Tom Brady mystery sparks speculation that he’s The Masked Singer

"The Masked Singer"
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The fact that no one knows anything about Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady‘s current whereabouts during an extended training-camp hiatus for “personal” reasons invites speculation as to where he is and what he’s doing. The longer it lasts, the crazier the speculation.

And the speculation on Friday officially crossed into the land of fuckin’ nutty.

Someone (or multiple someones; I can’t really tell) has cooked up a theory that Tom Brady left training camp for a stint on Fox’s The Masked Singer. The facts offered in support of the theory are flimsy and superficial, and the whole thing seems to have a tongue-in-cheek vibe.

While Brady does have a contract with Fox that extends beyond serving as the network’s No. 1 NFL analyst, it supposedly doesn’t begin until he retires from football. Also, the notion that they’d expect him to ditch nearly two weeks of training camp for something that he could do after he’s done with football seems like a ridiculous stretch.

But this is what happens when one of the highest-profile players in league history leaves camp without a peep, and when his team does a poor job of managing the messaging. The Bucs tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube, a little bit, on Friday, with coach Todd Bowles saying he knows when Brady will be back — a day after Bowles said he didn’t know.

Horror vacui. Nature abhors a vacuum. Human natures does, too. And with no information to explain the inexplicable Brady training-camp break, we’re looking for anything to help make it make sense. With Brady saying nothing and the circumstances fanning the flames of speculation, it sort of makes sense that something so weird would emerge, and run rampant.

That’s the only reason we decided to post an item on it. This crackpot theory, and the intense coverage of it, has become too big to ignore. And the big winner is Fox, who’ll now have even more people watching the next season of The Masked Singer to see whether Brady emerges from the costume.

28 responses to “Tom Brady mystery sparks speculation that he’s The Masked Singer

  1. You know what he isn’t? The patriots QB. That, their complete lack of talent, and their terrible coaching has them staring at a season of blowouts and a last place finish.

  2. You need to reflect on life’s priorities if you are wasting the limited time in your life watching junk like the “masked singer.”

  3. Wasn’t AB on that show? He pulled off his costume, slammed it to the ground and left the stage if I remember. Can’t be sure.

  4. I think it would be awesome. Live life and have a laugh. The man has zero to prove, end of story.
    I’m even a Bills fan..

  5. Tom Brady needs to be in camp getting practice reps with his newer WRs……..I don’t care how much of a veteran he is . BUCS FAN

  6. george1859 says:
    August 20, 2022 at 9:22 am

    I think it would be awesome. Live life and have a laugh. The man has zero to prove, end of story.

    One thing he hasn’t proven is an ability to live without playing football. Everything else in his life has been subordinated to that function for about 40 years. I do not think the transition will be easy or pleasant, and I suspect it may not be successful.

  7. Much ado about nothing. If and when TB12 turns up, doubtless he will talk about his absence. Until then? None of our business!

  8. Human nature abhors a vacuum. Human nature dislikes being BS’d even more. For those masked singer theorists, i think Gronk already been there done that. Add that to your intrigue.

  9. It is even money, he is either the Masked Singer or he is in secret negotiations with Aliens to return Elvis. I can’t wait for Elvis’s first concert.

  10. He’s not on The Masked Singer. I don’t know where he’s at, but it’s he’s not doing that. The only reason Tom came back was for another crack at a Super Bowl. Veteran or not, you don’t win championships by fooling around on a cheesy singing competition. Tom would know that better than anyone.

  11. It’s easy. He’s bored with training camps and doesn’t want to be there. And since he owns the team…

  12. As someone who is so fiercely competitive, I’d find it hard to believe he’d take time off from training camp to do a TV show. Maybe he’s on a vacation with his family that was promised…. that seems more plausible. Still weird timing.

  13. When Brady retired, now *there* was a vacuum that likely dozens of outside companies were begging him to fill. Chances are he signed a deal during his brief retirement that involved a time commitment in August. When he negotiated his return with the Bucs, he had to ask them to accommodate that external August time commitment. Whether it’s the Masked Singer (doubtful but not completely insane when you look at the other sports figures who’ve been on that show and the opportunity it gives Fox to give a Brady soft opening with their viewers) or some other commitment, it may well be something that he is required to keep under wraps for some period of time.

  14. Ted 3 – all those working on it have signed super tight NDAs so no one even knows this film is being made.

  15. Nothing says “I’m ready to help my team win a Superbowl”, like taking time off from training camp to go compete on a stupid reality show! That sounds like something Antonio Brown would do! Oh, wait, my bad…..

  16. Brady kept hounding Gronk to unretire and said he didnt have the guts to play another year. So Gronk said oh yeah I had the guts to go on The Masked Singer, if you can do that too then I will play another year. Brady: “challenge accepted.”

  17. Possible Brady signed a contract to do THAT, or something similar, during his 6 week retirement. They take a dim view of not honoring contracts

  18. It’s difficult to imagine Brady is hanging out in Los Angeles and taping a TV show at FOX and no one knows about it or keeping it secret.
    And if TMZ hasn’t reported that he’s in LA then he’s doing a great job of staying under cover. Or he’s not here. No one can hide from TMZ.

  19. This is Tom Brady’s nadir. And I am of the opinion that it is this rumor and/or fact which has damaged Brady’s reputation among the NFL owners and the players. As a social media influencer/celebrity, this is quite a coup and decent business. As a player, it is Brady giving football the double deuce and still expecting to be the starting quarterback along with a guaranteed Super Bowl win. That is not happening. The tide is turning and the opinion of this all-time great is reaching negative levels. We all know that once a football player pulls a stunt like this, there really is no going back to being an NFL player. You watch as, about the same time Robert Kraft is announced as a new Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee in 72-96 hours, the Bucs cut and release Tom Brady and buy out his contract. Their version of the old saying “you can’t fire me, I quit.” In which case it is now “you cannot retire; you can now be considered fired.” This could have been avoided by Mr. Brady, yet he chose to take this path. Now, football is taken away from him permanently. It is time for Tom Brady to, though not his choice, live without the game.


  20. To leave your team to do a worthless stupid show like that if true he’ll lose all my respect who watches that junk that’s on a 5th graders level America has to many fox dummies .

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