“Process” remains in place for Patriots play calling

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The question of who’s calling the offensive plays in New England continues to lack any clear answers. Primarily because the man in position to provide clarity chooses not to do so.

After Friday night’s game against the Panthers, during which offensive line coach Matt Patricia seemed to be the only one calling plays, coach Bill Belichick was asked whether what appeared to be the case was.

“Communication with the quarterback, yeah,” Belichick told reporters. “As far as calling the plays, there’s a whole ‘nother process on that, but yeah.”

Belichick called the communication of the plays by Patricia to the quarterback as “normal” and “fine.” It comes a week after both Patricia and quarterbacks coach Joe Judge were sending the plays to the quarterback from the sideline.

Belichick provided a bit of clarity when asked whether the “process” is between him, Patricia, and Judge when it comes to selecting the plays.

“No,” Belichick said.

“So is it falling to anybody else or it’s between you three?” he was asked.

“It’s a process,” Belichick said.

The process can be as simple, as Chris Simms has explained on PFT Live, as Belichick providing a range of options for a given situation — while also reserving the right to swoop in whenever and grumble out a number that corresponds to one of the plays on the quarterback’s wristband.

Ultimately, Belichick runs the show. Every aspect of it. He ran it when Josh McDaniels coordinated the offense, and Belichick runs it now. Maybe he won’t simply say that because he assumes that, by now, everyone knows it.

12 responses to ““Process” remains in place for Patriots play calling

  1. If everything breaks right for this, they can go 6-11.

    In Belichick we trust!


  2. The championship Patriots teams — and there have been many — thrived with an “Us Against the World” mentality. I can still hear Rodney Harrison screaming, “Nobody believed in us!”

    Bill, the unquestioned GOAT HC, sees a championship roster. Now he is doing his part to create the environment — a continuous cascade of NOISE — to help them thrive.

    I look forward to next year’s duck boat parade. Long live Bill.

  3. The only reason he is doing this is to make it harder for opposing teams to hire his coaches.

    This does a disservice to his coaches who can miss out on job opportunities with other teams.

    He does not treat his subordinates fairly.

  4. Why don’t people understand that Bill gives out as little information as possible. Who is coaching. Who is starting. Competitive advantage. I see some coaches who talk about the game plan for the upcoming game.

  5. The plays may be coming directly from God. BB is in a Sunday morning prayer group, even though pundits don’t think the Patriots have one, a prayer that is. But as we all know, whatever they are doing, if it works, its cheating.

  6. Everyone is so concerned about play calling in New England – if they only cared about more important issues the world would be much better off . Bills not worried and neither should you .

  7. Only Belichick could get away with this. If the Pats finish ahead of the Jets and Dolphins again those organizations should just stop trying cause you clearly can’t do anything right.

  8. It was just a preseason game – but man, is Jones overhyped. He had one nice throw, but otherwise looked pretty lost out there.

    He needs a clean pocket to succeed. Not an easy thing to have in the NFL.

  9. Aren’t Patricia and Judge not getting the job titles since they are still being paid not to HC in Detroit and New York? Once they get a title, then they don’t have to be paid, anymore, as I understand it.

  10. Patricia, “Bill, I discovered that I need offensive knowledge to be a HC. How about I run the Pat’s O this year?” BB, “Sure! Why not help you craft your career on the back of the season!”. Mac Jones = 4/8, 61 yards. 45 yards of that came from a single 45-yard drop pass. Which, by the way, was accurate but had no zip on it. Mac and Matt better get it going. Else Zappe could have the team next year. He’s young but at least he has zip & legs!

  11. Patricia, “Bill, I discovered that I need offensive knowledge to be a HC. How about I run the Pat’s O this year?” BB, “Sure! Why not help you craft your career on the back of the season!”.


    Patricia and Judge don’t want the job, it will be a career killer.

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