Report: Tyquan Thornton set to miss 6-8 weeks after clavicle surgery

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Patriots second-round pick Tyquan Thornton is reportedly on track for a midseason return after injuring his clavicle last weekend.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that Thornton had surgery to repair the injury on Monday and has a six-to-eight week timeline for recovery. Fowler notes that the wideout might need more time to regain his footing in the offense after the time off, but he should be back before the year is out.

Thornton can go on injured reserve and return once he’s healthy, but the roster move would have to wait until after the initial 53-man roster is set on Tuesday.

The rookie had earned good reviews for his work in training camp, so the Patriots will have to hope that he’ll be able to pick up where he left off this summer.

6 responses to “Report: Tyquan Thornton set to miss 6-8 weeks after clavicle surgery

  1. When you are wealthy and have good insurance, the Dr recommends surgery and they splice the bone back together so it heals straight, end to end, with no rotational deviation of the bone which would stress the joints and tendons and limit your range of motion. When you are a peasant, even with insurance, they send you home in a sling, and the ends of your bone overlap and heal in a way where the two ends are surrounded by new bone (a lump), and your shoulder ends up lower than before, with a noticeable change in the angle of the trapezoid muscle on that shoulder, and, it heals in a manner where the shoulder has rotated forward, causing stress on the joints, tendons, and ligaments should you try to use your shoulder the way it was designed to be used. It’s never the same again, and your shirts slide sideways down the injured shoulder. Ever see a guy with a t-shirt that seems to be sliding off one shoulder on one side, and is bunched up against his neck on the other side? He likely had a broken collarbone, but got sent home without being advised that this could be fixed, and told that this will heal by itself. It’s the sad state of our medical “profession.” Tyquan can run fast and catch a football at the same time, so he gets the best care. Merica!

  2. Is this another example of BB playing chess while the rest of the league plays checkers Pats fans? Lol

  3. Sucks he got hurt, hope he gets well soon, but let’s face it, he’s a belichick pick – which means he’s a bust, and this pathetic joke of a team is going nowhere. He might as well take the year off and request a trade to a relevant team.

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