Russell Wilson: It’s not about money, it’s about Super Bowls

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has spent 10 years in the NFL, all with the Seahawks. He’s now committed to Denver for the next seven, before he ever even plays in a game as a member of the team.

At a press conference announcing his new contract on Thursday, Wilson explained that he’s mainly hoping to win more NFL titles with his new team.

“I had such an amazing first decade of my career, and the next decade, I’m really excited about,” Wilson said. “To me, what it was really about was being able to win championships and being able to have enough space in the salary cap so George [Paton] can make his magic and we can get guys like [linebacker] Randy Gregory when he comes on the team or other great players. We want to make this a destination location. It’s one of those things [where] we have an amazing tradition, amazing football team. We have a lot of amazing new faces in the Walton-Penner group. Mr. Rob Walton, himself, Greg Penner, Carrie [Walton Penner], ondoleezza Rice, Mellody Hobson, Lewis Hamilton and Damani [Leech]. These are world-class visionaries and world-class executors and winners. At the end of the day, you want to be surrounded by that, and what’s important, too, is making sure you surround yourself with amazing players. For me, I love these guys. It’s been a blast and an amazing joy. For me, it wasn’t really about how much [money], necessarily. It was about how many Super Bowls we can win. That’s really the focus.”

Wilson waxed philosophically on the things that motivate him, at this point in his career.

“Every morning I wake up — you focus on the individual day and try to win that day, which in the long-term and long view, you understand that’s what creates legacy,” Wilson said. “[It’s about] the people that you impact. My dad used to say it’s not the day you’re born and it’s not the day that you die, but it’s the hashmark in between that measures a man’s significance. I really believe that the hashmark in between — this is going to be a part of my hashmark. A part of that little dash in the middle and what can I do to impact not only this football team, winning and everything else [such as] the fans, engagement, and all that, but more importantly, help inspire young kids to keep believing, keep dreaming and have a ‘why not you’ attitude. To be able to impact kids at the children’s hospital or whatever it may be, that’s what I’m here for. God put me on this earth not only to play football, spin a ball and do some cool stuff, but hopefully to inspire the next kid and the next generation. That’s what legacy means to me.”

But Wilson also will, while crafting that legacy, make plenty of money. Not as much as he has in the past, relative to the rest of his team’s salary cap. But more than enough, with more than enough left to allow the Broncos to put a successful team around its franchise quarterback.

That’s the key for Wilson. While he has earned and will continue to earn plenty of money, he has one Super Bowl win in 10 NFL seasons. If he wants to add to that total, the Broncos will need to have the money to spend on more than a few great players.

39 responses to “Russell Wilson: It’s not about money, it’s about Super Bowls

  1. I still like Russ a lot but I think that SB loss did something to him that made him really buy into his own hype to overcompensate.

  2. I don’t begrudge players wanting to get paid.

    But if you’re making 50 million a year, don’t pretend winning is your number 1 priority.

  3. Lol yeah ok. There is a reason seattle did t want to extend him, the dude is all about money. Denver will not win a championship while he is their qb.

  4. If it was about SBs then Russ would have demanded $1 per year an allowed the team to spend his money on a deeper roster

  5. And I play the lottery because I like to watch the balls twirl around in the air. These guys should come out and be honest and stop playing this “I don’t play for the money” garbage. REALLY

  6. Nobody believes you Russ. Also, you’re not sniffing another Super Bowl. Broncos finish last in the West.

  7. Not a lot of talent on that roster and the toughest division. Knew he’d be a star when I saw him as a rookie in preseason but not sure this ends well.

  8. I know people find him annoying, but I find it hard to hate on a guy who’s as successful, well-spoken, and positive as Russ.

  9. It’s amazing how often it’s about “winning super bowls” and “not” about the money AFTER they sign their deals with all their millions in guarantees that often times makes it more difficult for the teams to build around them.

  10. “It’s about money, but it’s also about Super Bowls”

    – Russell Wilson

    There I fixed it for ya.

  11. Lol. Got nothing against the guy, but considering what his ceiling is, he sure does think highly of himself. No way he’s still playing at 40 years old, certainly not at a high level. He’s simply not in that tier of a player. He’s just not.

  12. I’m sure I’ll be crucified… fakest athlete there is! Russ just seems like a dude who when the camera is on flips a switch and has to sell some narrative about how he’s a great guy and is so giving… you know who doesn’t do that? The players who do these things and don’t talk about it, the ones that let others commend them and their philanthropic gestures! Stafford gave soo much money to the places he has lived but never talks about it… because that is genuine… but that’s right Russ will “take less” and is so holy and such a great person… just ask him!

  13. Says the guy who was just awarded a $245 million dollar contract 😂. I mean seriously, why say this? Why make this statement? You have to be smart enough to realize that literally know one believes you. Regardless of who says this it is always mocked by the fans and rightfully so. Just admit you want the money or say nothing at all. You lose a little bit of credibility in my opinion if you try blowing this kind of sunshine up my rear. Go earn your money… just not against my Raiders.

  14. If it wasn’t about money and was strictly about Superbowls, he’d have taken a massive discount to put his GM in the best position to surround him with the talent to win a Superbowl.

    Whenever they say it’s not about the money, that’s exactly what it’s about.

  15. then why didn’t you take 33 per to give the team the ability to actually get more impactful players?

  16. There are only so many times you can say this, only to turn around and be a complete, unreasonable nightmare with outrageous $$ demands come contract time.

  17. is this a joke and does he think we are that stupid? maybe he should have said…hey maybe i took a little less than i could have but dont think for a sec i aint gettin crazy paid.

  18. If it was about Super Bowls he could have taken less.
    And he already has a Super Bowl Ring.
    Lets be honest, it’s all about the money, which is his right.

  19. But if you’re making 50 million a year, don’t pretend winning is your number 1 priority.

    He doesn’t count $50mil against the cap until 2025.

    He only counts $39mil against the cap the next 2 years. 12th among QBs this year, 13th for 2023, before the next round of deals is done.

    Tom Brady will count $35mil against the Bucs cap next year, and he most likely won’t play a down for them. Think about that.

  20. If that’s true, why did you sign such a big deal, thus reducing the money available to sign better players to help you win a Super Bowl?

  21. And BB ripped your heart out where you’ve never been the same since.

    It was on the entire organization.

    Pete lost his locker room. Players that could have been leaders turned cancerous.

    A great like Belichick probably could have squeezed another Super Bowl out of that group of players.

  22. Cheez don’t make me laugh Russell(LOOK AT ME). You didn’t won the first SB it was defense and the 2nd SB You screwed up stupid pass play. I think you are not worth it be on my Broncos Nation. NO SB FOR NEXT 7 YRS!

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