Junior Galette files $300 million lawsuit against NFL, NFLPA, Roger Goodell

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There are at least two Florida citizens who are representing themselves in legal matters this week.

Former NFL defensive end Junior Galette has from time to time on social media (and possibly elsewhere) complained that he has been blackballed from pro football. On Tuesday, he took steps to prove his claims.

In a 21-page lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Galette sued the league, the NFL Players Association, Commissioner Roger Goodell, and several teams — the Seahawks, Rams, Raiders, Browns, Chiefs, Panthers, and Commanders. Galette, who spent eight years in the NFL, represents himself.

The complaint specifically contends that Galette has been blackballed “just like Colin Kaepernick and put on the blacklist BY THE NFL OWNERS” for speaking out about alleged racial discrimination committed against him by the Commanders. Galette’ allegation of discrimination focuses on the disparity in the contract given to Trent Murphy and the deal offered to Galette in 2018. Galette alleges that, based on the offer he received, he posted on Snapchat: “I swear to god I’m not playing for no slave deals I’ll die before I play for more slave deals.”

Galette alleges that, after making his statement on social media, he was unable to land an acceptable job with another NFL. He contends, for example, that he visited with the Raiders, where coach Jon Gruden allegedly told Galette that he is “one of the best pass rushers I have ever seen but all we have or you is veteran’s minimum 660k.”

Likewise, Galette claims he opted to sign for the veteran minimum with the Rams. Coach Sean McVay allegedly told Galette, “I can’t wait for you to get here you already know most of the guys we are all fired up.” Galette says that defensive assistant Joe Barry asked Galette to pick a jersey number. Then, per Galette, as he was preparing to practice, a staff member told him that there was a “change of plans,” and that Galette was taken back to the airport.

The lawsuit seeks $300 million in damages from the various defendants.

The NFL declined to comment. Presumably, the league will argue that the claims should exclusively be resolved by the available devices under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. That’s the approach Kaepernick used.

There’s also a potential defense based on the applicable statutes of limitations.

While anyone and everyone has a right to represent themselves in court, this typically happens only after lawyer after lawyer have declined to offer representation. It would have been a steep uphill battle with a lawyer; without one, Galette will have a very hard time getting anywhere, either in court or in arbitration.

17 responses to “Junior Galette files $300 million lawsuit against NFL, NFLPA, Roger Goodell

  1. Ya, Rams players were all excited a washed up nobody was joining the team. Said no one.

  2. So does this clown actually think he’s worth 300 million dollars? Can’t wait when the judge says case dismissed before he can even take a seat.

  3. If you have a bad attitude like this no name guy, who would you expect to want to hire you as an employee?

  4. lol.. this guy is joke. That a heck of a way to try to stay relevant.. if you cant make it on the field, sue the NFL and try to get a settlement… its the American way!

  5. Galette suffered a torn Achilles in each leg in successive years (2015-2016) while he was pushing 30. He wasn’t going to land a lucrative contract. He represented a huge risk. Teams only offer incentive-laden contracts with base minimums to oft-injured players who’ve passed their physical prime.

  6. We have freedom of speech, but at times, what we say can lead to consequences we do not want.

  7. That’s interesting. The last time I made a big loud public stink about my employer, I too had difficulty thereafter finding employment in the industry.

  8. He was a 30 year old DE, that tore both of his Achilles tendons in a 3 year span, that was coming off of a 3 sack season as a situational role player.

  9. You’d think this guy would never run his mouth again after being embarrassed by Chad Henne in that’s Jags vs Saints game.

  10. slave contract? hardly, even at the minimum.

    highly competitive occupation with extremely short earnings window, and in which you can lose your livelihood and/or health in an instant? certainly.

  11. Maybe Gruden was fired because he lost his mind and said to Gallette he’s one of the best pass rushers he’s ever seen? It was that, not all the other emails that got Jon tossed

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