Jim Harbaugh sets aside “unfinished business” in NFL, “could be really happy” with college national championship

Colorado State v Michigan
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Earlier this year, Jim Harbaugh was ready to become the head coach of the Vikings. The Vikings weren’t ready for Harbaugh to become their head coach. And so Harbaugh remained at his alma mater of Michigan.

In a Saturday interview with Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN, Harbaugh was asked about his dalliance and detour to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

“I don’t apologize for taking a look,” Harbaugh told Wojciechowski. “And the one that doesn’t get printed is I don’t apologize for wanting to be at Michigan. Seem to cut off that last part of it. And that’s where [I’m] at, happy as can be.”

But he wanted to be in Minnesota. For whatever reason (and it’s possibly as simple as he was regarded as being too similar in style to Mike Zimmer), the Vikings opted not to offer him the job.

What happens if some other NFL team offers Harbaugh a job?

“One of the things that was really kind of driving me is, you know, we were in San Francisco, we got that close to winning the Super Bowl,” Harbaugh said. “That’s always been a thing. There’s unfinished business there. But, hey, winning the national championship, [I] could be really happy with that, too. So that’s the goal. That’s the one we’re chasing.”

For now. And while Harbaugh has said he’s done chasing the NFL, if an NFL team decides to chase him, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t say no.

He immediately turned the 49ers around. Is there’s a team that’s looking in 2023 for an instant kick in the ass (and most teams looking for a new coach are), Harbaugh should at least be considered. Given that he clearly regards the Super Bowl as a bigger and better achievement than a college national title, he most likely would welcome it.

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  1. I mean the Super Bowl is a better achievement. College football success largely depends on a coaches ability to convince 5 star players to come to your school. There’s a list of coaches that could win a string of college titles if they had 7/10 all time highest rated recruiting classes like Saban has enjoyed.

  2. Also losing the super bowl to his brother has to (on some familial level) add a a bit of extra gasoline to his fire, whether it’s said or not. Maybe not after this season, depending on if Michigan can build off last year, but he definitely wants another shot.

  3. Harbaugh may be weird and by May be I mean is, but he’s always been honest with his players about his intentions. When asked if he was looking at NFL jobs last year, he told recruits that he would look if the situation was right. And now he’s saying he’s done looking.

  4. He’s a nut. He had zero chance of getting the Vikes job and was just a pawn. The guy they picked worked with Cousins for a few years and is young and full of vigor. Hairball is a blow hard who didnt empress the owners one bit. He came to minny assuming the job was his.
    His team is going nowhere and neither is his recruiting.

  5. In other words, “No NFL team is interested in my nonsense, so I guess I will just stick with college coaching”.

  6. Jim Harbaugh never intended on leaving Michigan. He used the “NFL comeback” as a bargaining chip for a contract extension from Michigan. Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have the personality to head coach grown professional men.

  7. Simply my opinion — I don’t think he’ll ever win a National Championship at Michigan. Next attractive NFL gig that comes up, he should take it.

  8. Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, BCS …

    One bowl game rules them all: Super Bowl.

  9. It’s hard to beat being the coach at Michigan. Lots of NFL jobs aren’t good jobs. You’re working for owners who don’t understand the game. Often times it’s the grandkids of a former owner or a nephew. They’ve inherited a team and have no idea which end is up. Michigan is Harbaugh’s alma mater. He played for Bo Schembechler. Now he’s the coach. There aren’t many jobs that are better than Michigan, and that includes both college and pro. Why do you think Nick Saban has been at Alabama so long? He could have had every NFL job that has opened up in the last ten years. No thank you. I’m good.

  10. I doubt he gets another shot at the NFL. Teams are all trending to hiring young coordinators.

  11. Seems like college with the 4 year player turnover is a better fit for his weirdness, but you can’t argue he didn’t prove his coaching chops in the NFL. I think after all those years with Zim, Vikings management shied away from crabby quirky coaches.

  12. As much as I would have liked to have Jim Harbaugh in Minnesota, he always finds a way to become a distraction for the team.

  13. Vikes didn’t want him because he wants things his way, as he should.

    Kapernick and many 49ers under him owe him part of their salaries. As soon as he got booted Kapernick and Aldon Smith turned into pumpkins.

    49ers didn’t want to give him that control. They got an assistant to be a mole and gave that caoch the HC job the next year.

  14. I think he was basking in the reflection of beating Ohio State. There’s a reason he lost his job in SF, he’s a better University coach. Different skill set.

  15. Wonder why they dropped UCLA from their schedule to replace them with cupcakes.
    Does he think beating Hawaii & East Carolina is going to get him closer to a NCAA championship?

  16. Harbaugh was Kwesi’s guy until he was overruled by ownership and COO/Wilf bootlicker Andrew Miller. They were fools not to hire Harbaugh and that will become very apparent over the next couple of seasons.

  17. Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have the personality to head coach grown professional men.


    Apparently he had enough personality to take the 49ers roster he inherited, coach them to the SB and two NFC championship games within a 4 year time span…

  18. “Why do you think Nick Saban has been at Alabama so long? He could have had every NFL job that has opened up in the last ten years.”

    Probably because he was atrocious as an NFL HC? Very few people are cut out to be successful NFL coaches and few college coaches have been able to make that transition.

  19. i always liked the guy…his brother too.
    i think when he gets back to the nfl, his return to college will serve him well on how to relate to these younger players and get the most from them.

  20. If he wins a national championship with TSUN this year, I would expect some needy NFL team to back up the money truck to his house. The problem for Harbaugh is that SO many teams have just signed onto new regimes. I don’t think he’d be particularly interested in taking over a place that’s a complete dumpster fire with no history of success.

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