Bills worked out four punters Sunday

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans
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The Bills kicked off the process of finding a new punter on Sunday.

Buffalo needs a new one because they released sixth-round pick Matt Araiza on Saturday. Araiza and two others have been sued by a woman who alleges they raped her last year.

According to multiple reports, the Bills worked out Michael Palardy, Ty Long, Tyler Newsome, and Joseph Charlton on Sunday. They had veteran Matt Haack on the roster until last Tuesday, but he was cut as they moved to 80 players and he’s since signed with the Colts to replace the injured Rigoberto Sanchez.

Palardy spent last season with the Dolphins and was the Panthers punter from 2016 to 2019, Long spent the last three seasons with the Chargers and Charlton has played for the Panthers and Jaguars over the last two seasons. Newsome spent time with the Cardinals last year, but has not played in a regular season game.

With the cut to 53 players coming Tuesday, the Bills could opt to wait on signing a punter until after they set their initial roster in an attempt to hold onto a player they might otherwise lose on waivers.

19 responses to “Bills worked out four punters Sunday

  1. Jane Doe’s Lawyer first communicated through not a legal Summons and Complaint but a Twitter DM on Saturday, July 20th that reads as follows….

    “Matt, I represent the young woman you gang-****ed last October. I suggest you have a qualified lawyer contact me before the Court here in San Diego opens its doors on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend, Dan Gilleon!”

  2. I have a feeling that the general public won’t even be aware of the outcome of that civil trial.
    Araiza won’t be in the NFL so no one outside the victim’s immediate circle will have any interest.
    He’ll be delivering auto parts or Uber Eats in Poway.

  3. They should grab Jon Ryan from the Edmonton Elks. Lots of NFL experience and he can throw the ball too!

  4. Maybe Josh Allen can do the punting… like Danny White used to for the Cowboys (sorry been stuck watching old school NFL games on YouTube)

  5. My predication is the Bills need Barkley to hold for Bass and be the emergency punter. In the meantime they’ll have 1 or 2 guys that just mediocre doo g rhe punting

  6. Rookie should still be on the team.
    He hasn’t been proven guilty of anything.
    What cowards the Bill’s Brass are. How far we men have fallen.

  7. I find it interesting that some of the other NFL teams were aware Araiza had possibly been involved in an assault,… but the Bills didn’t ?
    That’s not saying much for the GM. I know my fav team has a staff of 5 retired police who run background checks on all potential picks or free agents. 1 of em is an acquaintance,.. retired former county sheriff.

  8. Why do you suppose the police and/or legal system has been silent concerning this matter?

  9. Kudos to the Bills for doing the right thing.

    Memo to Browns brass, this is how it’s done.

  10. so much for innocent until proven guilty. That is part of what really sucks about social media. The court of public opinion is quick to judge and never has to apologize for being wrong. Now by no means am I saying this guy is innocent, but to loose your career over allegations is pretty crappy

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