Mitch Trubisky listed as starter on Steelers depth chart

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has resisted making any public pronouncements about the team’s starting quarterback for their Week 1 game against the Bengals, but the signs keep pointing to Mitch Trubisky getting the first shot under center.

The team announced that Trubisky has been named one of their captains on Monday and they also released a depth chart for the first week of the season a bit later in the day. It lists Trubisky as the No. 1 quarterback.

Depth charts aren’t binding, of course, and Tomlin could still opt to play Kenny Pickett or Mason Rudolph over Trubisky this weekend, but it certainly seems like thinks are moving in Trubisky’s direction with the start of the regular season days away.

The depth chart lists Rudolph as the No. 2 with Pickett at No. 3 after it looked like the Steelers had flip-flopped the two players as training camp and the preseason wound down. Teams typically don’t keep three quarterbacks active, so one more test of the accuracy of the published depth chart will be if one of those quarterbacks is inactive this Sunday.

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  1. Going to be an interesting year for the steelers after 15 years of Big Ben. Their OL will be a bottom 3 for whoever is back there better have a quick release or have some wheels. Problem when your OL is so bad you end up with no running game. They were number 4 in yards per carry last year.

  2. It’s gonna be hard to keep up with Joey B and The Boys, they just don’t want to kill Kenny’s confidence yet.

  3. The Steelers have three good QB’s. Trubisky has 50 career NFL starts. Rudolph has 10. Pickett has zero. Tom Brady would probably tell Pickett to stay prepared, and Drew Bledsoe would probably tell Trubisky not to get hurt.

  4. They didn’t know they’d get Pickett and that he’d last that late in the first round. And no other QB was deemed first round worthy by all 32.

    Sling-along-with-Mitch was always the starting song.

  5. The man is average. Congrats on getting a QB who can read vanilla defenses and stare down receivers. Good luck in crunch time with the game on the line, in a shoot out, or without a play action game.

  6. As unpopular as it sounds, I am all for Trubisky being No. 1 this year. Kenny looked good, but isn’t quite ready yet. What I don’t agree with it Rudolph being No. 2. He barely held onto a roster spot and is No. 2? that makes no sense to me.

  7. Mitch will play very well this season and be the starter all year. Steelers being totally ignored by everyone despite having a ton of elite players. I believe they will win 11 or 12 games. I’d be more shocked by a losing season than a trip to the super bowl.

  8. Run the ball then get the ball outta Trubisky’s hands as fast as you can. He’s relatively mobile but no 7 step drop backs or could be a pick or a sack if your Oline is bad.

  9. Trubisky is a decent qb. Stay away from mistakes and he will do okay. I’m more concerned with how the defense will perform with practically the same players they had last year. Great D is where it starts.

  10. The old rule is once you start a young qb and he ends up getting benched there’s no going back.

  11. Bears fan. Love Mitch. But he doesn’t have it. Hope I’m wrong when he’s rolling it’s fun to watch…the bad tosses in crunch time are literally predictable.

  12. The depth chart as it stands right now means nothing. Same for every other team that doesn’t have a cast-in-concrete QB1. What happens game to game will determine the depth chart going forward.

  13. I think when all is said and done, the Steelers have a big upgrade at QB. Nice problem to have with Trubisky looking to possibly be better than expected, and Pickett being what the team hoped he would be. Interesting to see how these two will compare to Big Ben in his prime. Hard standard to live up to.

  14. No – the rule is if you start a green QB & he get crushed b/c he has one of the worst O lines in the league, there’s no going back.

  15. Mitch should have a good year in this system. A successful year for the Steelers is probably 10 wins and letting Kenny sit most of the season or get mop-up duty late in a few games. Maybe a wildcard. But it’ll rehab Trubisky and get him a decent deal somewhere else next season when they move on to Kenny.

  16. “Tom Brady would probably tell Pickett to stay prepared, and Drew Bledsoe would probably tell Trubisky not to get hurt.”

    LOL. Well put, Charliecharger.

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