Tyron Smith begins long recovery after undergoing surgery Friday

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Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith underwent surgery Friday to repair an avulsion fracture of his left knee. The surgery reattached a torn hamstring tendon to his knee.

Smith could return as early as December. The Cowboys plan to include him on their initial 53-player roster before placing him on injured reserve, allowing for a late-season return, Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News reports.

“I feel bad for Tyron,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Thursday, via Gehlken. “Why I do so much is because of how bad Tyron feels for how this affects the team. . . .We’ll have him back for the playoffs. That’s a long way away. That’s putting a positive spin on it, but it also just happens to be the facts.”

Smith was injured in Wednesday’s practice on minimal contact from linebacker Leighton Vander Esch.

Smith has not played every game in a season since 2015. He has missed 32 games the past six seasons, including six in 2021.

The Cowboys plan to start first-round draft selection Tyler Smith, who was competing for the starting left guard job but was a three-year starter at left tackle in college.

11 responses to “Tyron Smith begins long recovery after undergoing surgery Friday

  1. Very presumptive of Jones to think cowboys are going to the playoffs. Who knows how good or bad that OL will be. It also impacts the run game. Consider also that Dakota has only lamb to throw to basically.
    They can also hear eagles coming.
    The end is coming for the cowboys.

  2. JJ sounds confident the team is going to the playoffs. I have Philly to win the division so a wild card on the road is a maybe in my book.

  3. Opening day is in two weeks and you don’t have a left tackle and kicker and you’re talking playoffs?!

  4. .We’ll have him back for the playoffs. That’s a long way away. That’s putting a positive spin on it, but it also just happens to be the facts.


    Dr. Jerry Jones has spoken. Not only will the Cowboys make the playoffs but Tyron has been put on notice that he will be playing whether he’s ready or not.

    He needs to heed the clues his body has been giving him and retire while he can still walk.

  5. “Why I feel so bad is bc of how much Tyron feels it affects the team.”

    Thanks for caring about your players and their families as human beings instead of just players, Jerry.

  6. The best thing Jerry can do is tell him we’re putting you on IR and take your time coming back for next year. Instead Jerry puts undo stress ,pressure and anxiety for the guy. BTW Cowboys ain’t making the playoffs .

  7. I think Jerry just mispoke. He must have he meant Tyron will be back for the “playoff”- singular, not plural.

    Since 1996, when have the Cowboys played in more than one playoff game in a season?

  8. Tyron Smith still has a few years left in him. The logical thing to do is let him sit out the entire season. Why risk and stress further damage? No way he comes back 100% this season. Absolutely no way! The injury rehab is just a smaller part of your real problems. You still have to get into competitive football shape and get mentality healthy as well. Mental health is so overlooked. Just ask Andrew Luck. You will hesitate in trusting your body again. Fully rest up for 2023 training camp. See you in July back at Oxnard Tyron. Get well soon big guy, we’re rooting for you.

  9. The NFL cycle moves so fast with age, contracts, injuries etc… It wasn’t that long ago when the Cowboys had arguably the best o-line in the league now they’re shaky at best with no depth whatsoever.

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