Tony Buzbee to represent victim of alleged assault involving Alvin Kamara

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara is bracing for an eventual six-game suspension and, more immediately, a lawsuit. The lawsuit officially is on the way.

Tony Buzbee, who represented 23 women who settled with Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson and who continues to represent the one woman who yet to resolve her case, has announced that he’ll be representing the man who was allegedly beaten by Kamara and others on Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas.

“Darnell Greene, the victim viciously assaulted while attempting to enter an elevator at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in February 2022, by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Chris Lammons, and others, has retained attorney Tony Buzbee and The Buzbee Law Firm, of Houston, Texas, to assist in the investigation and to pursue legal claims,” Buzbee’s firm said in a statement.

“Currently, the authorities in Las Vegas are considering charges against Kamara and the others who took part in the brutal beating. The Buzbee Law Firm is actively collecting information regarding the assault, and has asked that all witnesses who have information to come forward. It has been reported that the assault was caught on security camera.”

Kamara already faces felony battery charges.

“The attack on Mr. Greene was unprovoked and extremely violent,” Buzbee said. “We call on the appropriate authorities to exact swift punishment against all parties involved in the attack. We also encourage the NFL to take immediate action. As appropriate, we will make Mr. Greene available to the authorities and the NFL, to the extent they wish to speak with him.”

Buzbee’s firm said a lawsuit is being prepared. Greene allegedly suffered spina injuries and a “severe traumatic brain injury.” He is, per the release, “still recuperating and is undergoing active medical treatment in Houston, Texas.”

The NFL told PFT last week that it continues to monitor the situation, but that there is no change in Kamara’s status.

27 responses to “Tony Buzbee to represent victim of alleged assault involving Alvin Kamara

  1. 6 games would be way too light.

    Neither Kamara nor Watson have any place on a football field this year. Roger needs to start actually taking assault seriously and stop caving in to crooks like Haslam who own these teams.

  2. greenlantern says:
    August 22, 2022 at 5:42 pm
    I can’t take much more of this guy

    Imagine what the league office thinks of him. Thanks Deshaun!

  3. Everyone’s tired of Buzbee because of the Watson ordeal. Frankly, I’m a lot more tired of Watson and and his lawyer Rusty Hardin.
    Just like the Watson case, if Kamara is guilty and actually did commit unprovoked assault I hope he gets an appropriate penalty. Camera evidence is compelling (Ray Rice), I see trouble ahead for Kamara.

  4. So is this a criminal investigation or a $ investigation?

    I’m going for both prizes in the “Showcase Showdown”…..I feel no sympathy for Kamara & company in this matter….how many of Kamara’s merry band of “tough guys” does it take to beat up one dude?

  5. Unprovoked attack, my foot! There are always 2 sides to a story, but violence is never ok. As a Saints fan I’m crazed over one of our own being involved. However, anything more than 6 games and I’ll know Goodell’s prejudice against the Saints is still alive and kicking!

  6. Why does Tony Buzzbee need to issue a statement about a matter that happened months ago? You want to represent the victim by all means go for it. You want to make everything a public spectacle is what hurts your creditability and makes folks abhor you.

  7. Buzbee is making a niche business out of suing NFL lowlife’s, and business is good!

  8. Based on what Watson got, Kamara will have to set out one quarter and pay same fine as not keeping your socks pulled up

  9. Dear Alvin and Chris,
    Call up your lawyer right now and hash out a settlement agreement that can be info dumped Friday afternoon. The NFL needs this gone. You need this gone and Buzbee knows it. As quickly and quietly as possible and expect a suspension equivalent to how much the press carries the story

  10. Think people. Has anyone else been randomly attacked by multiple nfl players from multiple teams for getting into an elevator at a hotel? Some NFL players may have bad intentions with women, but what nfl players want to beat up random dudes in elevators with other players from other teams in public. Obviously this was not random and unprovoked. Obviously something led to it, perhaps off camera. But this is not Deshaun Watson. In Watson’s case there were 24 victims speaking against one assailant. In this case we had one dude claiming like 24 nfl players and entourage all attacked him for no reason. They need to investigate the reasons and what led up to it before making judgements. 24 against 1 is on the players side this time.

  11. guess we get 2 weeks of him imploring the NFL to ban him for life, followed by the victim settling out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. Here we go again.

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