Jameson Williams “on track” in ACL recovery, but Lions view him as “long-term investment”

Detroit Lions v Indianapolis Colts
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The Lions made a big move in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft, trading up to No. 12 overall to select Jameson Williams, even though Williams had torn his ACL playing for Alabama in the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship game. Williams won’t play at the start of the season, but the Lions are still very satisfied with their decision.

Lions General Manager Brad Holmes isn’t offering a precise date for when Williams will return, but Holmes said Williams is making good progress in his recovery, and that the Lions see Williams as a player who’s going to contribute for a lot more than just his rookie year.

He is on track, again, I’m not going to put out a hard date, but I will say, the weeks and weeks he’s strung together with his rehab, and he’s so gifted from a genetic standpoint,” Holmes said, via MLive.com. “Once he keeps that consistency going, it actually could accelerate that return that we’re thinking. You got to be a little bit conservative and on the safer side when it comes to forecasts and those returns to play. But hopefully, he stays on track, and hopefully it’s sooner than later, but we’re going to continue to be smart with him. We’ve always said that from Day 1. . . . We’ve got to be smart because we didn’t make that move for him just for Year 1. This is a long-term investment.”

The most likely scenario appears to be that the Lions get Williams on the field somewhere around mid-season. But when they traded up for him, they were really thinking of 2023 and beyond.

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  1. It was a huge gamble considering the historically awful defense he inherited from his predecessor and the amount of blue chip defensive players available to him at #12.

    He had Williams rated so high though, I’m not sure he makes that move if Williams was off the board. Time will tell if he was right or if it’s another in a long line of whiffs by the Lions front office..

  2. Unusually smart move by the Lions, He won’t help them much this year if he was healthy when drafted.

  3. Jameson Williams could turn out to be a good wide receiver, but is that really hard to find in the draft? The past few years has seen wave after wave of them drafted and having immediate impacts.
    At some point, like what has happened to the value of running backs, the reassessment of the position will occur.

  4. It looks like a bust, smells like a bust, it’s probably a bust. HIs stilts won’t hold up 17 games a year at this level.

    I have no idea why the Lions continue to be so dumb. This is a guy you draft if your team is a SB contender, you’re loaded and you want a toy to play with as a cherry on top.

  5. He was a great receiver when healthy but not a 12 pick with a torn acl.Looks like lions have a mess of a gm. Again. The 50 plus years curse continues.

  6. Sounds like a lot of hate wishers here. Alabama easily beats Georgia, like they did in the SEC Championship with JaMo. Anyone saying this guy is, “a good wide receiver” or an ordinary WR never watched him burn everyone last year.

    Injury prone? Think about that the next time a guy from your team gets this injury. I bet you won’t.

    The Lions are coming and no amount of hate will stop it. Lol

  7. All you naysayers, just go watch his highlights for 2022 and you’re going to see a player that combines smoothness and speed like you’ve never seen before. This is NOT just another WR amongst many good WR in recent drafts. For one, he is instantly the fastest man in the NFL.

  8. Lions made the right move for the long term. Other people keep saying bust but he was the best WR available when Detroit was on the clock and #1 ranked before the injury. I used JW in Madden boy his speed is no freaking joke

  9. Ricky Risky Risky. He may never fully recover and this was a high first round pick in a draft rich with talent. (The Loins are in need of talent.)

  10. LOL a lot of people on here talking trash about a player who hasn’t even played a snap yet. Just because he’s injured doesn’t mean anything, remember Jeffrey Simmons?
    Same situation, a top 5 talent who torn his ACL in the pre-draft process and fell (too far) in the draft because of it. Simmons is a pro bowl/all-pro caliber DT now. That being said, isn’t every draft pick considered by the team to be a long-term investment? You’re not drafting Jameson Williams to come in and be important Week 1. The Lions especially, as a rebuilding team, don’t need him to contribute right away.

  11. Williams was head over heels the best WR last year. Giving him time and not rushing his return is smart and plays the long term investment.

    Once healthy he will be a premiere WR in the league

  12. I hope he is great, but I dont want to use 1st round picks on WRs. 1. I do feel like the position is like RB in that you can get talent in the second and third round. 2. When you look at the well run organizations, Kansas City and Green Bay, they are getting rid of the expensive wide receivers because they believe they can win without them. 3. Maybe I have watch the lions draft too many WRs in the first round and we still lose. Our best team recently had a great defensive line.
    When the lions moved down in the draft I really was hoping that they would be drafting Jordan Davis. I just have not seen a physical talent like that man. I really like the attention that detroit has given to the offensive and defensive lines, but I think Jordan Davis will be a great talent in this league that we wish was on our team.

  13. The Lions likely weren’t going to contend this year anyhow, so I don’t understand why anyone would criticize this move for the future. The tough question is if he will be good, as it seems these days that the likelihood of first round WR success is about as predictable as first round QB success.

  14. Don’t forget that in addition to adding probably the best offensive player in the draft, the Lions also kept said player out of the reach of Rogers in his waning years. And did it at the expense of the Vikings, who received compensation far below market value. All while adding the potentially best defensive player in the draft with the second pick.

  15. I’m looking forward to seeing Williams play when he gets healthy. He was awesome in college. I’ll probably end up hating him as much as Calvin Johnson when he plays the Pack, but no matter. I love watching great NFL talent even when it’s against my team.

  16. He was the best wide receiver in college football last year. He had 1,572 yards receiving, with an astronomical 20 yards per catch average, and 15 touchdowns in the SEC. In addition to that, he is a straight up burner, running a 4.39 40!

  17. Just a friendly reminder that Travis Kelce missed his rookie season due to microfracture surgery so it’s not like this is unprecedented and people calling him a bust either don’t know football or spend all day watching cable news and are easily excitable.

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