Pete Carroll doesn’t rule out using both of his quarterbacks, Geno Smith and Drew Lock

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Until Seahawks coach Pete Carroll selects a Week One starting quarterback, he’ll constantly be asked about the selection process. On Tuesday, he got a curveball of a question — and he provided a curveball of an answer.

Asked whether he would consider playing both of his quarterbacks, Geno Smith and Drew Lock, Carroll said this: “That could happen. Yeah, that could happen.”

That would be something. Because it’s something that few NFL coaches ever do.

For now, Carroll seems to be focused primarily on picking Smith or Lock for the Week One assignment against the Broncos, now led by former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Currently, Carroll is deciding how to divide the reps in the preseason finale against the Cowboys.

“We’ve got it worked out where we are figuring out playing time right now,” Carroll said. “Drew needs to play a lot of football because he missed a game [due to COVID]. So that’s the main thing to get done this weekend. . . . This game is really important because it’s kind of the make-up deal. I’m going to make sure to take care of business on that.”

Carroll doesn’t rule out the possibility of Lock overtaking Smith, who has led the competition throughout the offseason and training camp.

“I’m wide open for whatever happens,” Carroll said. “Geno has been the guy in the lead position the whole time. I’ve protected that thought throughout and he’s done a really nice job. He’s been very consistent. We’ll just see what happens. There’s two more weeks of practice too after this. With a timeline, I had a set thought of what we would do with the timeline but that got disrupted. We’re going to use all the time we need.”

But Lock definitely has a real chance. Carroll specifically said on Tuesday that “these guys are so even right now.”

Carroll has no qualms about taking his time to make the decision. And he wonders whether the time-honored cliche about having two quarterbacks could eventually be turned on its head in Seattle.

“Geno has done a really good job of being in that position,” Carroll said. “His voice is solid. He’s on point all the time. He’s been very consistent with his work and all of that, and Drew has been really sharp. I know it’s not supposed to be a good situation when you have two quarterbacks and it means you don’t have one is the old saying, but I don’t know though we might have two [number] ones. We’ll see what happens.”

We’ll have an answer sooner or later. In 20 days, the Seahawks face Denver. And maybe, in the end, the Seahawks will decide that they have two starters — and that they’ll use both of them. That curveball strategy would definitely throw a wrench in the preparations by the Broncos defense.

62 responses to “Pete Carroll doesn’t rule out using both of his quarterbacks, Geno Smith and Drew Lock

  1. When you got 2 qbs, you got no QBs….Pete to Amazon NFL TV collision course

  2. Ah yes, the classic “if you have 2 starting quarterbacks you have none” approach

  3. I love my Seahawks, but it’s gonna be a loooooong season. The Jamal Adams trade followed by the Wilson trade will be the downfall of Pete and John. We got our Super Bowl so we can’t complain too much, but these are some really stupid moves.

  4. This can be scary and I’m not talking about production, I’m talking about being scary for the fan base. The problem is neither of these guys have separated themselves. We’ve seen what Geno is and the fact that Lock hasn’t surpassed him is a troubling sign.

  5. Pete Carroll is no fool, and reporters trying to catch him out with a “gotcha” question are wasting their time (and his). Go ‘Hawks!

  6. You already know the phrase here. If you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks.

  7. When you have 2 starting quarterbacks, you have no starting quarterback. Browns fan here. 20+ year subject matter expert.

  8. Longtime fans of the Seahawks will experience a feeling of deja vu this season that will make them think it’s 1976 all over again.

  9. I’m now on board with the theory that Pete Carroll wants to try to beat Wilson with his backup just to show him and he is just tickling Drew Locks balls right now. (Despite him seeming to be playing the better of the two)

  10. Pete Carroll doesn’t have to name a QB. Not yet anyway. Maybe one of his guys won’t be 100% week one. Sometimes the decision gets made for you. It’s not like he has Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. Or Russell Wilson.

  11. Carroll has lost his fastball and hard breaking slider. The roster wants to know Who’s The Guy? A total mess in Seattle for a 70 yr old coach. I’m not age discriminating (I’m old), but……

  12. Believe this is a text book example of “If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback”

  13. Let’s pretend that my wife tells me to go to the supermarket to buy a T-bone steak. And let’s say that I throw her a curveball, and INSTEAD I come home with a can of spam and some turkey patties. Will she be confused? Absolutely. Will she be delighted? No. No she won’t.

    And neither will Seahawks fans.

  14. He should just come and say we are tanking and are plan on playing not one but two terrible qbs this year. “Two number ones” haha more like a number 2 right on the field

  15. They will rue the day trading Russell Wilson and not drafting Malik Willis or Desmond Ridder who were both 3rd round picks especially when Seattle had TWO second round picks!!!

  16. Who’s Pete gonna draft with the first overall pick in 2023 is the real question?

    2-15 season coming.

  17. if “ We’re Waiting on Jimmy G to be Cut Without Outright Saying It” Was a Person…..

  18. It’s simple folks. If your using two QB’s it means you don’t have one good one.

  19. We know Pete…that was the plan all along. Drew and Geno will assure the Seahawks a top 5-10 pick for a QB in the ‘23 NFL draft. Both of these men will be benched for each other throughout the entire season for interceptions/turnovers and for flat out plain ineffectiveness.

  20. so it almost looks like Seattle is already tanking their year…probably already looking forward to the draft….

  21. pete is the oldest coach in the leaue. perhaps he’ll use them both by running the single wing, which he is old enough to remember…..

  22. The Cardinals did that once upon a time, with Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner, but that was mainly done in an effort to prop up struggling Leinart. They didn’t have success until they admitted to themselves that Matt didn’t have it and went all in on Warner.
    Neither Lock nor Smith have Super Bowl rings. I doubt either is on course for the Hall of Fame. I don’t see that plan, if implemented, working. It would likely just keep the receivers from developing timing and rhythm with either QB and hamstring an already struggling offense.

  23. As the saying goes. When you have two QB’s you have none. Expect a long year for the Seahawks.

  24. The saying rings so true at this very moment… if you have 2 qbs you have no qbs

  25. I can’t think of anything the world should be less concerned with than the starting QB for the Seahawks.

  26. If you have 2 quarterbacks you have TWO quarterbacks lol kids and their new math 😀

  27. I would feel bad for Seahawks fans except for the fact that Pete Carroll is their coach. He is the type of guy that blames the teacher when his kid gets in trouble.

  28. These are just trade negotiations through the media. Carroll to 49ers – we’re not desperate to get Garoppolo, so lower your asking price.

  29. Translation: if one of our QB’s is stinking up the field (which we expect to happen with some regularity) then we will make a change and go with the other guy.

  30. There is one way that a combined Geno / Drew combo could work –
    start one, and if the pass is bad, the team gets a mulligan (redo) and gets to repeat the down with the OTHER QB.
    That way if Geno throws an incomplete or interception, you call a mulligan, and redo the down, and Drew is the QB.

    Combined like this they could make a fantastic QB.

  31. I would feel bad for Seahawks fans except for the fact that Pete Carroll is their coach. He is the type of guy that blames the teacher when his kid gets in trouble.

    2nd best team in teh League the last decade.

    Nobody in Seattle needs your sympathy.

  32. Pete wants to win with Geno Smith. That is the only thing fit to print here.

    He’ll probably start 1-4, might even go winless, and switch to Drew Lock.

    Its not like Lock will get them to the Playoffs.

    Identify pieces you want to go forward with this season, and grab your next QB in the 2023 Draft.

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