Saquon Barkley “fed up” with critics of his running style

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Giants at Patriots
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Giants running back Saquon Barkley expressed his distaste for criticism this offseason and he hasn’t grown any more comfortable with it this summer.

Barkley’s target this time around is people who take issue with his running style. Barkley has heard criticism that he moves from side to side too much and needs to devote more of his energy to moving forward, but he made it clear at a Thursday press conference that he doesn’t agree with that critique of his game.

“I’ve been playing this position for a very long time, and by no means am I the perfect running back, and I still got so much work to do,” Barkley said. “But I know that’s been the conversation or been a thought or been a thing out there that’s said about me it, ‘He don’t know what he’s doing. He’s just dancing back there.’ I’m really kind of fed up with people who never played a position and try to speak on how I run a position. We call them All-Pros with clickers in their hand. Running back is a tough position, but it’s easy to be there and watch football and watch on tv, or even watch on watch film and stop the clicker and say, ‘Oh, he should’ve made that cut.’ There’s a lot of things that go into making that cut. There’s a lot of things like your shoulders being square. There’s a lot of things that have an impact on your vision.”

Barkley’s best response to any and all critics will be a strong performance in the regular season. Injuries and underwhelming production have wrecked his last few campaigns and no verbal volleys will be enough to counteract the picture they have painted.

17 responses to “Saquon Barkley “fed up” with critics of his running style

  1. The giants currently have 2 starters injured on a thin offensive line. Without good offensive line Barkley isn’t going to have the year he wants going into free agency and Jones better keep his neck doctor on retainer because he’s going to get sacked alot.

  2. He should be better this season as his reconstruction is now at 100 % strength and his trust in his knee is restored. I jus thope they stop all the RPO action where he’s a step off the line waiting for the QB to give him the ball — it negates the spower of his running style. Just tos him the ball in the I formation.

  3. Sensitive. Yes listen to the coaches ,but hey fans watch the game ,and see you aren’t hitting the hole quickly because of your ‘style’.

  4. What a bust. No wonder he’s floundering, he thinks he doesn’t need coaching. Second overall? Yikes!

  5. If you don’t like the way people talk about your playing style….. play better.

  6. He’s just another bust from Penn State! Barkley’s best response should have been no response and just ball out this season. But that’s not gonna happen because he’s an over-rated running back from PSU.

  7. This is like you 4th or 5th season. What have you accomplished? NOTHING! Big hype, no real results. You’ll be signing for the league minimum next year.

  8. Yes, maybe all of the viewers aren’t exactly foot ball experts. However, we can watch and compare you to other runningbacks that do not do the same thing and then make comments based on that observation. So yeah, you dance around too much.

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