Initial diagnosis on Sam Darnold is high-ankle sprain but MRI coming

Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers
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Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold‘s ankle injury did not look good when it happened, but the team is holding out hope it is not season ending.

“We believe it’s not fractured,” Panthers coach Matt Rhule said after the game.

The initial evaluation revealed a high-ankle sprain for Darnold, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. Darnold will have an MRI on Saturday to determine the severity and any additional damage.

Ellis Williams of the Charlotte Observer reports that the worst-case scenario is a dislocated ankle, which would require surgery and likely sideline him for the season.

Darnold’s left ankle twisted awkwardly underneath him on a hit from behind by Bills defensive lineman C.J. Brewer. Darnold tried to get up but couldn’t put weight on his left leg.

He was carted to the locker room.

10 responses to “Initial diagnosis on Sam Darnold is high-ankle sprain but MRI coming

  1. The panthers did this to themselves with one bad decision after another, and it’s a real shame that they had to take Sam Darnold down with them. “Bad organizations make bad decisions.”

  2. Mixed news for Panthers fans, who likely don’t see Darnold as the future anyway. Please please please, work a trade with the Bucs for Gabbert (I’m a Bucs fan). He is all you need…trust me ;-).

  3. Can we lable this guy a total train wreck? He is always hurt and doesnt play that great when he isnt imo.
    Those high ankle sprains or streched ligaments can take a long time to heal. I’m a professional on this. Done it several times.

  4. Now what can the Panthers do? Got to shelve him, PAY him ,and really hope Mayfield can win games for you.

  5. Literally every bad break imaginable has gone against Sam in his career.

    I may not think the world of him as a QB at this point but my gosh, he really hasn’t had ANYTHING break right for him. Had the worst supporting cast in football around him for the first 3 years, Adam Gase, mono, being stuck with Dropsky Anderson, getting traded to another bad team context, only having McCaffrey for like 2 games, the list goes on…

    As someone who believes in karma and knows Sam is an awesome person, I hope he finally starts to catch some of those good breaks. He deserves them.

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