Titans give Derrick Henry a raise for 2022

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Titans running back Derrick Henry had outperformed his contract. So the Titans have given Derrick Henry a raise.

He has received a $2 million bump for 2022, PFT has confirmed. Instead of earning $12 million in base salary, he gets a $9 million signing bonus, a $4 million base salary, and $1 million in 46-man per-game roster bonuses.

The hitch is obvious. He needs to suit up in every game to get the full $2 million in new money. Half of the amount hinges on his ability to avoid injury, which given the position he plays can be unavoidable.

His 2023 salary has dropped by $2 million, from $12.5 million to $10.5 million. However, the thinking is that he’ll get a new deal after the current season, if he keeps playing at a high level.

The deal includes a couple of voidable years, for cap purposes. Otherwise, the contract hasn’t changed. Henry has two years left on the four-year deal he signed in 2020.

6 responses to “Titans give Derrick Henry a raise for 2022

  1. I doubt he gets another contract from the Titans. Nor will Tannehill finish his contract out. Both may be elsewhere in 2023.

  2. The Titans are clearly mediocre at best. If I were Henry I would politely ask for a trade & accommodate them the best way he & his agent could. No bad talks, no politics. Love you guys, but it’s time to go. Before you ruin my career with injuries.

  3. Hoping he can stay healthy and play games, if the team hopes to make the playoffs. A crucial year for Tannehill as well.

  4. Love the way Derrick Henry plays the game of football. How many cornerbacks,safeties and linebackers have we seen make a “business decision” trying to open field tackle this mountain? Hope he can stay healthy this season.

  5. Henry is closely watching the Lamar Jackson contract negotiations.
    I mean, running backs, right? He’ll surely expect to get a contract close to Lamar’s.

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