49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo find an unexpected win-win

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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The 49ers said they were done with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. If it was a ruse, they were very committed to it.

The better explanation for the unexpected decision by the 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo to stick it out is that Garoppolo realized he couldn’t do better — and the 49ers realized they could do a lot worse.

Chris Simms made the case for it on Monday’s PFT Live. The 49ers need insurance against Trey Lance getting injured or being, you know, not good. Garoppolo needs to not play for whichever team happens to have an injury to a starting quarterback, or as the none-of-the-above option for a team like the Seahawks.

Worst-scenario for Garoppolo? He gets $6.5 million per year and becomes a free agent in March, with the playoff run he helped author in 2021 his closing argument. And the 49ers avoid the worst-case scenario of Lance getting hurt or not being the guy.

Best-case scenario for Garoppolo? He wins a Super Bowl and drives off in something way nicer than a Hyundai, since he’ll hit the open market roughly a month later. Best-case scenario for the 49ers? They win a Super Bowl.

The end result was predictable in the offseason. Take advantage of Jimmy’s unwillingness to rock the boat. Squat on his rights through the preseason. Eventually made him a dramatically reduced contract offer in late August. Save millions to keep him around as the backup.

The 49ers apparently didn’t plan this, but they arguably couldn’t have planned it any better.

51 responses to “49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo find an unexpected win-win

  1. NOT good news for Trey, lets face it if Trey is the reason they are losing games, You will see Trey quietly head to the sideline with a Phantom Injury to make way for JIMMY.
    This is a ready-made team just begging for quality QB play. and it would be a disservice to the Vets if you are continuously patrolling the WEAK Link at the QB position out there.

  2. Jimmy has nothing to lose. Stay with a team and system your productive and comfortable with. An opportunity to play and win a ring while building your market value and hit free agency and sign for more cash. Or go to a bottom level team, hurting his market value.
    Easy decision…..

  3. Browns should have done this won’t mayfield. If he refuses then he gets paid squat and browns could have nullified his contract.

  4. Lost in all of this is that Jimmy’s dead money cap hit for the season is $6.5m; same as his base in the new deal. Jimmy is probably still working out kinks from his surgery and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts the season on PUP list. It really works out as the best scenario for all parties involved, including Trey who gets the benefit of continued mentorship from Jimmy.

    Hats off to the 9ers for pulling this off!

  5. 3 first round picks and they’re afraid to commit to Lance after sitting him for a year. I’m not sure how Lynch still has a job.

  6. Garrapolo just bailed out the 49ers front office. He most likely saved their season.

  7. If he’s good enough to not want to play against him isn’t he good enough to play for them?

  8. They would not have guaranteed Sudfeld’s money if this was ever the plan. I’ll give the Niners credit for putting football over optics and not cutting the best QB on their team. But it’s amusing to see this chalked up as some big win for them. They spent three firsts and more two years ago on a guy who still may not be better than Jimmy G. Congrats!

  9. Great move by the Niners.

    They still get to start Lance. THe cap hitis the same as if they cut Jimmy, so no loss there. And the Niners now have the best backup in the league.

    It’s also great for Jimmy G. He gets to wait and see if another team will trade for him, but if not, he gets a lot of money while he sits on the bench.

  10. The Seattle Seahawks were NEVER going to sign Jimmy G.

    Pete Carroll and John Schneider are attempting to build another champion using the same blueprint as they did in ’11, ’12 & ’13, which ultimately led to Seattle winning the Super Bowl in 2014. One of the key aspects of that blueprint was a QB on a rookie deal.

    That’s what the Seahawks want, not an overpaid bottom third QB. This season isn’t about wins and loses. This the Tarvaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst year that nobody remembers. The 2023 draft class is loaded with QBs. Seattle will take one, build for another year and compete in 2024. It’s a three year plan and then everybody’s out. Win, lose or draw.

  11. Garoppolo will be the starter before the end of the season. As a Rams fan, I hope it happens after Halloween. He has our number.

  12. No team was going to absorb that contract, so SF had no other option. JG is the winner here – he gets paid to chill and continue his rehab from surgery – then can go wherever he wants next year. Lynch and Shanahan have to hope like hell Trey works out or it’s curtains for at least one of ‘em.

  13. This is extremely Ideal.

    Trey Lance doesn’t look like he has “it” yet they spent the draft capital.

    Now the niners can show their fans what Trey is, and hopefully he pans out, but if he doesn’t, Jimmy gets a pay day, a great team this year, and his pick of where to go next year.

    Happy for all parties involved.

  14. Niners look pretty smart right now. Took away the chance of Garappolo getting injured and collecting a full salary while giving Lance all the work he needs in camp. Not to mention there is a real good chance that Garappolo is still better than Lance.

  15. Make it to a Super Bowl and two conference championship games: pay cut.

    Win one playoff game in 4 years, quit on your team and refuse to play for a year, and abuse dozens of women: quarter-billion dollars guaranteed.

    Today’s NFL, ladies & gentlemen.

  16. 9ers player Jimmy. They wanted him to start all along and they baited him into taking a pay cut by saying they’re all in on Lance.

  17. This is all part of the plan to make a play for TB12, and to have a legitimate QB to offer Tampa in the trade. Just wait….

  18. Not really sure what the obsession is with this guy. He does 2 things well: hand the ball off and get hurt. It’s not that difficult to find somebody to do that for a lot less money than he’s being paid. I can’t imagine anybody wanting to trade for him.

    Then again, Joe Flacco is apparently a starter again for a few games…

  19. All this does is buy more time for Jimmy to be traded. Now other teams can trade for him without being saddled with an excessive contact. Odds are good that a QB will be injured in the first few weeks of the season and the 49ers will finally get decent value for Jimmy. Now no one will get him on the cheap.

  20. “3  first round picks and they’re afraid to commit to Lance”

    How does this suggest they are afraid of committing to Lance? Most teams in the NFL are one bad hit to their QB away from a losing season. Garoppoplo is now receiving a backup salary to be a backup QB. If Lance gets hurt, the 49ers will now have the best backup in the league ready to step in.

  21. Jimmy would rather stay with the 49ers and Mike Shanahan, than to go somewhere else for more money. Obviously, Jimmy likes playing for the 49ers. The grass isn’t automatically greener on the other side of every fence. Some, but not all. Seriously, this makes the 49ers look like a class organization. Jed York. John Lynch. From the top, down. There’s something going on here that players want to be part of. And there’s the Nick Foles story. Not all QB’s can stay healthy for 20 games. Especially running QB’s.

  22. ffpcommish

    If the Seahawks are using the same old blueprint, then good luck with that. Still living off hype from a stellar 2012 draft. 10 years later and they haven’t found players of that caliber in the all the years combined.

  23. I am not the biggest fan of Jimmy as a QB and think it’s time to see what they have in Lance, but I came out of this whole thing with the utmost respect for him. It must have been frustrating knowing all off-season the team wants to move on, and to find out that no one else really wanted him, but he stayed classy and realized his best shot is maybe getting back on the field here and helping them win and helping himself in the process.

  24. Jimmy G has Don Yee representing him. I can not understand why he would take a paycut over free agency unless he is still recovering from his surgery.

  25. It got to zero hour and Tre L got his can kicked in the last pre season game. The Niners had no choice. They realized Tre aint ready freddy yet so Jimmy can jump in asap if needed.

  26. Jimmy shouldnt have blinked. Should have forced the team to release him, which they wouldnt have done …

  27. interesting comment about the possibility of the GREAT ONE playing his final year for his home town niners. i think in his final year he should play one game for 17 different teams just so as many fans as possible can experience what could have been.

  28. Win-win? Clara blinked with the banana in the tail pipe trick now fragil-e’ Lance will be looking over his hair loss shoulder. Ram fans couldn’t be happier!

  29. I’m glad they were able to work this out. Both Jimmy and the 49ers are total class. Not real good at football, but total class.

    Meanwhile in Seattle, Pete Carroll is looking for a bucket to puke in. “Geno Smith? GENO SMITH???”

  30. Niners were just flipping the bird at all the teams waiting for Jimmy to be cut. Now other teams know what it’s going to cost them…

    I too think Seattle was never going to sign him. Pete isn’t looking for a multi year rebuild. He’s seeing a tank job this year with Geno (LOL) and then next year trying to make lightning strike twice with a rookie QB and DK and Lockett still in their prime.

  31. If the end result was predictable, how come it was not predicted? The ‘experts’ all said this would end with Jimmy G being cut.

  32. Props to Jimmy G for checking his ego and working with the Niners on this. I venture to say 9 out of 10 NFL players and virtually no other QBs in particular would have given up the leverage he has/had but this is a textbook example of betting on one’s self with several lifetimes worth of future income at stake. Say what you want about him as a QB (and he’s not nearly as bad as a lot of people believe) but Jimmy is a top-shelf human being and this proves it.

  33. What this tells me is that Kyle Shanahan is NOT a very good coach. He is a very good at calling plays, designing plays and drawing up game plans. But, he just hasn’t shown even an average ability to coach up his players and other coaches.

    That is the difference between him and McVay; McVay is very good at both.

  34. This another scenario: What if Lance doesn’t stink but is just “good/bad enough”? He might be like Jameis Winston, lighting a team up one week, throwing 4 picks the next week.

    That would leave Shanahan/Lynch in a no-man’s-land.

    This has all been horribly managed by the 9ers.

  35. A win for the Niners, but not for Jimmy, unless this move gets him a ring. Stand up person , so hope it does, he deserves it.

  36. footballfan22 says:
    August 29, 2022 at 7:12 pm
    Now Jimmy will get his 2nd ring as a BACKUP Lance haters!

    lol – not.

  37. I take my previous comment back. I would still like to see Jimmy win a ring but given Jimmy’s unproven record post shoulder surgery, this deal with the Niners is not just a win for the team, it’s a win win for both. All round, he’s still better than having Kap back on the team.

  38. They didn’t cut him because they knew Seattle would immediately sign him.

    To go from a 5 win team to an 7 or 8 win team?

    Garoppolo wouldn’t have moved the needle significantly.

    This isn’t the certainty many seem to beleive.

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