Matt Araiza: “The facts of the incident are not what they are portrayed”

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Bills punter Matt Araiza faces an accusation of rape in a federal civil lawsuit. A criminal investigation regarding the incident reportedly is ongoing.

In the aftermath of the filing of the lawsuit and intense coverage of the allegations, Araiza did not punt for the Bills in Friday night’s preseason game. During the game, Araiza issued a statement through his agent.

“The facts of the incident are not what they are portrayed in the lawsuit or in the press,” Araiza said. “I look forward to quickly setting the record straight.”

He can set the record straight whenever he wants. Although anything he says can be used against him in the civil case or in any potential prosecution, he’s free to share his version of the events whenever he wants. And if it’s the truth, why not shout it from the rooftops?

Araiza needs to do something, soon. Because the incident happened before he was drafted, the NFL can take no action against him. However, he plays one of the most interchangeable positions in football. If the Bills are feeling too much heat for keeping him, it would be easy to find another punter — especially since the Bills have an offense that likely won’t require a great punter this year.

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  1. I sure wish I could understand the NFL’s thinking on this whole thing about “They can’t take any action because the incident happened before he was drafted”.
    I clearly recall Not only Terelle Pryor, but his head coach, Jim Tressell serving suspensions before they were allowed on a NFL sideline. For things that happened while they were both still in college.
    Was that something that was amended in the last CBA?
    Or just more of Roger making it up along the way?

  2. “I look forward to quickly setting the record straight”. Well, what are you waiting for Mr. Punt. God? If you did nothing wrong, then set the record straight.

  3. Dude is done. I give him to Monday mid-morning before the Bills cut him. Guilt or innocence doesn’t even matter at this point. He has become a distraction for a team with Super Bowl or bust mentality this season. No way the bills let this go on much longer.

  4. Until I see the facts I’ll let this play out. But him actually making a statement himself instead of talking through his attorneys makes Watson look even smaller. Then again he’s a rookie punter so his pockets aren’t that deep.

  5. By the standard being set by “sports media” and society at large to a lesser extent, any accusation made against an NFL player, whether it results in criminal charges or a civil lawsuit, means their career is over for 95 percent of the players. If the Bills cut Araiza, he’s done because by the time the civil process plays out teams will have moved on. This is not criminal charges, it’s a civil lawsuit. This could easily be an outright fabrication since all it takes for it to happen is a lawyer who wants to take the case. I hope he did do it because odds are his career is over now. My God, does anyone else think this crap might be going to far?

  6. He admitted to statutory rape.

    The fact the Bills are trying to defend this is disturbing.

  7. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and honestly this happens every time with you, telling people to speak the truth, but anyone who has ever dealt with the justice system knows better than that, let the system play out, football or not, we are talking about people’s lives

  8. Wanna set the record straight, then do it. If it’s a money grab, then file a counter defamation suit like depp.

  9. The girl had a rape kit done the next day and the cops have submitted evidence to the DA. It doesn’t look good for Araiza. Dude’s likely going to be spending a year or more in jail and his NFL career is over.

  10. why not say anything now? because it would torpedo his defense. You as a lawyer should now this mike. right now he should follow the advice of his attorney. If he is convicted then all bets are off.

  11. Innocent before.. maybe he was the hero that stopped the 3 freshman from taking advantage of the girl who lied to get in.?

    Where’s Perry Mason? I’m a Bills homer but I’ve also lived in SD a few years. The young man didn’t need for if you know what I mean. If wrong, cut him.

    Cmon now the Bills has their third string QB punt. They done enough to quell the initial surge & the organization won’t just “bark” if needed.

  12. They won’t need a punter in 2 games against New England. That would make it 4 straight games without punt.

  13. What a weak response.

    She was 17. There is no way to worm your way out of this unless you literally did not touch her. And if he hadn’t touched her, he would have said so. He must be waiting to see if his DNA shows up…

  14. The timing of this becoming public seems problematic. I remember going to SDSU and the culture around sexuality there, and generally in college. It’s wild.
    Lines between consent become blurred when one or more parties are on substances, which is why legally it’s not considered consent. But people hook up on drugs often, and thinking about it as rape upon reflection occasionally happens after the fact.
    Maybe he’s a monster and maybe he’s a dumb kid putting himself in unwise situations for kicks.
    It’s not as black and white necessarily as the R word obviously is morally.

  15. Even if we look at this situation in the best possible light, it’s still a 21 year old man admitting to relations with a legal child. Not a good look.

  16. It would be a shame if ‘too much heat” comes down on an innocent young man. Unfortunately, rushes to judgement do nothing to cool things down until everything is sorted out.

  17. The Bills will move on quickly. They will do what’s right while Houston and Cleveland did not. Not that the Bills will ignore the situation, but from a team perspective, they have a clear opportunity to achieve a goal. Time to rid themselves of any distractions.

  18. Dude told the underage victim that she needed to get tested for Chlamydia on a recorded phone conversation with the police listening.

  19. “If the Bills are feeling too much heat for keeping him, it would be easy to find another punter — especially since the Bills have an offense that likely won’t require a great punter this year.”

    Sure, but if the guy is innocent, it would really suck for him to get cut from a team if he did nothing wrong because the team is “feeling too much heat”. Too much heat from whom? The internet keyboard warriors who always jump to attack before they get any facts? Why reward their wrong behavior?

  20. Bills need to get Araiza away from the team ASPA. Put him on a leave of absence status until the criminal and civil proceedings are completed.

  21. Back when I was growing up, facts used to be truths. Today, if you’re skilled at wordsmithing, anything can mean nothing

  22. How many times have we heard this line. Watson tried the same thing and most criminals say that but never seem to come up with a credible alibi. The criminal investigation has now heated up as the police had been dragging their feet on this long enough. Araiza, please tell us it was consensual, that wont fly because she was seventeen.

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