Of course it’s likely Ezekiel Elliott’s last year in Dallas

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We’ve noticed in recent days a smattering of reports regarding the possibility that running back Ezekiel Elliott is embarking on his final year with the Cowboys.

Of course he is.

Elliott remains on the roster at a fully-guaranteed salary of $12.4 million only because the structure of the deal, negotiated in 2019 during a holdout, resulted in the 2022 salary becoming fully-guaranteed in 2021. If that payment hadn’t been guaranteed a year before 2022, the Cowboys wouldn’t have paid it.

Starting next year, Elliott’s contract enters the non-guaranteed season. Surely, the Cowboys won’t want to pay him another $10 million in 2023. Unless he agrees to re-do his deal, he’ll undoubtedly be gone.

It’s not news. It’s not a surprise. It’s obvious. It’s a function of the market at the position.

Tony Pollard makes less than $1 million this year. Comes next year, the Cowboys likely will be more willing to pay Pollard than Elliott.

Or maybe the Cowboys will simply draft someone else, like they did after they wished DeMarco Murray well after he set a franchise single-season rushing record in 2014 and, following the 2015 season, drafted Elliott.

9 responses to “Of course it’s likely Ezekiel Elliott’s last year in Dallas

  1. They should have traded him last season possibly even before that. Pollard was clearly the more effective back last season. Zeke has been past it for awhile.

  2. Dude is washed up anyway. That guy put up numbers when the beef has good when the beef fell off so did he.

  3. Might as well give him 350-380 touches this year. If he can handle the load, someone will pay him next year …

  4. When you have to pay a overrated QB, whats left? That said RBs’ get the short end of the stick for pay. Pollard should be making as much as Elliot. Hopefully he will when he’s eligible.

  5. As a Cowboys fan I like Elliott. Hope they can work something out so that he can “save face”. He is not a bad RB but he is not top tier anymore and I hope he can continue to be a Cowboy at a salary he is worth.

  6. This is on the cowboys for making a bad decision

    It also shows you why fully guaranteed contracts hurt other players because the salary cap money is tied up in an underperforming player rather than going to other players

  7. I don’t understand how people constantly complain about how much Zeke makes at 15 million a year but not how much Dak makes at 40 million a year or Tank Lawrence at 20 million a year. I know running back is a less valued position in today’s NFL but at least Zeke was at one time a top five player at his position. Even now he’s more productive than half the backs in the league. Dak on the other hand is average at best and gets paid like a top 5 quarterback

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