Kellen Mond, Sean Mannion don’t know what arrival of Nick Mullens means for them

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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On Monday, the Vikings acquired the quarterback who broke all of former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre’s records at the University of Southern Mississippi. What does it mean? Current Vikings backups Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion are in the dark.

I really don’t know,” Mond told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “Obviously, this is a business and anything can happen in the NFL. So I wouldn’t assume and we really have no idea.”

Mond played well in the preseason opener at the Raiders. He struggled on Saturday against the 49ers.

“I know I have to still go into the game against Denver and play the way I need to,” Mond said.

Mannion, like Mond, hasn’t been told what Mullens’ arrival means. Chances are that one of them is getting a Water-Pik, and the other one is getting fired.

I’m just here to do my job,” Mannion told Tomasson. “Just go out there and do the best I can every rep. I feel like I’ve had a really strong camp. . . . Obviously, there’s things to work on any time you step on the field but I feel good about what I’ve been able to do since April. . . . I don’t know Nick. It will be good to meet him when he gets here.”

If Mannion is still there, that is. There’s a decent chance, with a maximum of 80 players on the roster as of Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, Mond or Mannion will be gone. With Mond under a wage-scale contract through 2024, Mannion is likely getting the short straw, at some point before the rosters cut to 53.

18 responses to “Kellen Mond, Sean Mannion don’t know what arrival of Nick Mullens means for them

  1. It means Mannion is gonna be gone the next roster cutdown and Mond isn’t ready for #2 duties yet and is still developing. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  2. Mond & Mannion should get together and do whatever is necessary to keep Mullens from competing.
    They can hide his uniform & equipment. Pay the O-linemen to miss key blocks. Lock him in the building when they go out to practice.
    Dude is coming for their jobs. They gotta protect their turf.

  3. If they comprehend what that means, how are they ever going to comprehend a playbook?

  4. Not too hard to figure out. They’re not going to keep three QB’s with Cousins being pretty consistent in staying healthy. They didn’t trade for a QB to cut him.

  5. It means the Vikings have seen enough to now know that Mannion nor Mond is dependable to win with!

  6. It means that the coaches don’t particularly want to see them play. Maybe Evil Zim was on to something.

  7. Let’s make it clear then. The current GM and coach didn’t select either of them. They haven’t impressed anyone, inside or outside their organization. Both of them are liable to be traded or cut before the season starts.

  8. It’s a safe answer, but nobody’s buying it. Sure want to see Mond develop but Mullens is a clear upgrade. Lots more experience and way better mechanics. I read the knock on him is his size/arm strength, but he’s way more polished than either Mond or Mannion. One has to be encouraged to see the young GM working aggressively. QB2 is a big deal. He made the team better. .

  9. They shouldn’t worry. Mullens played O-Line in Pee-Wee football. That makes more sense.

  10. Vikings are doing a version of “Top Gun” Mullins. We’ll see whose name goes on the plaque.

  11. Mond is going nowhere, he is Cousins eventual replacement. His second game was a good as his first, it was the players around him that failed. At least a half dozen I counted… name
    Mond would never make it to the practice squad unless there is some gentleman’s agreement in the NFL. Someone would be a fool not to snap him up. Mond has got it all and I do not make that assessment lightly. I think he is more than ready to go when Cousins is done bankrupting the team.

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