Broncos cut punter Sam Martin after he refuses pay cut

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos
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Broncos punter Sam Martin wouldn’t take a pay cut, so he got cut.

The Broncos are cutting Martin today after he said he wouldn’t accept any pay reduction, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

A fifth-round draft pick of the Lions in 2013, Martin spent seven years in Detroit and has spent the last two years in Denver. He signed a three-year, $7.05 million contract with the Broncos in 2020 and had a base salary this year of $2.25 million, but none of that was guaranteed, so that’s what the Broncos will save on their salary cap by cutting him.

Martin likely won’t be out of work long: He’s been one of the league’s better punters throughout his career, and he’s likely to get picked up.

Corliss Waitman will now be the Broncos’ punter.

22 responses to “Broncos cut punter Sam Martin after he refuses pay cut

  1. Of course he refused a pay cut. The Bills are a better team and they need a punter…

  2. Good for him. Kickers and punters play a significant part of the game, yet are not paid for their influence.

  3. I hate when teams strong arm players a couple of days before the season starts.

    It would be funny if the punter they sign is a lot worse.

  4. And dans say players are greedy for holding out when players get cut mid contract all the time. Inconsistent!

  5. Punting in Denver and Buffalo are about as far apart for conditions and averages as you can get. Good luck to him. See how many teams are willing to pay more than whatever Denver wanted to reduce him to (and don’t have alternatives)

  6. Smart of him to not give in, the Broncos are trending towards being a dumpster fire. He’ll be with the Bills and on a SB contending team.

  7. The competition was pretty equal at the end of the day. Where do you want to put your resources? Take that money and put it towards another position to shore it up.

  8. Broncos not being cheap…..a 2nd year undrafted player out punted Martin all pre season. The kid earned the job and the Broncos save money and cap space.

  9. this Bronco fan is surprised that George Patton didn’t trade him for a 7th round pick in 2023

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