Josh McDaniels on scheming against Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa: “There are no shortcuts”

LA Chargers training camp at Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex
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Scheming against Joey Bosa or Khalil Mack individually is already a tough task.

Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels is the first to craft a game plan that has to neutralize both at the same time.

When the Raiders open the season against the Chargers on Sunday, their offense will be the first to see Los Angeles’ new-look defense featuring the two famed edge rushers. That would present a significant challenge at any point in the season. But not having any film of the two playing together creates a unique challenge for McDaniels and Las Vegas’ offensive staff.

It’s not easy,” McDaniels said in his Tuesday press conference. “They’re two incredible football players. And, again, I could say that about a lot of guys on their team. … I’ve competed against both of them multiple times — and thankfully, never on the same field at the same time. So you could kind of put maybe more attention to one than the other, if you will.

“You’ve got to do a good job. There’s no shortcuts around this one. You know? You’ve got to do a good job of using your techniques and playing with good fundamentals. We have to do a good job of trying to get the ball out on time, when we’re supposed to. And you pick your spots when you’re going to try to do something and hold the ball a little longer, what have you, based on the play you’re trying to accomplish.”

In other words, pass protection against those two edge rushers doesn’t just fall on the offensive tackles. Receivers have to run sharp routes and quarterback Derek Carr has to deliver timely, accurate passes.

“This is a big challenge,” McDaniels said. “They present a lot of issues offensively on their own, and so seeing them on the same field, obviously, will be difficult. But we’re hard at work trying to figure out how to create some offense against their whole group. But they’ll definitely be a challenge.”

Bosa recorded 10.5 sacks, five tackles for loss, 20 QB hits, and seven forced fumbles last year. Mack’s season was cut short after just seven games due to a foot injury. But he still had 6.0 sacks, six tackles for loss, and seven QB hits in 2021.

26 responses to “Josh McDaniels on scheming against Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa: “There are no shortcuts”

  1. Sure, they present a challenge, but I think the Bolts should be just as worried about our pass rush.

  2. Love Mack, but he’s on the wrong side of 30.

    Don’t know what it is, but it seems pass rushers drop off at anytime once they hit that magic number, even if they had a fantastic season the previous year.

  3. Short, quick passes has been a staple for Josh’s offenses and are ideal in this scenario

  4. This one WILL NOT be one team’s defense ruling the day – No. Offensive football all over the place. This will be about who has the football last. Period.

  5. This will be a nightmare if Carr has to hold on to the ball. Seeing how bad the O-Line was last year, and they didn’t do major upgrades, it’s the offensive scheme that will have to protect Carr this year. Make no mistake about, McDaniels aims to run the ball. He did a magnificent job in NE, hope he can do it in Vegas. We’ll see.

  6. “Probably the only game all season that they’ll both be healthy.”

    Ain’t that the truth. Mack’s a great player but he’s fading fast. Can you imagine when the Raiders traded him to Chicago, there was talk about who was better, Mack or Aaron Donald and who should get the bigger payday? I think we know that answer now.

  7. The Pats have dominated Bosa and had their way with Mack in Mexico City back in ’17.

    Bosa is one of the most overrated gadet edge players in the league. He plays with zero awareness at the OLB spot. Very Clay Matthews. Run D always terrible on the strong side with Bosa and Matthews.

    Mack is better than Bosa, but you’ll see screens, delayed draws, some tosses, etc to stave off the rush.

    I need to see Bosa figure it out before I am convinced he’s finally become an all around OLB.

  8. I see a lot of 1 step drop passes. It is classic Patriot. Get rid of the ball under 2 seconds, the rush is not that useful.

  9. I hope both Basa and Mack are healthy and reddi to go and hopeyMack will be overhyped and trying too hard to make an impression on his old team !!!

  10. Sorry Raiders fans, you have no OL. Mack and Bosa – no shortcuts is just a cover up from McDaniels. Even your own coach knows you’re losing this game.

  11. Not as much pressure on McDaniels as most coaches, if he fails he just goes back to Bill with a little more money in his pocket. They even took Patricia back, as a Lions fan I hope he isn’t calling plays for you guys this year. He should just be somewhere at practice in the mud yelling at D-linemen.

  12. You can take the Patriots coaches out of New England. However, those coaches can’t take the Patriots dynasty out of New England. The track record of failure is getting larger and it started with the Lions like stated above. McDaniels will run back to BB shortly.

  13. Not much to see here. Mack has been done for a couple years, before that being the most overrated player in NFL history… Bosa is ok when he’s healthy which isn’t often..

  14. Mack got blanked and fairly well controlled the 1stvand 2nd times they played. Not worried about him. Kolton Miller can control Bosa.

  15. No shortcuts unless you get film ahead of time. That’s something that McDaniels is well known for.

  16. The Chargers are more than just two guys that the media focuses on and the Raiders know it and are scheming against all 11 on defense, the 11 offense and the 11 on special teams.

  17. It’ll be an interesting division game to say the least, great to see what kind of games the Chiefs have to look forward to down the stretch.

    A hidden sub plot: McDaniels success or failure in LV will also add an interesting side note to the Brady/Belichick debate (if anyones even still on the fence). I’m curious to see just how NE evolves (or implodes) without McDaniels developing Jones.

  18. Raiders beat chargers last year late when it mattered

    Don’t see why an improved team now won’t do the same!

    Mack or chandler jones? Duh. Jones! Most sacks in 10 years!

    Ya. Raiders 24-20

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