Clelin Ferrell focusing on what he can control after having fifth-year option declined

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The Raiders have not seen much reward from the drafts overseen by former head coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Mike Mayock and the new regime in Vegas has not shown much interest in seeing if any of the players picked up in the last few years can turn things around.

They’ve traded or cut some high picks from the Gruden/Mayock era and they declined fifth-year options on all three players the team picked in the first round of the 2019 draft. Edge Clelin Ferrell was the fourth overall pick that year and his first three years have not seen the kind of production one usually associates with that draft position.

Ferrell is being asked to do some new things this year like play from a two-point stance in defensive coordinator Patrick Graham’s scheme and he has a spot in the rotation to use in a bid to show the Raiders that he’s capable of more than he’s shown to this point.

“You got to focus on what you can control . . . I come from a program in college where, when you just focus on that, everything else will take care of itself,” Ferrell said, via Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels don’t have anything invested in Ferrell, but they also didn’t have a hand in anything that went wrong in his first three seasons. If Ferrell can do something with that blank slate, he may have a future with the Raiders after all.

11 responses to “Clelin Ferrell focusing on what he can control after having fifth-year option declined

  1. Crosby, Moehrig, Jacobs and Hobbs all excellent picks.
    Abram not bad as are Koonce and Deablo.

  2. With us trading Mullen im surprised we didnt trade Cle. Though to be fair, Cle’s ability to stop the run fits well in Grahams/Mcdaniels scheme. If you look at Pat’s defenses from the last few years players like Cle who arnt specifically regarded as Pass rush specialist seem to find a good groove. Were so deep at Dline now its a good problem to have.

  3. He talks a good game. He’s had three years to show something and hasn’t at all. Only on the roster due to his high salary which has to be paid regardless. He’ll be cut the second the seasons over. Yeah he night have been a stud in college but that doesn’t mean he’ll be dominant in the NFL

  4. Ferrell was an absolute monster at Clemson. He was a consensus top 15 pick. Hopefully a new scheme with actual NFL coaches will allow Ferrell to show his talent.

  5. I think one thing he should focus on is saving and investing his money wisely cause it looks like from here on out he is going to be a vet minimum journeyman.

  6. Lawrence says:
    September 2, 2022 at 8:33 am
    Crosby, Moehrig, Jacobs and Hobbs all excellent picks.
    Abram not bad as are Koonce and Deablo.

    Jacobs was a bad pick. He might be a solid RB but that doesn’t have match value, especially considering his lack of production in the passing game. It was a bad pick, sorry. Abram was a terrible pick too, you can’t draft safeties in the first round who can’t cover, it won’t work. Abram should just be moved to LB, but even then I’m not sold on him, he can’t cover RBs or TEs. Koonce and Deablo are simply role players, and I like them but I think both were a little over-drafted. I think Gruden did a lot of his players dirty by over-drafting them and putting so much extra and unnecessary pressure on them. Ferrell wasn’t worth his draft slot and is a bust for 1st round picks, but he’s a role player and a rotational DL that belongs in the league.

  7. Jacobs had 54 receptions last season, 5th highest for running back and another 4 for 44 yards in the playoff game. That’s value in the passing game.

    I’d really like to see Ferrell play inside on 3rd and 6+.

  8. I learn everyday most people like to armchair GM but are clueless and don’t follow stats at all. All we really need is oline help now IMO. Raiderssssssss

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