Dana White’s story fuels speculation that Derek Carr was Tom Brady’s unnamed “motherf–ker”

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The slow time in 2021 got an unexpected boost when Tom Brady appeared on The Shop and dropped this juicy little nugget regarding his first-ever foray into free agency, the prior year.

“One of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end,” Brady said. “I was thinking, you’re sticking with that motherf–ker?”

The immediate favorite for the role of unnamed “motherf–ker” became 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. But the reaction over the first 24 hours from folks in league circles centered on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr as the true “motherf–ker.” Dana White’s comments from the first-ever UFC “GronkCast,” claiming that Brady to the Raiders was almost a done deal before coach Jon Gruden blew it up, are prompting many to conclude it was indeed Carr.

Carr told Brother from Another in July 2021 that, based on what he’d heard, Brady wasn’t talking about him. And when considering the rest of what Brady said on The Shop, it doesn’t fit with the idea that Brady was ready to go and looking for houses until Gruden scrunched up his face and decided not to do it.

“When I look back I’m like, there’s no f–king way I would’ve went to that team,” Brady said at the time. “But they said they didn’t want me. I know what that means, I know what that feels like. And I’m gonna go f–k you up because of that.”

Regardless, Brady did indeed “f–k up” the Raiders in 2020, beating them 45-20 on October 25, in Las Vegas. And, if what White said (as confirmed by Gronk) is true, Brady could have easily been the guy f–king up the Bucs that same night.

19 responses to “Dana White’s story fuels speculation that Derek Carr was Tom Brady’s unnamed “motherf–ker”

  1. Passive-aggressive, self-absorbed, and not man enough to face up to his words. Brady becomes slimier with every passing year.

  2. Obviously Brady will be inducted in the HOF, but if he keeps this crap up it may not be on the first ballot. And this is coming from a Pat’s fan.

  3. This was obvious when he made the original quote, but Carr, who btw for some reason has one of the staunchest fan bases in football to be so mediocre, pushed back on it.

  4. So says the NFL’s historic cheater. Tomasina Brady has no class. His wins are all tainted with the stench of his and his team’s cheating.

  5. I will always appreciate Tom for all he did in New England, however, now that he is outside of the professional confines of the Patriot Way, I have to say I don’t care for the prima donna attitude and the petty personal attacks, even if meant to be private. Patriot Tom would never let this happen. I’ve been around the Carr brothers just enough to know they would never treat someone this way let alone a fellow QB. They are good people. I’m disappointed Tom. In conjunction with other recent events like the tampering crime, it starts to take some of the luster off the legacy. You really don’t need to do this stuff. You’re Tom F. Brady….

    On a side note I look forward to seeing Carr in the McDaniel’s offense. I think it is a good match. It will take time, and it’s a tough division, but I think they will have success.

  6. Honestly, it is irrelevant. How many people are “close to signing” here or there. Had Brady signed with the Raiders, they would’ve gone 8-8 with the Gunther defense. Again, irrelevant.

  7. patsrule says:
    August 21, 2022 at 7:40 am
    The longer he goes on and the more he talks, the less likable Brady becomes.


    Give the article a read first and you will discover it’s not Brady, its’s someone else talking about Brady. The person is simply responding to comments Brady made a couple years ago for those still worrying two years later about what he said, similar to yourself here.

  8. His legacy is taking more and more hits lately. He should of retired after the TB Super Bowl.

  9. I actually never really like Tom Brady because I really hate the Patriots as a fan. But if I am being honest to me and only me, this actually makes me like him more. The human Tom Brady welcome young man! Nice to finally meet ya!

  10. I’ve enjoyed watching TB, but I can’t wait until he retires. He’s becoming an insufferable nag.

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