Broncos, Russell Wilson agree to five-year contract extension

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Russell Wilson won’t leave Denver any time soon.

The Broncos and Wilson have agreed to a five-year contract extension, according to multiple reports. That’s on top of the two years he had remaining on his current deal, so he’s now under contract to the Broncos for seven more seasons.

The deal is worth $245 million, of which $165 million is guaranteed. That puts his total pay for the next seven seasons at $296 million.

There was never any doubt that the Broncos were committed to Wilson for the long-term when they traded three players, two first-round picks and two second-round picks to Seattle to acquire him. But now Wilson has put pen to paper and made his commitment official as well.

The 33-year-old Wilson has said he’d like to play into his 40s, so it’s possible this won’t be the last contract he signs. But there’s an excellent chance that he will play the rest of his career for the Broncos.

60 responses to “Broncos, Russell Wilson agree to five-year contract extension

  1. Terrible horrible overreach contract. The Broncos will still not be going to the Super bowl any time soon. Why extend him already? no real rush to do this.

  2. I hope LJ is reading this. Even Russell Wilson is not getting a fully guaranteed contract. Get your head out of the clouds Lamar and forget about the Watson deal. You will still be a very rich man and set up your family for the next several generations

  3. The Watson 100% guaranteed long term contract is not the new normal. It’s an aberration. Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and everyone else better understand that. They can still get a massive amount and percentage guaranteed but not all of it.

  4. Wow. Talk about paying someone for their past performance. Unfortunately for the Donks, Wilson’s glary days are long behind him. Good luck with all that, Donk fans.

  5. 5 additional years??? He’ll be 35 when the new contract kicks in. What a colossal mistake.

  6. 7 good years could leave him barely inside the top 10 all time passing leaders but he has always seemed like a consistently-good-not-great player.

  7. These NFL owners are throwing money around like it’s Monopoly money.
    Anyway what if Wilson is no longer at the top of his game and it wasn’t Seattle’s
    offense that was the problem> That’s a lot of money for a 33 year QB.

  8. As an average Joe, I wish had the talent to be paid for playing a game. Yes, I’m a little jealous…aren’t you?

  9. AFC West QBs ranked best to worst:

    Patrick Mahomes
    Justin Herbert
    Russell Wilson
    Derek Carr

  10. Lol!!

    That franchise is in trouble with destroyed drafts and an aging, expensive qb who has already flatlined.

  11. “good for him” as I eat my bologna and cheese sandwich while figuring out my bills. Lol …

  12. Obscene amount of money….the disconnect between the NFL and fans gets wider every year

  13. since manning, i dont think denver has made a single quality quarterback decision…
    as a chiefs fan i say “KEEP IT UP”

  14. This contract along with the 2 firsts and 2 second rounders they gave up is going to be the start of a long and sustained period of mediocrity for the Broncos. Sure, they’ll win some games and be hyped every year, but will never get past the divisional round of the playoffs. See the Cowboys – they set the standard the Broncos are now following.

  15. This feels like the Miguel Cabrera situation in Detroit. High fives and highlights in the beginning of the contract, an overcompensated cadaver at the end.

  16. Great signing…. 8 years ago. Bronco fans will soon learn they ain’t getting the Russ in his heyday. He cannot escape pressure anymore. Loved him on the Hawks but the last few years he has slowed down a ton. You’ll see.

  17. If this had been Seattle I’d be really bummed.

    He’s almost 34 years old.

    We watched young Russ who was magic all the way to old Russ who still thinks he’s magic but just is not. His height never was an issue because of his mobility. He’s no longer mobile so his height is increasingly an issue.

    Good luck Denver. What is that, a quarter of your payroll in one aging guy?

  18. These NFL owners are throwing money around like it’s Monopoly money.

    The Packers reported record $579mil revenue for 2021.

    How much more did teams like the Cowboys and Patriots make?

    It is, truly, like playing with monopoly money.

  19. Chargers, Chiefs and Raider fans all celebrating at this mile high stupidity.

    Raiders fan can save it for themselves.

    They’re still paying Gruden, and pinned their future to a guy that ran 1 franchise into the ground, and quit on another.

  20. The Watson 100% guaranteed long term contract is not the new normal. It’s an aberration. Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and everyone else better understand that.

    If Burrow manages to win a Super Bowl, Cincinnati will give him a blank check.

    As they should after decades of absolute futility.

  21. This feels like the Miguel Cabrera situation in Detroit. High fives and highlights in the beginning of the contract, an overcompensated cadaver at the end.

    At least Miggy was a top 5 player in his generation. Arguably THE best for an extended period.

  22. Thank you!…say the Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders. 7 yrs for a short mobile QB who’s losing his mobility at an exponential rate? Bronco fan, you just spent several years in QB purgatory. It will take you 1-2 yrs to realize you’ve made a massive mistake here, another 1-2 years for your management/new ownership to admit the mistake, and at least another 5-6 years in more purgatory before you can find your possible next “franchise” QB. See you in 2032 Denver!

  23. I dont see Wilson playing till hes 40. Brady is one thing; He reads the defense before the snap, knows where the ball is going and gets rid of the ball; Takes very few hits. Wilsons game is centered around scrambling, extending plays and allowing somebody to break open downfield. I dont see that lasting successfully very much longer. I’ll give him 3 more years before his skillset turns highly unproductive.

  24. 24 year old Kyler Murray for seven years, $265 million, $160 million guaranteed

    Or Wilson for seven years, $296 million, $165 million guaranteed.

    Which one do you want 2020-2027?

  25. Suckers. Broncos must have not been watching Lil Russ’s film the last couple of years. Small guy with reduced athletic ability. Saying you are going to play into your fortified and being Tom Brady is twonfldiffernt things.

  26. If Denver coaches can convince Wilson to lose some ego and just hit those short crossing routes and quick checkdowns, he can be very effective… and he won’t have to run for his life so often. Seattle’s line was porous the past few years, but most of his sacks were on him for holding the ball so long looking for the big play. Except defenses finally figured out that letting Lockett or Metcalf get a step on them was not a good idea….

  27. I love every time somebody gets a deal 99% of the posts say “durrrr overreach overrated durrrr”

  28. By this time next year qbs will probably break 60 mil…and it’ll be a guy like Kirk Cousins who does it.
    Wrapping up Russ for this long might not be the best move… but that division isn’t nearly as good as people make it out to be.

  29. Russ is consistent. Folks want to talk about some flatline or decline, but the stats don’t back up those narratives. Wilson will complete around 65% of his passes for between 3k and 4k yards with about 30 TDs and maybe 10 interceptions with a QB rating of around 100. He’s done it every year since 2012. Wilson’s worst year, statistically, was actually 2014 – the year the Seahawks lost to the Pats in the Superbowl. Russell Wilson is one of the best QBs in the NFL and he’ll continue to be.

  30. Yikes. With the way the rest of the AFC West loaded up on pass rushers Denver better hope they can find a way to have money to pay people in front of Wilson to keep him upright after that contract.

  31. Does this mean Walmart gets a 5 year contract to sell knock off Wilson T-shirts and jerseys?

  32. Not throwing stones or anything, but a big part of Wilson’s game is the off script passes where he gets out from behind the big lineman that he can’t see over, scrambles around, and makes chicken salad out of chicken poop. Will that work when he is 36, 38, 40, when 22-26 year old lineman, linebackers, and safeties are chasing him down? These kids aren’t getting slower. They are getting faster. Unless there are terms in the deal where they can back out or renegotiate without much consequence, the Broncos may regret this contract in a few years. I’ve yet to see a highly successful QB that was reliant on scrambling play well into their late 30’s. They are always pocket passers like Brady, Manning, Roethlisumpthin, etc. Mahomes and Wilson are the only really mobile QB’s that have won the Super Bowl in the last 22 years. You have to go back to the late 90’s and John Elway for find another, and he was in his late 30’s and a shell of his former self. Those teams were carried by the running game and defense. So, I’m not sure this is a good deal for Bronco fans, long term. In the short term, it’s fine. Wilson has a Brady like quality of making things happen. I just don’t think his style of play lends itself to playing well past 35ish. He has the support of a good defense now, but what happens in a few years when his cap numbers prevent everyone else from getting paid?

  33. Very prudent. Top 15 QB when healthy and mobile enough to not look like a running back in a QB Halloween costume. Not sure how much of a leader he is, but if players don’t help him his wife will beat them up.

  34. touchback6 says:
    September 1, 2022 at 9:39 am

    That franchise is in trouble with destroyed drafts and an aging, expensive qb who has already flatlined


    I would take their roster over the Pats roster any time

  35. Crazy money but I bet it looks like a bargain after Herbert and Burrow do their deals next offseason. If you’re truly committed to the guy better to do the deal now.

  36. I can understand the trolling of Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs fans but the bitterness of Hawks fans is stunning! Russ took you to heights you won’t see again in your lifetimes…no love for him?

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