Roquan Smith will play for Bears on current contract

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Bears linebacker Roquan Smith has had a change of heart.

Smith, who had previously said he wouldn’t practice for the Bears and demanded a trade to a team that would give him a lucrative contract extension, has now decided he will play for Chicago this season on his current contract, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Bears head coach Matt Eberflus said that even though Smith previously wasn’t practicing, he has been engaged in team meetings and should have plenty of time to ramp up for the start of the regular season.

The 25-year-old Smith was selected by the Bears with the eighth overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. He will make a guaranteed $9.7 million this season, then hit unrestricted free agency in March.

26 responses to “Roquan Smith will play for Bears on current contract

  1. Good news for the Bears and their fans. Chicago’s win total in Vegas from 2.5 to 3. Go Pack Go.

  2. Not sure anybody would pay him what he’s asking on the open market let alone trade draft picks to do so.

  3. Honestly after how he was treated by CHI front office, I hope he walks so hard. Take them for whatever the guaranteed next two franchise tags are worth at minimum or pull a Kirk C and bet on yourself. Roquan deserves a massive payday. I bet he would’ve taken a reasonable contract if Chicago negotiated in good faith. At this point I hope he demands the sky and then some. I’m a Pats fan with no skin in this, I just love RS’s game. He’s the man. Go get paid man

  4. Good to hear. I imagine he’s up to speed on the playbook, but he’ll have to gain the muscle memory related to it.
    I understand what he was trying to do holding in, and his good play put him in position to do it; but his lack of an agent didn’t put him in position to capitalize on it.

  5. All this drama to finally realize no other team sees him as being worth $20M per season as an off the ball linebacker. Kudos to Ryan Poles for standing firm & not overpaying him. I can’t wait to see how he plays & whether Bears franchise him, tender him a large offer next year, or ultimately let him walk…

  6. This is why I don’t like guaranteed contracts. If a player thinks he’s better, he won’t honor his contract. But if he plays lousy, he’s more than happy to honor his contract. Why do they even sign contracts? Maybe it should just be year-to-year for everyone.

  7. I don’t know, but I think he’s come to the realization that he needs an agent. He’s had random, uncertified people calling teams on his behalf. Did he think those people wouldn’t want compensation for their efforts? They might end up costing just as much money or more than a legitimate agent would.
    Someone should insist that football players take at least a basic business class while in college.

  8. Smith should force the trade or contract. This year is going to be rough without Hicks and Mack

  9. Oh Ro! You played this all wrong, dude. Penny wise and pound fooish, because you didn’t want to pay an agent. Now it’s time to do the franchise tag dance!

  10. He’s a cheapskate and an idiot. Could have been making multiples of what he’ll play for now if he had just got an agent. Now the pittance he’ll play for this season is the baseline for any future contract of his. Can’t wait for the 30 For 30 on his dumb a** in a decade or two…

  11. Chris to the GM who openly said he won’t break the bank for one guy. he got a great offer but like most, wants that upfront money now, not in three years.
    The agents have been schooling their clients that teams want to push the big money into the future and they want it upfront because the agents get a percentbant they don’t get the big money til then either?

  12. Cudos to the GM who openly said he won’t break the bank for one guy. Smith got a great offer but like most, wants that upfront money now, not in three years.
    The agents have been schooling their clients that teams want to push the big money into the future and they want it upfront because the agents get a percentage they don’t get the big money til then either?

  13. Don’t walk into that $50-60M guaranteed door! It’s too scary! The Bears will franchise you next year, for still far less guaranteed.

    I think Roquan really thinks somebody wants to pay him $105M+ or something. Not happening.

  14. Bears fan here. Love his game, but he is a middle linebacker. I’d have been happy to deal him.

    If he proves himself in this defense, he can break the bank with us or someone else next year (I’d prefer someone else and I’d prefer the Bears use the money saved on a WR or three. Or a new guard. Or any lineman, really).

  15. I’m sure the commentators dontbrelaize of this works. His hold in cost him nothing. The bears can franchise him. That’s a nice raise. They can do it again. A NICER raise. They are too cheap to franchise him even once. He get paid in FA. And not pay an agent 40 percent. People thinking he is dumb are the dumb ones. This cost him NOTHING. And teams will be paying attention knowing he is bailing on a bad franchise after the season

  16. I really like his game. Much like Pittsburgh has really nailed the WR position historically well, I feel the bears have had great LB play over the years. Smith is a really talented guy and I think it would be a major loss to that defense. As far as representing yourself in multi-million dollar negotiations against teams of highly skilled professional contract lawyers…it might not be the best idea. I’m not saying he’s incapable of representing himself, but sometimes it’s best to hire someone and at the very least have them explain the exact contract language and proceed from there.

  17. NFL Agents are capped at 3%. That’s the part that’s absurd on him representing himself. Savings 3MM on 100MM?

    C’mon man! Go out, stack another year (9MM I believe) and I would t be surprised if you’re extended Week 8.

    Poles e wants you, but let the dust settle on a new regime and scheme.

  18. Pay him. If he reads this stuff, I hope you get as much as you possibly can from whoever will pay you that.
    Bears fan. ✌🏼

  19. If the Bears GM and Head Coach really valued Roquan,… they’d sign him.
    The money and salary cap shouldn’t be a talking point issue. New TV contracts will make the Team Salary Cap number grow substantially over the next 3 years. This tells me Chicago is going full blown rebuild. They’d be smart to trade him now and get some good picks in return. I’m sure there’s a team who could use his services and pay him a 5 year / $60 mil deal,.. $35 mil guaranteed. Remember,.. the cap will likely increase roughly $7-8 mil each yr over the next 3 years. Maybe more.

  20. He’s not getting to unrestricted free agency after this year. The Bears can tag him. More likely they trade him to an AFC team for a 4th round pick.

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