Seahawks name Geno Smith the starter

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll buried the lead Friday night.

Carroll was almost two minutes into his opening statement in his postgame news conference when he announced Geno Smith has won the starting quarterback job. Smith will start the season opener when former quarterback Russell Wilson returns to town with the Broncos.

“He’s earned it. He’s won the job,” Carroll said. “The timing got messed up for us for Drew (Lock). He just ran out of time in his bid for it. I’m clear about that.”

Lock contracted COVID-19 days before his scheduled start in the second preseason game. He didn’t start in the final preseason game Friday night against the Cowboys but saw extended action.

In nine possessions, he threw three interceptions and one touchdown, and the Seahawks scored 20 points with Lock as their quarterback.

But it was clear from the moment Smith re-signed with the Seahawks that it was his job to lose. He spent two seasons as Wilson’s backup and has 34 career starts, giving him a head start on Lock from day one of the competition.

“Geno, he knows our stuff and he does really well and he understands it and he commands everything that we’re doing,” Carroll said. “He’ll give us the best chance to play great football right off the bat.”

Carroll told the team of the decision in the locker room after the 27-26 loss to the Cowboys.

“It wasn’t a major reaction,” Smith said. “Obviously, I’m thankful for the opportunity and grateful, but I have a lot of work ahead of me. That was my mindset from the start is getting ready to go out there and win games. This is just step one in the process, but it’s really about winning. None of this will matter if we don’t go out and win the games we’re supposed to win.”

49 responses to “Seahawks name Geno Smith the starter

  1. Drew Lock couldn’t beat out Teddy Bridgewater and Geno Smith. Let that sink in Seahawk fans. He’s been given lifeline after lifeline. He’s a career backup who always had potential but potential gets you nowhere. Game was 100% in his hands to win the job and he blew it. Just like he did in Denver.

  2. I really think that if Geno had not gotten his jaw broken and then blown out his ACL the next year that he would have had a different career. Plus he was stuck on the Jets and then the Giants at times when neither was on the upside. That said, this is pretty much his last chance either way. I feel like he might surprise a lot of people. He may not be Aaron Rodgers or Pat Mahomes, but the Seahawks aren’t asking him to be. They are not going anywhere anyway. 8-9 is probably the top end for them unless either the Cardinals, Rams or the 49ers somehow collapse.

  3. It’s good for your team to name a starting QB early. Clears up any confusion in the locker room. The problem is the Hawks are stuck with a career backup at starter and a young project at second string who couldn’t overtake his position. They no longer have the threat of a bruising back. Their defense has leaks everywhere. This may be Pete Carroll’s last year when it’s all said and done. I’m guessing somewhere in the 5-6 win range if the coaching holds up.

  4. Smith is an excellent #2 QB. With a really good team around him he could guide a team deep into the playoffs. But if you ask him to carry your team he just doesn’t have that elite level of play to do that. But it never really mattered much anyhow, we all know this season is about developing the new talent and next year is about find your next elite QB.

  5. Not surprising. Seems like it had been decided before the game since Geno didn’t play much. Drew didn’t help himself at all though with that wretched performance against a 2nd and 3rd string defense.

  6. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Seahawks are going from a guy who’s been a top 5 quarterback in this league his entire career, to a guy who’s been ranked somewhere between 25th to dead last his entire career. Wow the window for the Seahawks hasn’t only been closed it’s been NAILED SHUT.

  7. I would have rather watched drew QB the Seahawks but if he isn’t ready then Geno it is. I have a feeling we will get to see lock quite a bit during the season regardless.

  8. Geno Smith won but Seattle fans lost, lol. He may be the worst opening day starter that wasn’t a rookie or started due to injuries. On the plus side Seattle will have their choice of rookie QB next year after securing the first pick yesterday.

  9. They are playing this year with their eyeballs on next years QB rich draft. Not tanking, the roster is just not good enough to win more than 4-5 games.

  10. Obviously Seattle is tanking, so why is Pete Carroll still around? Get rid of him so you can truly reload.

  11. 34td/37int, 8 rushing td, 22 fumbles in his career.13-21 record. I am sure Metcalf and Lockett are thrilled. Drew Lock will eventually start and Seattle will have a top 5 pick in 2023.

  12. Niners are in an interesting position. First they would hate to see Jimmy G go to the Hawks but are they willing to pay him $25M to keep it from happening?

    I don’t see another team trading for him and I think Hawks would be a great destination from Jimmy G’s perspective if he were cut and wanted revenge and a strong play action game.

    Of course he’d only be a stop gap because he has a weak arm.

  13. Well this is sad news for Hawks fans. Season is over I see maybe 3-14. 1 year dynasty closed forever.

  14. I am honestly still trying to figure out how this guy avoided being suspended?

    In January of THIS year, he had a DUI while going 96 MPH.

  15. I guess it’s fun for people to pile on Geno. But in the 4 games Wilson was out last year, he had a 103 rating and 5:1 td to int ratio. It’s easy to look at what happened on the Jets and write him off – without remembering that it was the train-wreck Jets. He’s had 2 years to sit and learn behind Wilson and looked great and consistent all preseason. Not saying he’s a top-tier qb, but he’s not near as bad as people like to carry on. Lock has a ton of potential and shows flashes of incredible ability, but he makes some really boneheaded throws. If he can fix that, he’s a legit starter. At the end of the day, Geno outplayed Lock this preseason and deserves to start. If Geno falls apart, Lock will take over and they’ll likely be drafting high next year.

  16. Drew Lock needs to learn discipline…he is throwing balls way too early…sorry, that won’t work in the NFL…Geno Smith is not a starting quarterback in the NFL…the logical conclusion is that Seattle is going to make a play for Jimmy Garoppolo, because if they don’t, Seahawks fans are in for a long year…sometimes Carroll and Schneider will surprise you….

  17. Now that tanking has been addressed recently, starting ‘lame duck’ qbs will likely become the norm for a couple years…

  18. dstegesaurus says:
    August 27, 2022 at 3:19 am


    From where are those 5 wins coming?

  19. So I’m other words the Seahawks are giving up on the 2022 season? Headline should read “Seahawks announce they’re punting on the 2022 season giving Geno Smith the starting QB1 job”.

  20. If Geno Smith wins the starting QB job then your GM is either a fool OR tanking for a QB in the next years draft.
    I don’t think the GM is a fool.

    The question I have is why trade for Drew Locke? Just go with Geno . Why take on Lockes contract, unless they really thought he could be any good.

  21. Seattle is such a woke and liberal place that Geno Smith got the job probably due to his skin color alone. Geno Smith should be working at a bar somewhere as a Martin Lawrence impersonator. At least he is used to being booed.

  22. So many thoughts, so few words. Sure says a lot about what they think of Lock when Geno beats him out. Maybe Jamarcus Russel is still around. LOL

  23. tyelee says:
    August 27, 2022 at 10:55 am
    the first pick In the 2023 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select—— a QB!

    Just to be on the safe side they better pick a QB with the first three of their picks. Unfortunately Geno and Drew have zero trade value

  24. After watching the preseason games and the decision making by all three QB’s, it’s clear to me that Geno does give the team the best chance to compete. He will not unnecessarily turn the ball over & if the Seahawk run game is on track, they will be fine.

    It’s obvious to me that Lock will likely only be a backup QB, like Geno is considered by most. Thus, it’s most likely the Seahawk Fans will need wait for JimmyG or next years draft for the next franchise QB opportunity. However, I’m confident they will surprise some teams with their overall talent, Speed and desire to knock the chip off their shoulders.

  25. Well this is sad news for Hawks fans. Season is over I see maybe 3-14. 1 year dynasty closed forever.

    Outside of New England, they had as good a decade as anyone.

    They should have won that 2nd Super Bowl. That will burn, always.

    Russ might have kept getting them to the Wild Card round. Was that worth a half-a-billion dollar commitment?

    I think a good portion of the fanbase is excited to see whether Pete can rebuild that D. And who the next franchise QB will be.

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