Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions producing “GronkCast” for UFC fights

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Peyton Manning and Rob Gronkowski were never teammates in the NFL, but they’re now joining forces in broadcasting.

Manning’s Omaha Productions, which produces the ManningCast alternate Monday Night Football commentary that he provides with his brother Eli, is now also producing an alternate UFC commentary called the GronkCast.

For Saturday night’s UFC fights, viewers who purchase the pay-per-view will have the option either of watching the fights with the standard commentary, or with Gronkowski and his family — brothers Chris, Dan, Glenn and Gordie Jr. and father Gordon — talking about the fights while interviewing guests.

“Our family is pumped to be able to team up with Peyton and his team at Omaha Productions to bring some fun and laughs into The Octagon,” the Gronkowski family said in a statement. “Get ready for some action-packed fun as we hang out as a family, share stories, and test out our UFC skills.”

ESPN’s decision to expand its relationship with Omaha Productions into other sports and beyond just Peyton and Eli is a strong indication that it considered the ManningCast a major success. Whether the Gronkowskis can be as popular with UFC fans as the Mannings are with NFL fans remains to be seen.

9 responses to “Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions producing “GronkCast” for UFC fights

  1. If one is really into UFC do they need Gronk to provide yucks and laughs while people are trying to pound their opponents into submission?
    I guess this is the beginning of a new trend to have alternative broadcasts for every televised sport.
    If successful, then we can look forward to seeing this for golf & tennis too.

  2. It will definitely add a layer of entertainment with the Gronkowski’s! The reason alternate broadcasts are becoming more and more popular is because audiences have multiple screens going during these events…makes it feel like they are in your living room with you!

  3. Rob Gronkowski may be a meathead,but he’s America’s meathead.


    Gronkowski is FAR from being the only “meathead” in America.
    And if you find yourself worshipping a meathead, then you really need to re-examine what you value.

  4. Maybe they can do some commentary on Gronk’s takedown of Tre White – one of the dirtiest NFL plays we’ve seen in the past decade or so?

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