Peter Carroll: No timetable for Kenneth Walker III’s return

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Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III had a hernia procedure. Unless he didn’t. Whatever the specific nature of the situation, he’s still recovering — and there’s no timetable for when he’ll be back.

Coach Pete Carroll has ping-ponged on the question of whether the rookie tailback had surgery to fix a hernia. On Sunday, Carroll told reporters that Walker remains is still recovering from the operation, whatever it want.

“He’s still pretty tender” Carroll said. “I was with him today. He’s got some things to heal, to go in and do what they did. So, it’s just a matter of time, but we don’t have a designated sequence yet. We’ll have to see how he responds.”

At least one report characterized the procedure as hernia surgery. However, nothing in the video of Carroll’s remarks mentions that it was a hernia. However, when he mentions that he’s “got some things to heal,” he motions toward his abdomen with both hands.

This could be the most significant aspect of Carroll’s comments. He previously said that he expected Walker to be back for Week One. Today’s comments suggest otherwise.

So that’s where things currently stand. In the next 22 days until the Seahawks host the Bronco, that could change again.

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  1. … and that’s why you don’t draft a RB before the 4th round. He’ll be lucky if he plays in half the season.

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