Kevin Stefanski on Baker Mayfield: Having knowledge is “overrated”

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Browns face quarterback Baker Mayfield right out of the gates, with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft facing the team that employed him for four years — before throwing him out for Deshaun Watson.

“Baker obviously is a player that we know well,” coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters on Monday. “He knows us really well, too, in terms of scheme and those type of things. I think our players and our coaches have a real good understanding of his strengths.”

So who has the edge when it comes to the knowledge, the Browns or Baker?

“A lot of times, I think it is overrated in terms of they know that we know that they know and those type of things,” Stefanski said. “He is a really good football player, and we have to get to work and preparing to play him.”

Stefanski said he hasn’t noticed any differences in Mayfield’s mechanics, based on reps in preseason games. However, Stefanski did say that Mayfield appears to be healthy after last year’s shoulder injury.

When it came to a question regarding his farewell to Mayfield, Stefanski clammed up.

“I am not going to get into those things,” the third-year coach said. “I keep conversations between all of our players [in house], we have talked about that.”

The Browns will be talking a lot about Mayfield this week, and Mayfield will surely be talking a lot about them. Come Sunday night, we’ll be talking about whether Mayfield was able to stick it to his former team. Which he surely wants to do, regardless of whether he said so.

23 responses to “Kevin Stefanski on Baker Mayfield: Having knowledge is “overrated”

  1. I hope Baker destroys those brown turds. Kinda sounds like Stefanski likes Baker and wishes it went a different way.

  2. Won’t be long before Kyler Murray is pressing for a trade to the Browns. Sounds like his kind of coach.

  3. Baker Mayfield may not be better in Carolina than he was in Cleveland but at least he doesn’t have to play for team who overlooks someone’s criminal behavior because he can get us wins.

  4. Baker will destory the clowns. Stefanski has zero morality along with the rest of that trash organization

  5. nobody wanted # 6 .. the Browns had to chip in to rid themselves of him. what else do you need to know !!

  6. Zone coverage and pressure up the middle.That pesky little gamer can’t see the forest for the trees in front of him.

  7. The panthers OL will have to double team Garrett, leaving everyone else open for a shot at baker. And the backs won’t pick up the others. Plus the browns won’t allow baker to roll out to the side. He’ll be under fire in the pocket all night. Plenty of batted down passes.

  8. I hope the Panthers win. All Mayfield did was get the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in nearly two decades, almost getting them to the AFC championship game.

  9. Rooting for Baker to plant the flag on Cleveland’s hopes, but he’s on a far inferior team. Stefanski has gone from Coach of the Year, to the guy I hope fails, fails, and fails some more. I still believe he threw his QB under the bus b/c he’s got too much personality. This is like Top Gun and Stefanski is the conservative, old guard and Baker is Maverick.

  10. celtyislove says:
    September 5, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    I hope the Panthers win. All Mayfield did was get the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in nearly two decades, almost getting them to the AFC championship game.
    All he did was get the Browns to the playoffs… the Browns were 3-4 against teams that finished the 2020 season with at least a .500 record. 2021… Baker had zero 4th quarter comebacks. Enjoy!

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