Tyrann Mathieu deletes cryptic tweet, removes Saints references from social media

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After an extended stay on the open market, veteran safety Tyrann Mathieu landed with the Saints. Under the circumstances, he got a good deal.

But there’s currently a vague question lingering. He tweeted on Monday night, and then deleted, this sentiment: “The only job where youth beats out experience without actually being better.” Roughly an hour later, he said this: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.”

Meanwhile, all references to the Saints are gone from his Twitter page. We’ve seen that enough in recent years from other players to know that it almost always has meaning.

It’s not the first time Saints references were removed from his social media. Apparently, it happened during his excused absence from the team in the early days of training camp.

The latest developments are creating the impression that Mathieu could be released today. That would be highly unlikely, given that he received a $9.5 million signing bonus, has a fully guaranteed salary of $1.5 million this year, and has a fully guaranteed salary of $7 million in 2023. While there could be a resolution of his status that would possibly entail Mathieu giving up some of those guarantees, it would be odd to say the least for the Saints to cut a player to whom they gave a $9.5 million signing bonus during the offseason.

The more plausible explanation is that Mathieu may have been informed on Monday that he won’t be in the Week One starting lineup for the Saints. If that’s the case, we’ll find out soon enough — and no later than when the first official regular-season depth chart is released.

Whatever the situation, don’t underestimate Tyrann Mathieu. He still has significant skills, and he has always been a great leader. It nevertheless makes sense to pay attention to whatever is happening, because apparently something is.

UPDATE 10:22 a.m. ET: Mathieu has informed PFT that his deleted tweet (“the only job where youth beats out experience without actually being better”) was about the release of Tony Jefferson and “had nothing to do with me or Saints.”

27 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu deletes cryptic tweet, removes Saints references from social media

  1. Hmm not a starter or cut candidate. But I keep hearing how good he is and how big a loss it was for the chiefs. Odd.

  2. Tyrann is a hell of a football player. He can help any team in the NFL. I would be surprised if the Saints cut him.

  3. “He has always been a great leader.”

    Actually what these tweets show is that he may have been one in the past but he isn’t one anymore. Maybe on the field when playing, but that’s it.

  4. This is an interesting development. Under Sean Payton, he and Loomis were very aligned on personnel decisions, and Payton’s view was the de facto final say on all football personnel decisions. Now Payton is gone, and while DA carries a lot of respect for his defensive acumen inside the building, he may not have the same relationship with Loomis. Loomis made a risky bet signing Matheu, and DA may not have been on board with it. Now DA sees that he has better options in the secondary, and a release is being negotiated. Personally I thought Mathieu was a nice (if sentimental, and very expensive) add, but I don’t see him playing at the level Malcom Jenkins did for the Saints the past few seasons. I would not be heartbroken if he were released

  5. Dude clears out his media all the time. Heck most do when the think and delete something. When I delete something I clear a bunch of stuff.
    Dude is upset a team mate or past one is moving on because of the cap plain and simple.

    Not everyone is a passive-aggressive baby like Murray

  6. If he wasn’t a ” bout that money” player and wanted to win (and still make a ton of money) he would’ve stayed in K.C. or signed with Philly or even Dallas. Philly is a playoff team and is building a team that is built to win now and only getting better.Dallas also is a playoff team that he could’ve made them into a contender.They both offered very close to what the Saints offered and Philly’s defense should be a top 5/7 defense. Their only “weak” position is Safety. With him they could’ve been a definite top 5 or higher defense. I get he wanted to play for his “Home” team but if he wanted to win another ring the Saints was a bad choice. He chased the money now he’s upset about playing time ect?

  7. There were 2 guys I wanted off of KC’s roster last year, Mathieu and Hitchens. Glad to see my wish come true. Wouldn’t tackle, and was the 1st to point to someone else when he made mistakes. Reid is so much better, will actually tackle and just has a good personality, likable and respected by his teammates. Not surprised by Tyran’s antics, he’s always been a head case. Hitchens was the worst ILB in the league, yet was paid like he was top 10.

  8. It’s certainly impressive how an undersized safety who doesn’t tackle and hasn’t played on a good NFL defense keeps finding employers (and at a nice salary). Must be the cool nickname == Go Honey Badger!

  9. How about the only job where a guy can get $11 million for less than a year of work and still find a way to be unhappy about it.

  10. Tyrann was one of my favorite players for the Chiefs, but I think he seriously needs some help.

  11. If the saints feel they have better choices for starter, then it is on Tyran to show them otherwise. Saints have been nothing but gracious in welcoming him with open arms and allowing him to miss practice. Apparently the time away may have been a detriment to his skills and learning the system. Whatever the issue is, you can be sure it is purely business,not personal. Need to quit acting like it is.

  12. That’s why him and Tyreek aren’t with the Chiefs anymore. They like to run their gums and also post stuff. The Chiefs want true leaders, not phonies who only pretend to be good guys. For real, if you want outta KC, just start posting smack about the fans…lol

  13. Plain and simple, the Honey Badger is toxic. He can’t help himself if you recall the story of the frog and the scorpion Badger has flashes of brilliance as he is capable of making big plays.

    But he is also adverse to any physical contact with the opposition other than trying to punch or rip the ball out of the opponent’s grasp.

    The Badger lacks integrity as we saw in Super Bowl LV when he got into a tit-for-tat with TB #12, claiming Brady used a racial slur at him.

    No, the Badger often forgets when he points the finger at someone, whether it be an opponent, his teammates, or his team GM/Coach/Owner, at least three fingers are pointing back at him

    Badger is a cancer IMO. The Chiefs were right to show him the door just as they did Tyreek Hill. How else do you explain why it took so long for a team to sign the Toxic Badger.

    Stay tuned as the Badger takes to Twitter for another attack/excuse in the near future. It’s always exciting, but grows old fast.

  14. As a KC fan, buyer beware on Tyrann: He has caused drama with every team he’s been with, and he did so last year by lashing out at KC fans along with Anthony Hutchens on Twitter. This year, he’s thrown shade at Mahomes by saying Rodgers was better. He is a drama King. Plus, he doesn’t like to get in there and make hits. He makes a lot of business decisions. If you need a great tag football player, Tyrann is your guy. His days of being a difference maker physically are over. He’s great at talking though. So there’s that.

  15. Well the Saints don’t actually have any “youth” at safety. Grizzled vets all around.

  16. These guys and their subliminal tweets. Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson etc These are the leaders of your football teams lol I love honey badger but your better than this teenage girl stuff

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