Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford has no limitations entering Week One

Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Two weeks into training camp, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s elbow was acting up. Less than a week before Week One, he’s doing well.

“There won’t be any limitations,” coach Sean McVay told reporters on Sunday regarding Stafford. “He’ll be ready to go.”

McVay added that he has no concerns about Stafford’s elbow or about the ability to manage the situation all year long, and that he’d have “no hesitation” to have Stafford throw the ball 50 to 55 times, if that’s what the game against the Bills requires.

“I think we’ve got a really good plan in place, no different than really last year,” McVay said. “These are things that he was kind of working through in his own way, but you always want to be cognizant of a pitch count if you will. But he’s feeling good. I tell you what, he’s throwing the ball excellent. He feels good. Everything that I’m seeing is reflective of everything he’s saying to me and so I feel really good about that. You can’t look back on the past. It is something that will be very similar to last year so it’s not really anything that’s different. You got a great competitor that you want to be smart about managing guys’ bodies and for a quarterback, their arm is always something that you want to be smart about. That’ll be the same as what we did last year with him.”

Stafford added his two cents on the situation.

“I feel good,” he told reporters on Sunday. “I feel good. I’m ready to go. No limitations.”

He then stopped short of making a potentially significant admission about the situation.

“[I] still think there’s. . . . I don’t know,” Stafford said. “I feel great. I’m ready to go play, can always be better. [I] can I always try to feel like I’m 21 again, I’ll keep trying, but no I feel really good. [I] feel like I can make every throw. I don’t know what else you need to hear from me.”

Frankly, I’d like to hear what he was going to say after “I still think there’s. . . .”

He also said his program for managing the elbow is “kind of week-to-week,” and that he’s been relying on “exercise-type stuff” to help with the situation.

Whatever he has done, it’s worked. But there’s still the unfinished remark after “I still think there’s . . . .” Which makes me still think there’s reason to keep an eye on the situation.

12 responses to “Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford has no limitations entering Week One

  1. Glad to hear it.

    This is a big early-season test for the Bills. It’s hard to read too much into game 1 – but it’s definitely an early indicator.

  2. Sean is so over rated. Whoever is in charge of the salary cap is the real champ here because the Rams mad the worst moves in NFL history signing Goff and Gurley to those huge salaries. I know things look good now, but there not going to end well. But you got the one ring so it’s prob worth it.

  3. I can think of two limitations.

    Motivation, after securing a SB win and signing a big retirement contract, and, age.

  4. Let me tell you something Bills fans… you can get all the off-season hype in the football universe… it will come down to one simple fact in the AFC… Josh Allen is not as good as Joe Burrow. PERIOD! Stephon Diggs is average compared to Jamar Chase, or Tee Higgins for that matter… maybe even Tyler Boyd. The Bills are like the Harry Potter of the NFL… so exciting to talk about but not quite “Lord of the Rings”…

  5. I love Burrow’s game – but there isn’t a single situation I’d take him over Allen. Allen has a better arm, can run better, and is at least if not more clutch.

    I’m sure they’ll be batting it out in the years ahead – along w/ Mahomes and Herbert. But I’d take Allen over all of them. Objectively.

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