Matt Patricia serving as the Patriots’ only play-caller tonight

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
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The Football Apprentice continued Friday night in New England, but this time, the Patriots have not alternated play-callers based on the quarterback.

Offensive line coach Matt Patricia has had the duties against the Panthers despite three different quarterbacks seeing action.

In the first preseason game, Patricia and quarterbacks coach Joe Judge took turns calling the plays against the Giants. Patricia, who served as the team’s defensive coordinator from 2012-17 before leaving to becoming the Lions’ head coach, called the plays for Brian Hoyer last week before Judge took over when Bailey Zappe entered the game.

But Patricia started Friday night’s game as the play-caller for Mac Jones and kept them with Hoyer and Zappe.

Head coach Bill Belichick said last week that the dual play-callers is part of the “process” as the Patriots attempt to replace Josh McDaniels.

Jones played three series and went 4-for-8 for 61 yards as the team’s offensive struggles continued. Nelson Agholor highlighted the first half with a 45-yard catch, which set up a 2-yard touchdown run by Ty Montgomery.

Patricia continued to call the plays on the Patriots’ first possession of the second half.

29 responses to “Matt Patricia serving as the Patriots’ only play-caller tonight

  1. Doesn’t make any difference, this team is an irrelevant joke. Bb has been exposed as not just a terrible GM but coach as well. Everyone knows it was Brady as all along, as clearly shown when he ditched bb.

  2. I want to know what pictures Patricia has of Bill. Lions fan.. Maybe build rockets instead.

  3. The Bills stole their souls in last season’s wild card game, and they have no plans on giving them back.

  4. Panthers 2nd string offense against the Pats Starting defense looked better than the pats starting offense against the panthers 2nd string defense

  5. Man that 50% completion rate really rocks!! Wow. I’m so impressed. Yeah he threw a 45 yard pass. All this against panthers 2nd stringers.


  6. Bill can’t go on forever. Guessing he steps down from coaching and stays on as GM. Matty P gets the nod as head coach.

  7. The reason the majority of Pats coaches don’t make it elsewhere and always return is that Belichick orchestrates everything they do. They’re never empowered to solely run ther functions; which is why they never grow enough to be successful elsewhere. So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who calls plays. It’s all under Belichick’s thumb anyhow. None of them every works independently.

  8. Great! I was really worried which failed head/defensive coach would be calling offensive plays.
    Good luck Mac Jones…

  9. panther “analyst” steve smith jumped on the me-too expert wagon describing what a catastrophe both patricia and joe judge were on offense. went so far as to say that “pride” was causing them to completely abandon josh mcdaniels offense. i trust the ring master to figure it out rather than the inane clown posse.

  10. There was so much fun interpreting early camp reports as the end of the team, and now if’s killing you guys that they won. Maybe now you will admit that preseason is meaningless.

  11. The weird mystique of Belichick will rapidly fall away now that Brady is gone and he will be exposed as a below .500 coach when Brady is not his starting quarterback. The spectacular failure of the grand Cam Newton experiment ended in not making the playoffs in 2020 and then getting destroyed by the Bills 47-17 after squeaking into the Wild Card Round last year. BTW The Pats getting a touchdown with less than 2 minutes left in the game against a soft prevent defense made the game seem closer than the laugher it really was.

  12. Hopefully announcers find something else to talk about, when talking about Patricia, other than him being a rocket scientist.

  13. It’s like having Homer Simpson as your OC.

  14. The defense looked good last night, the offense not so much. Though I’ll say rookie Zappe has a lot of poise. It’s a problem that there are pretty much no coaches on the Patriots right now with a lot of experience coaching the offense. I think the idea of switching offensive scheme was a good one, but there will be a rough break-in period and depending on how long it lasts that could be a big problem for this season.

    It will be interesting to see the third preseason game between the Raiders and Patriots.

  15. Of all the people that Belichick has invited back,why did this guy have to be one of them? Same goes for Joe Judge. Can’t trust either one of them not to ruin Mac Jones,in my opinion.

  16. Both Bill & Pete need to ride off into the sunset soon. They can compare notes over a couple old fashioned sips…Meanwhile, the guy with the pencil behind his ear can finally put that pencil to paper & write up an apology letter to his former players in Detroit….

  17. Patrick says:
    August 19, 2022 at 9:18 pm
    Doesn’t make any difference, this team is an irrelevant joke. Bb has been exposed as not just a terrible GM but coach as well. Everyone knows it was Brady as all along, as clearly shown when he ditched bb.

    They were a playoff team last year their first year with a rookie qb, who himself got named to the pro bowl. And whatever you want to think of the play calling in last night’s game, the bottom line is they won it.

  18. I would think most defensive coordinators would have a pretty good idea of how to attack a defense. Not all, but most. It’s still mostly the QB that makes you look like a good coach or a bad coach. Bill Belichick didn’t get stupid when he lost Brady, and Bruce Arians didn’t suddenly become a genius. It’s a QB league.

  19. i thought the pats d looked better then decent. the team will be competitive. not on par with the bills but the bills weren’t on par with the pats for a decade.

  20. Bill Belichick didn’t get stupid when he lost Brady,


    Yes, he was stupid all the time and didn’t realize that the reason Pats receivers often got wide open was because of the time Brady threw the balls, not because of the designs.

    And he foolishly tried to push Brady out so to prove that he was the cornerstone of the dynasty. Now he is screwed.

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