Eagles explain decision to keep Jalen Reagor

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Eagle receiver Jalen Reagor, a first-round pick in 2020, has been a disappointment. That isn’t stopping the Eagles from giving him a third year.

On Tuesday, G.M. Howie Roseman and coach Nick Sirianni were asked to explain how Reagor earned his spot — and whether his guaranteed contract helped keep him on the team.

“I think when you look at Jalen, one of the things that one of our scouts said to me today is he was one of the only guys that practiced every day,” Roseman told reporters. “The guy brought it every day. He worked on his craft. He had a great attitude, great energy. Obviously, he’s a talented guy. He’s 23 years old. We’re going to do whatever we think is in the best interest of the team, and we felt like there was no doubt in our mind that he deserved a role on this team.”

Sirianni was asked to share his thoughts from a football standpoint.

“I just felt like he made plays this summer, and it started right from the beginning, from day one of training camp, and it continued on throughout the practices that we had,” Sirianni said. “You could definitely see the explosion that — he’s never lost that, right? He’s had this explosion in his body, and he uses it to separate from the defense. I just thought he had a good camp and he made plays and he was more consistent this year throughout training camp.”

Reagor had 31 catches for 396 yards and a touchdown as a rookie. Last year, he caught 33 passes for 299 yards and two scores. He’s listed as the second-string receiver behind newcomer A.J. Brown.

Of course, making the initial 53-man roster means just that. There will be plenty of churning. Guys will be traded. Guys will be released. For all teams, it will continue all year long at the bottom of the roster.

22 responses to “Eagles explain decision to keep Jalen Reagor

  1. His career will be better when Minshew finally takes the job.

    Wow… someone give me what he’s having! 🙄

  2. With Brown, Smith, and Goedart, you would think if he’s going to make an impact in this league now is the time. Even Quez being the #3 should help reagor get open. When he’s on the field he’ll be covered by the 4th choice DB. If you can’t beat the #4 guy, you won’t stay in the league

  3. The reality is that most 21 year olds don’t come into a league of grown professionals and set it on fire. Jalen Reagor was a multi-purpose athlete in college and then was asked to run refined timing routes and understand defensive alignments on the fly. It takes time. He’s still the youngest WR on the Eagles, and at 23, would be a rookie this year if he finished school. Devonta Smith came out a year after him and is still older than Jalen. Eagles are smart to let him grow and see how he develops over time. He has demonstrated a lot of maturity by taking the Philly fan criticism and channeling it into work to improve his game. He’s shown a lot of character. I’m rooting for him and I hope others will as well.

  4. If the reports are correct, the Eagles were offered nothing more than a 6th round pick for him. I’m fine with them not taking that and seeing if he can develop into some kind of role this year instead.

  5. Remember the time the Eagles took Jalon Reagor instead of Justin Jefferson? All Vikings fans thank you for that.

  6. Howie Roseman js just horrible at finding in house talent.

    Slay, Gardner-Johnson, Hurts set to bust, etc.

  7. The CGJ trade may benefit Reagor the most. You can bet that CGJ will be unloading his full arsenal of ‘get under your skin’ tactics and coverages to toughen Reagor up – you know, the same tools that caused Tom Brady to smash his tablet in the second Saints game last year!

  8. Howie couldn’t deal him and they don’t want to eat his cap hit. That’s is why he’s still here and everyone knows it, but The Eagles can’t say it out loud to the media.

  9. Jalen Reagor will continue to drop footballs , making us all regret we didn’t drop him on cutdown day- Eagles fan

  10. ajoyce1977 says:
    August 30, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    Remember the time the Eagles took Jalon Reagor instead of Justin Jefferson? All Vikings fans thank you for that.

    When the skolsters come to Philly this season they’ll definitely receive a warm welcome from the ‘Welcoming Commitee’… Reagor included !

  11. Well let’s hope and pray he willl improve and play like Nelson Agholor in his 3rd year….

  12. If they wait long enough the Saints will eventually trade a #1 pick for him given all the dumb trades the Saints are making with the Eagles.

  13. I simply did not know they are doing hand transplants . Modern medicine is amazing!

  14. He’s a huge cap hit if they release him and they couldn’t trade him. They tried forcing the ball to him and he still couldn’t deliver. They just won’t admit the huge mistake they made by passing on Jefferson

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