Jimmy Garoppolo takes pay cut, stays with 49ers

Los Angeles Rams defeat the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 during a NFC championship football game at SoFi Stadium.
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Jimmy Garoppolo is not done with the 49ers after all.

The 49ers and Garoppolo have agreed to a new contract that will keep him in San Francisco this season. Garoppolo had been due a non-guaranteed base salary of $24.2 million this season, but now Garoppolo will get a fully guaranteed salary of $6.5 million, with various incentives that could push his compensation up over $15 million if he were to get significant playing time, according to multiple reports.

Garoppolo is not expected to get that significant playing time at the moment, as the 49ers are planning to go with Trey Lance as their starting quarterback. But if Lance gets injured or gets benched, Garoppolo can make good money — though still not the kind of money he would have made on his current contract.

The contract also includes a no-trade clause, and will prevent the 49ers from putting the franchise tag on Garoppolo next year.

After an offseason full of speculation about whether the 49ers would trade or release Garoppolo, the answer proved to be neither: Garoppolo stays in San Francisco, as Lance’s backup.

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  1. As a Niners fan I actually like this. The regime isn’t sold on Trey. If Trey struggles you can put Jimmy in, who knows the system. If it was a rebuilding team, I’d understand him leaving, but this team is built to win now. Smart decision on both sides.

  2. Looks like 49’ers front office has figured out what everyone else already knows: Trey Lance is a bust. Pretty nice work keeping a serviceable QB on the roster to cover up last year’s draft debacle.

  3. I’m happy as a 9ER fan. A proven Insurance policy if Trey Lance is injured for a team built to win a SB this season

  4. Jimmy probably left some money on the table to take this deal. This is a big win for the 49ers though. I wouldn’t have been tempted to take it if I were Jimmy after how they treated him.

  5. No way in the world he comes back if they’re comfortable with Lance. Starting by Week 6.

  6. Trey lance continues to show that all the picks they traded away was a waste. He has the opportunity, it’s on him to take advantage of being a starter on a team that is built to compete

  7. This has nothing to do with not trusting Lance. Smart business move. They weren’t getting anything of value for him now. Hang onto him for that 3rd rd comp pick when he leaves next year, still free salary up and have the best backup situation in the league in the event Lance gets hurt. Only move to make.

  8. I think the 49ers do care about making the playoffs so they might not hesitate to bring back Garoppolo if Lance doesn’t fare well. Unlike the Jags and Jets who kept Lawrence and Wilson playing and ended up with 3-14 and 4-13.

  9. From what I’ve seen, or haven’t seen, from Lance, I doubt Garoppolo will remain long as a backup.

  10. Why would Garoppolo take a pay cut to stay? He didn’t have to. Unless…

  11. So can he now practice with the team? The way this was handled up to this point has been curious to say the least.

  12. Good move by the 49ers. Based on what we have seen from Lance so far, Jimmy G starts sooner than later.

  13. The 49ers did exactly what Chris Simms said should happen for both parties. If I was an NFL player, I would want Simms as an agent or advice dude. I see now he really knows the QB room.

  14. – $6.5M is not high at all for a backup, so this has nothing to do with Trey Lance.

    – The NFL needs to investigate this, because there’s no way Jimmy took that much of a paycut unless he REALLY wanted to stay with the 49ers. That’s the part that has to do with Trey Lance.

  15. Smart move for both sides. The no-trade and no-tag clauses are really valuable for Jimmy G. Could improve his bargaining power next year a lot — or later this year.

  16. Probably one of the best QB situations in the league, honestly. If anybody else’s starter goes down, how many teams have a Jimmy G-caliber backup? Not many, if any.

  17. I knew it.

    This is very, very troubling news for anyone believing in Trey Lance.

  18. If Lance can’t handle the pressure of Jimmy G on the roster then how can he handle the pressure of being QB1 for the
    San Francisco 49ERS.

    Gimme a break. Ball out or sit on the bench. Same rule applies for everyone in any job

  19. This proves what i have said all along. Trey Lance isn’t a starter and we’ve already seen enough. Why go through the motions with Jimm G. all he does is win games. Very smart move by the GM here he knows that Lance is a bust. Stats don’t lie Jimmi G. is a starter for almost every team in the NFL.

  20. I need to see this contract.

    That’s an extreme pay cut for a guy like this. What backup of JG’s caliber is making $6.5m? And, if starting, $15m? This smells bad.

    No reason Jimmy should have taken that deal after the way they treated them, and no a concession for a no-trade clause isn’t enough. Seahawks would have handed out far more on a multi-year (which he may get next year anyway), but the lack of respect, man.

  21. Don’t forget this restructure is literally Jimmy G betting on Trey Lance to fail. Awkward QB room.

  22. The 49ers screwed Jimmy G. They should have released him before the season so he could find another team and had time to learn a new offense.

  23. Well they could have done the deal to make a trade for him easier. Why Jimmy G did it? A team would more easily fit him under the cap but if they trade for him he would become the starter and push end of year compensation to 16 million. If 49ers cut him he likely would not have gotten 16 mil at this point

  24. You heard it here First. Brock Purdy is the franchise. Niners messed up by not drafting Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees back in the day. They wont make to same mistake twice.

  25. sigh of relief from coaching regime and owners…
    When Trey starts sinking their season, the proven Jimmy G is there to the rescue!

  26. One of the best QB situations in the league? Not at all. The teams with proven franchise QB’s entrenched as starters all have better QB situations. And among those who don’t, I like the Dolphins’ situation a lot more than SF’s.

  27. Now the Niners have the best backup QB in the league. And unlike some posters are syaing, they are NOT betting on Lance to fail…..they are makingsure that if something happens to Lance, thatthey willstill have a shot at a SUper Bowl. It’s good that Lance knows that he can’t just lay back and collect a check.

    People that were saying that Lynch and Shanahan screwed themselves have a lot of crow to eat.

  28. Not a good move. They need to give Lance the reps to develop regardless of growing pains. Lance does not need Jimmy in the locker room. On the other hand, from a players pov: this is a superbowl roster and if Lance gets injured, they still have a good chance to win it all.

  29. All the people praising the Niners brass for keeping Jimmy should be blasting them for trading the farm for Lance and not coaching him up. Lynch and Shanahan are overrated and their continued employment is because of their names.

  30. I will laugh very hard when JG is traded for two 2s! Remember that no trade clause just means JG must agree.

  31. This is a win-win, very shrewd move by the 9ers (and JG). Jimmy’s cap hit if he were cut is $6.5M – the same amount as his contract base salary. Not only does this solidify the QB back-up position, but it also allows Jimmy to fully recover from his surgery (I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts the season on the PUP list) while providing mentorship for Trey and building his value for a trade or FA deal in 2023. This also takes away from the scenario where Jimmy gets released at the last minute and can’t really get “up to speed” with another team until mid-late October; ultimately working out to his benefit.

    This is a great move for all parties involved.

  32. As a Niners fan, this is the best possible outcome.

    Jimmy G gets to wait for a good trade deal. The Niners won’t take any additional hits to the cap. The Niners have the best backup QB in the league….AND….Seattle can’t have Jimmy G.

  33. WTF wrong with Jimmy G? He did think he can get, say, $15m guaranteed for next season from any team? Steeler backup Mason may get that.

  34. Agreed…this was done to generate some real intrest for a trade. JG will be on another teams roster by week 3.

  35. Why would Jimmy G take that deal when other backups who aren’t nearly as good make that much or more? There seem to be only three possibilities: (1) when the 49ers allowed him to seek a trade, his agents found that no one was going to pay him more than that (2) he really loves San Francisco and is willing to make less money to stay there, or (3) he believes (or the 49ers have hinted?) that Lance truly is a bust and he will start and make all the incentives. I’m betting on #3.

  36. 49ers lack confidence in Trey Lance. JG will be the starting qb before the third of the season is over.

  37. Smart move by them and by him. He wont get the 24M but I bet he gets the 15M. Well, that still depends on how bad the 49ers want to win.
    Not bad. He wasnt finding anyone that would give him more this year. But he knows that system, knows that team, knows he can win with them, and he knows hes better than the other guy.

  38. riggedkangaroocourt says:
    August 29, 2022 at 5:49 pm

    What if Trey stinks it up week 1 and 2? Everyone be calling to bench him.

    That really won’t matter because there are only about half-dozen people’s opinion’s who count: Owner, GM, HC, OC, and QB coach.

    NFL teams aren’t fan-driven democracies.

  39. Hilarious to read all of the experts here who have “seen everything needed to see from Lance to see he is a bust.” You haven’t seen anything…nothing…zero. When he lines up in real game competition with game plans for offense and defense you will begin to see enough for an opinion. Even then, few QBs excell in their first year starting.

  40. The 49ers have seen enough to know they blew it drafting Lance, and they can’t win a super bowl with Jimmy Glass. Rams have the west and the home field sewn up. Who is going to beat them? Brady with his free agent online? Start designing the repeat rings.

  41. What’s the over/under on how many games before Shanahan has to yank Trey Lance? I put it at 4 games– if Baker beats him in week 4 you put in a guy whose basically getting paid high-end backup $ plus he’s had time to heal.

  42. not sure this was what the 49ers wanted all along, because if they were planning on keeping him around why would they let him do nothing during training camp? it would have made more sense to come up with this deal weeks ago and get him training again… unless it was because theyve only just decided trey lance is a bust and need him back

  43. Smart smart man. Grab any money you can. Nobody sitting in the stands like me can make money like you can. Make hay will the sun shines put it in the bank sit back and relax

  44. Very smart move. It’s about financial security while knowing your career could end in any minute. How much do you need? It’s only a “contest” for players like Rodgers who believe making the most is an accomplishment of some sort. Count your blessings, shake off the haters, be yourself, enjoy your career and your life on acceptable terms. Hats off.

  45. I predicted this was a possibility, in these comments the last few weeks. I now believe that the no trade clause is about getting traded where he wants..

  46. Great move by Jimmy G. $6.5 million base $500k per game roster bonus. $15 million if he’s on the roster all year plus playing time incentives could take it to $16.5 million for the year. He would not have got that if cut this year. PLUS a NO TRADE clause this year and he’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year and can choose where he wants to go and for how much when teams have a fresh salary cap. Big win for Jimmy G

  47. Sorry Seattle.
    You’ve been played.

    If he was cut, Seattle might have kicked the tires.

    Trade? You can’t honestly believe that?

  48. Great move by Jimmy G. $6.5 million base $500k per game roster bonus. $15 million if he’s on the roster all year plus playing time incentives could take it to $16.5 million for the year. He would not have got that if cut this year. PLUS a NO TRADE clause this year and he’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year and can choose where he wants to go and for how much when teams have a fresh salary cap. Big win for Jimmy G

    “Those are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed”

  49. I think Jimmy is doing ok, per Sporttrac he has made ~$120M in his career. I think the press doesn’t like him because he doesn’t really care what they say. As Al Davis said Don’t worry about the bitter hearts, just win baby.

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