Bruce Allen gives 10-hour deposition to House Oversight Committee

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The House Oversight Committee heard from Commanders owner Daniel Snyder during a marathon deposition in late July. On Tuesday, the Committee conducted another marathon with the man who served for a decade as one of Snyder’s key employees.

Via Ben Standig of, former Commanders president Bruce Allen’s testimony before the Committee lasted 10 hours.

While the session was conducted in private, the Committee can release any, some, or all of the testimony. To date, none of the testimony from Snyder has been released — possibly to ensure that it wouldn’t influence Allen’s testimony, directly or indirectly.

Snyder quite possibly laid extensive blame on Allen for the toxic culture that created numerous employee complaints and concerns, and that ultimately sparked a 10-month investigation by attorney Beth Wilkinson, the results of which the league continues to stubbornly conceal.

It’s possible that the versions from Snyder and Allen conflict, sharply. It’s possible that the Committee will want to ask Snyder more questions, based on the answers provided by Allen.

Regardless, today’s developments show that the investigation remains open and active. Even if the NFL won’t release any of the information discovered by Wilkinson, the Committee apparently has plenty of facts that it may share with the general public at some point in the future. To the extent the details hidden by the league in a possible effort to avoid a groundswell of pressure that would potentially force an effort to remove Snyder overlaps with the testimony developed during the depositions of Snyder and Allen, the end result could be the same.

Indeed, if/when the Committee discloses what it has learned, the cries for a permanent change at the top of the organization could become deafening.

10 responses to “Bruce Allen gives 10-hour deposition to House Oversight Committee

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa…. whew… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  2. Why is Congress wasting time on football when we have real problems in this country? Sign of the times I guess. It was a good run. All empires must end.

  3. If they created a paywall to read Bruce Allen’s version, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop money to read his testimony. Not only does he have nothing to hide after being fired, he was publicly humiliated by anonymous leaks. He’ll sing like a canary, and probably embellish a little bit.

  4. PartyonWayne is right on.

    This whole thing has been timed around the upcoming midterms so congressional members can grandstand.

    This country/empire is quite literally in its last legs. It’s a shame and I’m already looking at where I can move my family to considering all the infighting we now have in this once great nation.

    Wish we could all get along despite our differences. We used to.

  5. The real problem here is these politicians aren’t asking questions that mean anything. They’re only asking questions that their several focus groups told them to ask that will help in their upcoming elections.

  6. It doesn’t matter if Snyder blames Allen. Who is ultimately responsible for that franchise. Leaders stand in front when things turn bad and there is criticism and step back when praise is offered and things are good. Danny boy does the polar opposite, only not with the good since there has never been any during his tenure.

  7. I just want to know how much time they spent on the Gruden emails and if Bruce told them who else was copied on them. Crossing fingers that Snyder was in the CC line.

  8. “It’s possible that the versions from Snyder and Allen conflict, sharply.”

    Possible? You are too kind, sir.

    I’m betting on one of two things:

    Snyder’s testimony vs. Allen’s testimony is truly oil vs. water…..

    and if not…

    Allen’s offshore account got quite a bit fatter not too long ago.

  9. You give a lot of short guys power and lock them in a room together, there’s no telling how many lies can come out of there.

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