A.J. Brown “ready to go to war” for Jalen Hurts

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles
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Sunday will bring an opportunity to see a number of old faces in new places around the league, including the Eagles debut of wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Brown was dealt to the Eagles by the Titans during the first round of the draft in a move designed to give quarterback Jalen Hurts an elite target for his passes in the 2022 season. It didn’t hurt the effort to generate chemistry that Brown and Hurts were already close friends before becoming teammates and Brown is making no effort to downplay the results of that effort.

“I’m ready to go to war for him,” Brown said, via Josh Tolentino of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I’m ready to go to war with him. This upcoming Sunday, I’m excited for the season. We definitely put in a lot of work this offseason, this camp. We’re in a good place, and we’re ready to go.”

The Lions will be the first team to face the Brown/Hurts tandem and a strong start for the Eagles duo will give rise to a lot of big thoughts about how the 2022 season is going to play out in Philadelphia.

12 responses to “A.J. Brown “ready to go to war” for Jalen Hurts

  1. Omgoodness I hate players using this phrase. You play a sport, a violent one no doubt but stop minimizing this “go to war” when you know nothing about it.

  2. I remember that Donny Mac became a much better QB when the Eagles had TO…Hurts needs to show that he’s much better with AJ in the lineup. It’s time to show up…

  3. The Eagles sure are turning into pre-season darlings. Could be a fun team to watch, but those high pre-season expectations often lead to mid-season fan frustration. Then again, Eagles fans rarely vent frustration righta?

  4. Will you be so “ready to go to war” once Jalen shows he can’t get you the ball on a consistent basis? I don’t understand the Eagles hype at all.

  5. They were 9-8 last year. They have better players. Hurts has another year of experience. Their schedule is butter soft. Dallas lost lots of good players and has a much tougher 1st place schedule. What about that is hard to understand for optimism? They could be a good team and win 12+ games with that schedule.

  6. I understand that Brown probably shouldn’t be using that phrase, but why isn’t everyone so indignant when, on draft day, talking heads refer to the different team’s “war room” when cutting to shots of the owner, GM, coach etc.

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