Will anyone fall for the 49ers’ new Jimmy Garoppolo bluff?

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When it comes to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers have a handful of nothin’. That isn’t stopping them from bluffing.

Owner Jed York recently suggested that the 49ers are happy to keep Garoppolo and his salary of $24.2 million, which becomes fully guaranteed (as a practical matter) at 4:00 p.m. ET on September 10.

The goal is obvious. York wants to dissuade potentially interested teams from thinking that they simply need to wait, and that Garoppolo eventually will be released.

To get him, you’ll have to trade for him. That’s the message.

Of course, that’s only part of the equation. Anyone who trades for Garoppolo must also work out a financial arrangement with him. No one will pay him $24.2 million, barring the kind of desperation that would flow from suddenly losing the starting quarterback for the season. Thus, he’ll need to accept less in order to facilitate a trade.

His best option could be to continue to sit and wait.

Would the 49ers allow the base salary to become guaranteed by keeping him around after September 10? They’d continue to hold the ability to trade him, if/when a starter suffers a season-ending injury, through the Tuesday after Week Eight. (He’d also become a potential insurance policy in the event starter Trey Lance is injured. Assuming Garoppolo will answer any calls or texts from the team.)

A reasonable argument has been made for Garoppolo accepting less money in order to land with a new team and perform well enough to land a solid deal in free agency. The counter is simple. Why refuse the opportunity to make $24.2 million for not playing? There’s not much he can do on the field in 2022 to improve his standing for 2023. When we last saw him, he was taking the 49ers to the brink of the Super Bowl. A year off didn’t hurt Deshaun Watson. Why would it hurt Garoppolo?

So if the 49ers are willing to let this trip toward a non-existent house in the Hamptons with two solariums and horses named Snoopy and Prickly Pete continue beyond September 10, Garoppolo should happily go along for the ride. And at that point he should refuse to take a penny less than $24.2 million to facilitate a trade.

65 responses to “Will anyone fall for the 49ers’ new Jimmy Garoppolo bluff?

  1. Not a chance. who wants to bring in a high dollar, injury prone, mediocre QB two weeks before the season starts?

    Makes zero sense.

  2. York thinks he’s playing poker….trying a big bluff. He hasn’t noticed that there are no other players at the table.

  3. Are there two guys named Jimmy Garoppolo? I know of one guy with that name who led the 49ers to a super bowl and had a comfortable lead in the second half. Should have won. That’s not something most starting NFL QB’s have on their resume. The 49ers currently have a young athletic QB who doesn’t have any experience. If he takes off like Joe Montana did back in the day, everyone will soon forget about Jimmy. If everything doesn’t go as planned, or if Trey Lance gets injured, the 49ers still have a super bowl capable QB. In the mean time, if another team with super bowl aspirations gets an injury to their QB, what would they be willing to give up to get a proven super bowl QB? probably a lot. The 49ers are doing what any intelligent organization would do. They’re not fooling anyone, nor are they trying to fool anyone. Their goal is to win the super bowl every year. They might need Jimmy to do that this year, or they might use whatever they get in a trade for Jimmy to help them get there. If a team traded a first round pick for Jimmy, and won the super bowl, everyone would be happy. Hopefully Trey Lance is better than Jimmy. That’s all the 49ers need to be concerned with. They’ve been doing OK with Shanahan and John Lynch, so Jed York is feeling good right now. And there are QB’s who have never sniffed a super bowl who are making much more than $24 million. I’m sure Jimmy is at the top of lots of teams’ emergency QB list, and they’d be more than happy to have him at $24 million, should they need him. Unless there are two Jimmy Garoppolo’s, and they trade for the wrong one.

  4. Cleveland makes sense from every angel. Jimmy will take less to fill his resume playing for a playoff caliber team, and why would he sit out and lose the millions he’d make even if it wasn’t the full amount of his current contract. The Niners would be happy with the the pick that Cleveland got from the Panthers.
    Announcement very soon.

  5. He’s a mid-tier starting QB in the NFL. 24M is a bargain, really, if a team has the cap room and their starter goes down. I agree that JG should just hold out, bide his time. Somebody will pay him this season. And if the 49’ers do hold onto him once the contact becomes guaranteed, and a contender loses a QB mid-season, they can trade him with pro-rated salary for draft picks… so it becomes essentially buying a draft pick. I read this somewhere else, so it’s not an original thought, but say it’s halfway through the season and a 6-2 team loses their QB. They trade a 2nd-rounder for JG and take on his remaining 12M salary. So the 9’ers just basically paid 12M for a 2nd-round pick. That’s not necessarily stupid. 2nd round picks yield quality starters.

  6. From a poker perspective York and Lynch are the fish targeted by the sharks. Jimmy G has already shown how quickly he can assimilate when he came to the 49ers. Cheap reasonably sound bet for a quarterback who will not give the game away.

  7. Lynch held on way too long. Shoulda traded him when qb’s like Wentz were getting 3rds. Now, Lynch will get nothing for being greedy if no other qb gets hurt.

  8. Brink of the Super Bowl? I suppose, if you define “brink” as “throws ball landing ten yards beyond his wide receiver”.

  9. A year off didn’t hurt Deshaun Watson. Why would it hurt Garoppolo?
    To be fair, Watson probably got a lot more recovery during his time off…you know…with all the massages and whatnot😉

  10. Texans might be a reasonable option. But there is no team in the league who’s QB situation is as tenuous as the 49ers without Jimmy Garropolo.

  11. Absolutely loving the Seinfeld references 😂😂😂

    yeahbut says:
    August 20, 2022 at 12:55 pm
    Wanna get crazy? Let’s get CRAZY!

  12. To all the people who think Cleveland should sign him, stop already. 1) They are paying Watson over $200m guaranteed, AND he’ll be back this year in time for the end of season push. 2) Cleveland had already approached this season as a lost season – so bringing someone in would be contradictory. 3) Why trade for someone at that price when he will soon be released. (No way SF goes into the season w/ a $25m backup.

  13. We’re very happy to keep a guy who we wouldn’t give a playbook to or allow to practice. Shure

  14. At this point, holding onto him does make some sense.

    1. QB’s get hurt all the time, even without contact (Bridgewater, Ferrotte)

    2. $25 million, while a great deal for a backup, isn’t so for a starting quality QB, which Jimmy G. is. (You can debate just how good of one he is, but the fact that he can take your team to Super Bowl is now beyond dispute).

    3. His most obvious free agency destination is Seattle, a division rival. They may wish to hang onto him just to deny the Seahawks his services (and laugh as Seattle tries to make do with Smith and Locke)

    The fact of the matter is, the guy is a valuable asset in the NFL, one of the most valuable to be precise (I’m a Bears fan, I’d love my team to have the 49er’s “problem”). The commentator seems to think the situation is straightforward, but from John Lynch’s perspective I can imagine him thinking “I’ve the most coveted commodity in the NFL, no way I’m letting him just walk or trading him on a discount.”

  15. Cleveland will do it they’ve already proven that their ownership group is full of fools

  16. you know when you go into the season with a 24 million dollar back up.. when your starter may not be any better and is on a rookie contract. The idea you dont want a young guy looking over his shoulder is silly to me.. if they cant handle that pressure do you really want them as your starting QB? That said Jimmy is easily on the top half of NFL starting qbs, the question is can he stay healthy an entire season.

  17. Of course no ones buying it. Everyone knows the 49ers cap situation, and knows Garoppolo wont be returning for 24M. SO unless Garoppolo agrees to take a huge pay cut (hint: he wont) hes not returning to the 9ers.

    Their whole trade approach was such a longshot anyway that needed a quality starting QB to go down on a team that had enough cap space to approach the 49ers and Garoppolo into reworking his current deal into something more manageable for 2022. Had they had a realistic approach at the beginning of the offseason they may had been able to move him, with Garoppolos cooperation needed as well, but they took a hard stance with ridiculous trade demands that eliminated any potential interest so they deserve to get nothing in return with the added possibility he ends up on a team they really didnt want to see him with. Even the Browns came to grips with reality regarding Mayfield and got him moved before it got down to crunch time.

  18. I still think Jimmy G. is a bit underrated. He may not be an Aaron Rodgers or a Tom Brady but he is definitely in the top half of the league. I mean seriously, name 15 other QB’s that are better? Even if you include the young guys on the verge of being elite there’s only about a dozen that you’d definitely take ahead of him.

  19. Browns are extremely dim witted if they don’t trade for Jimmy, if they are counting on winning this year. There is comparison between Brisett and Jimmy.
    Garoppolo is not going to carry a team in most games. But he’s good enough to get a good team there.

    Then again Browns are indeed dim witted to have traded for Watson. Who know whether Watson is that good anymore after 1.5 years off.

  20. They are bluffing Jimmy.

    A Traded is most likely not going to happen.

    Keep him until the last min. then make an offer.

    “Hey Jimmy, I know you don’t have
    a team right now we will sign you to a 10 million dollar deal and you can rehab yourself, my have a chance to play if something happens here and we will actively try to try and trade you next year So what do you say?

  21. I’d love to see the Seahawks get him and then beat the 49ers twice. That said, there’s a reason Bill Belichick traded to begin with and I’m sure the 49ers are doing the same thing. I’d rather take a chance on finding the next overlooked Kurt Warner.

  22. As a 49ers fan, Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care. He gone! Go to Seattle so you can throw the crucial picks to da Ninahs!

  23. they say in poker if by the time the button has gone around the table twice, if you don’t know who the meat at the table is, it is you. think the niners have played their last card.

    holding a 24M qb on the off chance another team makes a mid season trade for him is a poor strategy; as no team ever does this. thus the rest of the table have no interest.

    so despite shanny and lynch and york protesting to the contrary, as soon as they are required to pony up money to back up their hand, they will fold. as they should have long ago when the outcome of this farce was apparent (when the found out Jimmy outplayed them by getting surgery).

  24. I live in Ohio and I don’t want to see such a good QB like Jimmy G go to the Browns. They absolutely DO NOT deserve him. If they want to wait out that excuse of a human qb they have, then they deserve their fate which would be to go back to losing. I would much prefer to see Jimmy G go to a rival team like Seattle, do an awesome job and kick the 49ers right in the stink. That would be the ultimate payback for him. Has anyone noticed that while people are dogging him out, he has not once come out and said anything bad about anyone? That just goes to show his true character and how low, dirty and rotten everyone else is. If no one else decides to pick him up because of all the bad things being said, imo, this just goes to show how stupid and assinine people are and they will believe whatever they hear instead of going to the source. The NFL reminds me of my 7th grade year, a bunch of catty kids trying to best each other.

  25. I don’t think Jed York is bluffing. He wants to finally feel that Lombardi trophy. I’m sure he’d gladly pay $24M for it. SF is built to win now. Garoppolo is a huge insurance policy to help get them there if Lance goes down. Garoppolo has won 71.4% of his games – because of the system? Doesn’t matter. He’s gone to the SB and the NFCCG in the last three seasons.

    BUT, Lynch and Shanahan have a different opinion, and York has not been interfering in any of their decision making since hiring them. The most important thing to them is definitely that extra cap space for future years.

    And to the person who said Lynch is in over his head – he has had final say in putting together the 90-man roster since arriving. They took a terrible team, rebuilt them in three years to reach and nearly win the SB, and the NFCCG two seasons later. Try to say stuff that makes sense.

  26. “So if the 49ers are willing to let this trip toward a non-existent house in the Hamptons with two solariums and horses named Snoopy and Prickly Pete continue beyond September 10, Garoppolo should happily go along for the ride.”

    That’s a huge “if”.

    On the other hand, if the 49ers release JG, the Browns can probably get him (there’s a small risk that Seattle might trade for him).

    On the other hand (again), the reason for the Browns to trade for JG would be to have the team in playoff contention when Watson returns.

    And, in order to do that, they need for JG to start practicing with the team, NOW.

    Waiting for JG to be released could end up costing the Browns the very “extra” wins that they would otherwise achieve with JG, rather than Brissett.

  27. Jimmy should visit an Ayahuasquero Shaman in Peru to seek enlightenment on which path he should take

  28. Jimmy Haslam gave that ridiculous contract to Watson. Some here think the Browns will go after Jimmy GQ. From a football standpoint I’d say know. But as soon as someone informs Jimmy Haslam that Jimmy GQ once dated a porn star, he might just offer him the same deal he gave Watson.

  29. Duane Dahl says:
    August 20, 2022 at 1:03 pm
    Not a chance. who wants to bring in a high dollar, injury prone, mediocre QB two weeks before the season starts?

    Makes zero sense

    Have you seen Geno Smith?

  30. How many teams even have $24 million in cap space to trade for him? His value decreases daily (probably at a geometric rate) NOT being in someone else’s system. And the line about not giving up one dime to play for someone else is non-sensical. No one will trade for him at that price. Simple fact.

  31. Bluff?! They have an owner willing to wait and pay for draft capital. 9ers are under the cap and once Jimmy is off the books, players like Bosa can be extended. Why bluff, when they can just wait. Will a QB in the league during the season underperform? Injury? Highly likely. THEN Jimmy will be traded for whatever the market then may bare. All this bluster about cut Jimmy now comes from haters and teams that want to sign not trade for Jimmy.

  32. That’s not he said though. He said if Lynch decided to keep Garappolo, he’d have no problem paying his salary. Not that the 49ers were keeping him. He didn’t come close to saying that.

  33. Why can the 49ers and Jimmy Garappolo come to a restructuring agreement.

    $5 to $10 million (whatever gets it done), but with incentives for playing time ($10+ million of them). Then they have til the trade deadline when an injury or an ineffective QB prompts a trade.

  34. There’s zero bluffing. They are seeing that Lance isn’t a starting caliber QB and panicking, trying to figure out a way to keep the QB that took them to the Super Bowl in the starting role.

  35. Garoppolo, for all his issues, has shown he can pick up playbooks quickly. He already knows the bulk of the Niners’ playbook. (I’m not convinced he hasn’t seen this year’s version, either.) He’s not outstanding, he’s fragile, and he can be rattled (the Seahawks in particular have had his number), but he’s still pretty good enough to start for at least half the teams in the league… including the Niners, if need be.

  36. How did the NFL become just another WWE / Kardashian entity. Oh the drama, The drama.

  37. onewarriornation

    Lance will be a great QB. You on the other hand will always remain a keyboard warrior and hater and troll

  38. It’s strange what is seen as valuable in this league. Garoppolo, who’s been to a Super Bowl and very nearly to a second, is an afterthought while Watson, a garbage-stat generator who’s won all of one playoff game and has looked lousy in games that really count, and who went 4-12 before quitting on his team for a year, gets a quarter-billion dollars. Notice how all the best teams are patient at QB and build around it? It’s the losers who panic or overreach for home runs.

  39. onewarriornation says:
    August 20, 2022 at 7:28 pm
    There’s zero bluffing. They are seeing that Lance isn’t a starting caliber QB and panicking, trying to figure out a way to keep the QB that took them to the Super Bowl in the starting role.
    This is just trolling. Lance will have his growing pains but he’s shown greatness in flashes and will only get better. Has all the intangibles of being a leader. Anyone who’s watched him practice/play this year is convinced.

  40. Game Manager Jimmy averages 166 yards passing per playoff game. He is not the reason they won’t those playoff games, and is the reason they lost the Super Bowl. No fanbase anywhere on Earth is clamoring for Jimmy G. Nor is any GM. The smart play for SF has been to hope that some Super Bowl contender loses their starting QB and overpays in draft capital for Jimmy G. They still have until the trade deadline and can afford to wait since they are not over the cap. Plus their own promising season could come to an end if Lance went down and they had already released their game manager backup.

  41. I don’t think that the 49ers could screw it up any worse than they have with Garoppolo. The way they’ve treated him is a disgrace. Yes,I get that it’s a business,but everyone deserves a little respect. I hope that he winds up somewhere where he is appreciated and does well.

  42. After York’s disgraceful treatment of Jim Harbaugh, he wisely hired Lynch and Shanahan and has let them run the team ever since. While this sudden reappearance is not a betrayal like the Harbaugh fiasco it is still pretty stupid. Anyone that has paid attention to the off-season Jimmy G. saga knows the 49ers are all in on Trey Lance. You don’t pay $24 Million for a back-up when that cap space is needed for other priorities. York should go back to letting his GM and HC run the team and keep his public mouth shut until they have SB win number 6 to celebrate.
    The 49ers are playing this wisely; they are waitin until September 10th, NOT august 30th before cutting Jimmy. You don’t wish this on anyone, but the reality of the NFL is that injuries can happen, even in the preseason. Worse case scenario? No team takes the sure step of trading for Jimmy now while they are guaranteed if getting him. After he’s released there may be at least a chance of a bidding war with no guarantee.
    Finally, the Browns are foolish if they don’t trade for him NOW. The rest of the roster is ready to win this season with a good QB. If they go with Bridgett and then a VERY rusty Watson they will not even see the playoffs. Very stupid, but then again, it is the Browns…

  43. If they release him, Jimmy G could/would go to Seattle, who might have his jersey made up already. Even if he were average (or available) the Seahawks would contend for a playoff spot. Trade is the only way the 49ers keep control.

  44. I mean seriously, name 15 other QB’s that are better? Challenge accepted: Mahomes, Allen, Brady, Rodgers, Watson, Burrow, Jackson, Ryan, Stafford, Murray, Carr, Wilson, Herbert, Prescott…these are the QBs that I can definitely say I would start over Jimmy G. That’s only 14. So you are right. After that it’s a toss up & Jimmy falls into this group:(in no particular order) Tannehill, Cousins, Goff, Mayfield, Jimmy G, Winston, Lawrence, & Wentz. So Jimmy is somewhere between 15 & 22. The rest are unnamed and remain at the bottom because they either have shown us who they are and it isn’t good, or they haven’t had enough playing time to make a determination.

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