Roger Goodell is set to preside over hearing on St. Louis settlement payment

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Last November, the NFL paid $790 million to settle with St. Louis the Rams relocation lawsuit. Soon, the NFL will finalize the question of how much of the money the Rams will pay.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Commissioner Roger Goodell will preside in the near future over a hearing aimed at resolving the distribution of the financial responsibility between the Rams and the other teams. It’s possible that the matter will be resolved among the owners, without a full-blown hearing.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke agreed to indemnify his partners as to the litigation costs arising from the move. Some owners believe that includes not only litigation costs but also the amount of any settlement or judgment. Kroenke has contended otherwise, and the technical language of the indemnity provision arguably supports his position.

Kroenke also has argued that the efforts by the Raiders and Chargers to persuade the owners to choose their proposed joint venture over Kroenke’s stadium in Inglewood provided the blueprint for the St. Louis litigation.

Already, the league has withheld roughly $250 million in distributions that would have otherwise gone to the 31 other teams. If the settlement of $790 million is split 32 ways, each team would eventually be responsible for $24.68 million.

The league declined comment on the matter.

21 responses to “Roger Goodell is set to preside over hearing on St. Louis settlement payment

  1. Has Kroenke paid back his LA loan to the other owners?

    Don’t look now, but the Rams may have been handed a SB trophy for financial reasons.

  2. just for show, the other owners are paying him by allowing the rams to win the SB, isn’t that obvious?

  3. The indemnity agreement pretty clearly backs Stan’s argument. The rest of the league was represented by counsel. They should be stuck with the agreement and they can thank their attorneys for that.

  4. I know one thing, if Stan doesn’t pony up-there are going to be 31 other men upset with him. 31 other men who are used to getting their way.

    If the other owners have to ante up for Stan now, I really hope he does not need their help on anything else for a looooonnnngggg time.

  5. So the NFL employs outside counsel for everything. Does the poor job by counsel open up for a malpractice lawsuit?

  6. Rams will pay the full 790 million …RODGER made sure Stan got his Super Bowl championship for LA. Now it’s time to pay the check Stan.

  7. Remember when St Louis and Georgia Frontiere stole the Rams out of LA in the first place in 1995?

  8. The league wouldn’t be in this position if it had a competent general counsel. Instead, it has Jeff Pash. Minimally competent lawyers would have seen the ambiguity in “litigation costs” and made sure that there was a clarification. As it is now, I think the best outcome is for the Rams to pay back the league with deductions from broadcast/streaming revenue over several years.

  9. I don’t like Stan; but he was the only person who had the money and ability to get a stadium built in LA. The Houston Texans were SUPPOSED to be an LA Expansion team, but couldn’t get a stadium built, the Rams couldn’t get one built during their earlier days in LA, nor could the Raiders. Does anyone believe that Dean Spanos could get one built, when he couldn’t get one built in San Diego?

    Stan has a point about the Chargers aiding St Louis, and IF I were Stan, I’d start charging them rent, to hell with the NFL agreement giving the Chargers free rent. Especially if they force Stan to pay this bill.

    The NFL’s biggest worry should be about NOT upsetting Stan; IF he were to sell the Rams and charge the new owners of the Rams and the Chargers market rates, he’d bankrupt them

  10. The best part about that payment is that it ensures we’ll never have to see another NFL team languish in St. Louis again.

  11. Wow I thought Kroenke would pay it all since the other owners, networks and Vegas gave him a championship ?
    Maybe they could take it back … haha

  12. Why is it 31 other team’s fans issue (because they’re the ones that pay the money) to pay for Stan to screw over St Louis. He personally should be on the hook for the payment.

  13. The penalty of repayment should fall on the rams, the league and owners that stood up and argued for this move to happen. they are the sponsors of backdoor scamming, they should be on the hook !!!

  14. For the Cpt Conspiracy Loons… when you’re getting beat by the Rams, that’s not the NFL knocking, it’s just your team losing.

  15. Suing is like the lottery. You give it a shot whenever you can even if you know it’s baseless. There’s not a lot of risk, and it might pay off big.

  16. I see most of us have concluded that Kronke should pay the entire bill because he directly benefits the most from the move; however, settling the 20+ year Los Angeles stalemate has also benefited the Chargers and Raiders quite handsomely.

    One could argue the entire league is more valuable with two teams in LA (and one in LV) than it was with teams in St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland. The Broncos just sold for nearly $5,000,000,000 and the Seahawks are almost certain to eclipse that price when Paul Allen’s trust eventually sells the team.

    Coughing up $25,000,000 per team is chump change compared to the increased value of the teams from the LA and LV moves.

    The flipside of settling the LA stalemate is it took the most viable chips off the table when it comes to owners threatening moves in order to get public funding for new stadiums. What’s the next most viable market? A second team in Dallas? Jones never lets that happen. Austin + San Antonio? It’s a huge market, but again it’s Cowboys Country and the local governments there can literally barely keep the lights on and the water flowing, it’s doubtful they could pull off building an NFL facility. OKC, Birmingham, Memphis, and Portland are possibilities, but none are as viable as LA and LV were before the moves.

  17. Georgia Frontiere moved the Rams to St Louis in the first place. They never should have moved. She threw a temper tantrum and moved them to get the new Edward Jones dome in St Louis. It’s ultimately all her fault. Stan inherited her problems.

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