49ers’ George Odum says NFL fined him for a uniform violation he didn’t commit

USA Today

The NFL fined San Francisco 49ers safety George Odum $5,305 for a uniform violation, telling him that his knee was exposed during a preseason game against the Vikings. Odum says that’s nonsense.

Odum tweeted a picture of himself with his pants properly covering his knees and his socks properly pulled up, and said despite that, the NFL is fining him.

“So I got fined 5k,” Odum wrote. “Yeah The NFL something else’s. Talking about my knees NOT covered. Where?”

Despite Odum’s photographic evidence that his knee was covered, the NFL claimed otherwise in its fine letter.

“During the San Francisco 49ers-Minnesota Vikings game on August 20, 2022, you were in violation of the NFL Uniform and Equipment Rules,” the NFL’s letter said. “Specifically, your pants failed to cover the knee area. Rule 5, Section 4, Article 3, Item (4) of the 2022 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League states that pants must be worn over the entire knee area; pants shortened or rolled up to meet the stockings above the knee are prohibited.”

So why did the NFL fine Odum despite his photographic evidence? It’s possible that in another point of the game Odum had his knee exposed. But it’s also possible that this was a case of mistaken identity: Odum’s photo shows another 49ers player standing behind him who had his knee exposed. It’s not clear in the picture who the player was, but that player might have been mistaken for Odum, and Odum might have been given a teammate’s fine.

10 responses to “49ers’ George Odum says NFL fined him for a uniform violation he didn’t commit

  1. I just scrolled through the single page of articles on this website and found 4 exposed knees in photos, that’s how ridiculous this kind of rule enforcement is. Things like Zeke’s midriff uniform or Clinton Portis’ sock combos, I get the NFL wants that uniformity… but an exposed knee? C’mon, man.

  2. So now the NFL might fix the exposed knee infraction and end up fining his teammate. Then change the reason of Odum’s fine from having an exposed knee to his jersey not being tucked in and having his undershirt exposed. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to wear jersey like that.

  3. Aaron Donald will not be fined for swinging a helmet (or was it two?) at a player. 5 grand for phantom sock violation?

  4. The outfit that employees Deshaun Watson, Tyreek Hill, Ray Lewis, etc is worried about George Odoms exposed patella. Got it.

  5. Better be careful another player said he did not do it and was give eight game suspension. This is serious stuff.

  6. Dozens of guys are practically wearing shorts out there with no pads or socks covering their knees.
    I understand how the selective enforcement rankles people.

  7. It’s my understanding that there are league reps walking the field before kick-off looking for uniform violations and warning players about what needs to be fixed before game time, and that the NFL almost never fines players unless they ignore the pre-game warnings.

    So there is that.

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