Jimmy Garoppolo’s incentives hinge on playing time and team success

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Under his prior contract, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would have made $25.62 million in 2022. Now, he’ll make at least $6.5 million — a drop of $19.12 million.

He can make nearly $9 million of it back. Mike Garafolo of NFL Media has posted the full breakdown of Garoppolo’s roster bonuses and incentives.

He gets an extra $29,000 for each game that he’s in uniform, on the active roster. That’s a total of $500,000.

He gets $250,000 for each game in which he takes at least 25 percent of the snaps. That equates to a maximum of $4.25 million. He gets another $100,000 for each one of those games that ends in a win. That equates to a high end of $1.7 million.

He gets more in the postseason. If he plays at least 50 percent of the snaps in one playoff game below the conference championship, he gets $500,000.

For 50 percent or more of the snaps in the conference championship game, he gets another $500,000 — plus another $500,000 if it’s a victory.

Finally, he gets an extra $1 million for taking at least 50 percent of the snaps in the Super Bowl.

To earn the full amount of the $8.95 million package, he needs to play at least 25 percent of each game, the 49ers need to go 17-0, he needs to play at least 50 percent of the divisional round game, he needs to play at least 50 percent of the conference title game, and he needs to play at least 50 percent of the Super Bowl. In other words, he won’t be earning the full $8.95 million.

However, if Garoppolo cashes in on any of the postseason incentives, he’ll likely cash in even more in free agency.

6 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo’s incentives hinge on playing time and team success

  1. Smart play on Jimmy’s part. I bet he ends up earning at least a bunch of those incentives.

  2. I have no idea why he took this massive payout. Either he doesn’t believe in his worth or he was worried he would get traded to a really bad team.

  3. I’m no head coach in the NFL, and don’t claim to be as smart as one, but if you’ve got a player who has taken you to two championship games and another guy who’s thrown maybe 400 passes total since high school, and you think your roster has championship talent right now, why would you even think of tossing the keys to the neophyte player who’s basically a rookie?

    Since Garappolo came to San Fran he has led them to a greater percentage of victories than Aaron Rodgers has led the Packers.

  4. a year on a bad team for 20 million is worth wayyyyyyyyy less than this contract even if its taxed in Cali. He gets to basically rest for a year after a surgery and get paid and if it goes sideways he cashes in regardless and his career path is now known. Versus going to a terrible team and getting absolutely man handled in the pocket.

  5. He will replace Lance due to Lance’s poor play within 3 games. Then the fun begins.

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