isn’t as mobile any longer, is older and kinda fat now .. and hawks fleeced the donkies for him .. playoffs 8/10 years, including missed last year, maybe again we’ll miss this year but we’re set for next 5+ now where denver has a smaller window cuz russ gonna expect 50M+ soon .. geno and lock will do just fine managing while the seahawks have the best run game in the nfl .. ur welcome

  9. Preseason means nothing except that individual plays & players are reviewed to see who should be cut/kept. The Drew Lock sickness hits hard in the lost ability to determine the week one starter. That’s okay. Neither he, nor Geno will be cut.

  10. When you have two QBs you have none, or in the case of Seattle when you have no QBs you have none!

  11. They lose their franchise QB, which is about the worst thing that can happen to you in the NFL. But, they luck out that this happened during an off-season when three other QBs, all of whom have won at least one playoff game, are available. But instead of making a strong push for either Mayfield, Garappolo, or Ryan (yes, I know they all have some holes, but who doesn’t), they settle for Drew Lock. Not sure what they are doing out in Seattle.

  12. “It would be a shame to waste DK Metcalf’s prime…”

    Getting Jimmy “can’t throw deep” G would do just that.

  13. The discussion changes if an older, slower Wilson gets injured. He suffered a tendon rupture (mallet finger), a dislocation and two fractures in the past.

  14. The people who clearly haven’t watched Wilson play the past few years and think the Seahawks are doomed without him are hilarious. He’s old and fat and no longer has any mobility. The second he senses pressure, real or not, he freezes and ducks into sacks. He can’t throw over the middle and constantly kills drives by trying to extend plays for the home run deep ball (that opposing defenses have figured out). Both Geno and Lock aren’t far behind Wilson and both have more mobility and height which opens up more of the field to work with. Denver fans thinking Wilson is still the QB he was 7 years ago are in for a rude awakening.

  15. Lock is vaccinated and he’s very sick, but he’s not in the hospital. The vaccines don’t stop you from getting sick. They stop you from needing hospitalization and from dying.

    Lock will be fine as long as he doesn’t end up with Long COVID.

  16. Lock will be fine because he’s young and healthy, but a quick search on google and you will find articles from washingtonpost, cnn and others that Vaccinated people made up 42 percent of covid-19 fatalities since the omicron variant popped up this past winter. Its serious for the elderly or people with underlying health issues regardless of vaccination status.

  17. That’s definitely the excuse I’d give if I was getting beat out by glass jaw geno.

  18. Did anyone even watch the game?

    The QB doesn’t avoid the IP penalties. The QB doesn’t field the punts. The QB doesn’t make tackles.

    Russ is on the downhill side. His magic was based on his ability to extend plays compensating for his height and running the ball making the defense cover all 11 men.

    He’s no longer quick enough to extend plays and he doesn’t run. He has a great deep ball if he gets 3 seconds but that’s it.

    Hawks will likely struggle this year and hopefully get their QB next draft. Bringing in Jimmy G is dumb. He won’t make them contenders. He’s not the long term answer. He’s expensive. All that to add 3 more wins so they’re .500?

    They just need to let the rookies play and let Lock play and see what they have by year end.

  19. If the Seahawks personnel people see a legit elite QB coming out next year, they should play Lock this year. That way they can tank without everyone saying they’re tanking.

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