Packers will keep starters out on Thursday night

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers
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Packers head coach Matt LaFleur said last weekend that he was still mulling whether or not to give the majority his starters some preseason playing time against the Chiefs on Thursday night and he revealed his decision on Tuesday.

It’s the same decision that LaFleur made last preseason and the first two games of this summer’s schedule. LaFleur said that the starters who have sat out the first two games will continue to be on the sideline for the finale. The only starters from their depth chart who have been on the field are offensive linemen and rookie linebacker Quay Walker, so that means no Aaron Rodgers among many others.

“Just the risk vs. reward, knowing it’s a long season, having 17 games,” LaFleur said, via the Associated Press. “I think early in we get stressed with travel in the season, as well. . . . You factor in everything.”

The Packers opened last season with a 38-3 loss to the Saints and avoiding a similar outcome was seen as the reason why the team would shift gears this summer. LaFleur said he thinks the team is in “a much different place than we were a year ago” on defense and that he thinks the offense has learned from “past mistakes.” Those feelings will be put to the test against the Vikings in Week 1.

12 responses to “Packers will keep starters out on Thursday night

  1. Probably the smart move. Game 1 is not a make or break, even if against a divisional opponent. Where the problem comes in though, is when he said he would need to ask the players and wasn’t sure what the correct decision would be. You’re the Head Coach. You don’t consult with the players on who plays or not.

  2. Big mistake. The Packer starters haven’t seen live action in nine months and will look rusty and out of sync for game 1.

    Some people just don’t learn from their mistakes.

  3. If they lose to the Vikings week one, it won’t be because of who did and did not play in the preseason. It will be because the Vikings are a division rival that always plays hard against Green Bay and they’re extremely tough in the McStadium.

    I’ve had this penciled in as a loss since the schedule came out. If LaFleur plays the starters tomorrow night, that won’t change anything.

    Sure, I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised but 10-8-2 over the past 10 years tells the tale. They’ll most likely split again this year.

  4. Thank goodness I get to pay regular season prices for this tomorrow night in Kansas City.

  5. I think they should rest the starters the following week in MN too. No need to risk injury until they start playing NFL caliber teams.

  6. harianus1985 says:
    August 24, 2022 at 6:46 am
    Now we have to sit through another horrible love performance

    who’s forcing you?

  7. Hell, they could probably keep their starters out for the whole season and take the weak NFC Central (er I mean North) anyway……

  8. When you go up against a top defense day in and day out at training camp you don’t necessarily need to play your starters in exhibition or practice games. Right ?

  9. >> The Packer starters haven’t seen live action in nine months and will look rusty and out of sync for game 1. <<

    Couldn't agree more.

    With the game @ MN I can't see GB being more that 15 pt faves.

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