Vikings CB Andrew Booth avoids serious injury on Saturday night

NFL: JUL 27 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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Vikings rookie cornerback Andrew Booth provided the team with a scare on Saturday night, exiting the preseason contest against the 49ers with a lower leg injury.

After the game, coach Kevin O’Connell shared good news with reporters.

“It was kind of that same ankle he’s kind of dealt with,” O’Connell said. “It sounds like it’s a positive thing from a standpoint of, you know, just an aggravation of an injury that we kind of know about already. He’s worked his way through that throughout camp. And then ultimately what it will be is just how that thing looks the rest of the week. Hopefully we still get him some work, obviously, throughout this week as we continue to prep. We’ll see where he’s at.”

While a far cry from Booth being 100 percent, it also sounds like something that won’t be serious for the second-round pick from Clemson.

Booth appears as a second-stringer on the unofficial depth chart, behind Cameron Dantzler. The other starter is veteran Patrick Peterson.

12 responses to “Vikings CB Andrew Booth avoids serious injury on Saturday night

  1. As a lifelong Packer fan,…. if the Vikings had an average defensive backfield over the past 5 years,.. I’m sure they could have made the playoffs each year. But they were horrible. Surprising knowing Zimmer was a defensive coordinator. They have some really decent players on offense. Kinda reminds me of the same issues the Packers dealt with a few years back. Great offense,.. not so great defense.

  2. If this team is ever going to get back to being a .500 football team, they are going to need to be a lot tougher.

  3. Great offense,.. not so great defense.
    Vikings finished the last two seasons 11th and 14th in points scored. I would not define that as a great offense.

  4. That looked like an injury which will linger. The other rookies, Cine and Evans, looked good, but sheesh the back-up LBs couldn’t cover a crossing route over the middle if their life depended on it. I think the 49ers completed about 10 passes over the middle in a row in the 2nd half. Only the two backup QBs stunk it up more.

  5. I wonder why we aren’t getting our Kellen Mond updates as frequently as last week?

  6. The best thing about last night’s game were the disgruntled fans and their paper airplane display. 🤣

  7. The 2 preseason games so far show the Vikings as a very very bad team. They will have no depth and both the backup QB’s look about as bad as anyone could imagine. If Cousins goes down we will lose every game handily. The Viking in pre-season have been horrible to watch!

  8. Personally, I’m very glad he’s going to be alright.
    No self respecting fan wishes injuries on any player.
    Especially in meaningless preseason games.
    Besides, that removes the Barneys opportunity to add this situation to their Rolodex full of excuses when their team loses. 😉

  9. Booth’s head is still spinning from what NC State, Devin Leary and Emeka Emezie did when Clemson went to Raleigh.

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