Todd Bowles: Julio Jones can have many good years left, Tom Brady has raised the bar

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Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles thinks wide receiver Julio Jones has plenty of good years left in him. And Bowles thinks Tom Brady has shown why.

Asked how many years Jones has left, Bowles didn’t answer with a specific number, but he noted that Brady is still playing well — and Brady is 12 years older than Jones.

“That’s a good question. I think Tom has set the bar high,” Bowles said.

The 33-year-old Jones has struggled to stay healthy, missing seven games in each of the last two seasons, but Bowles said that while Jones was out of shape when he arrived at Bucs camp, he is now looking like he did when he was an All-Pro in 2015 and 2016 with the Falcons.

“He can play,” Bowles said of Jones. “He’s kind of returned to his old self.”

Jones’ “old self” was among the best players in the NFL, and it seems unlikely that he’ll ever play at that level again. But Bowles still expects an aging Jones to have a big impact.

9 responses to “Todd Bowles: Julio Jones can have many good years left, Tom Brady has raised the bar

  1. It’s sad to watch a once great player succumb to age. Father Time is undefeated and some day even Tom Brady will lose that battle.

  2. Even if Julio wasn’t cooked (he is) he isn’t able to stay healthy long enough to prove otherwise

  3. Jones has years left to play if a team is willing to keep him on IR. Even when he was ‘healthy’ he did not practice very much as his injuries limited him. At best, he’s now a situational player.

  4. Clearly not a good sign that Julio arrived at camp out of shape. I don’t see much upside here and I don’t see this ending well.

  5. He is washed up. Him giving you anything is a win. Dude could not find the end zone with a map when he was at his peak.

  6. Can you do a more lazy comparaison. Getting a bit tired of coaches taking the media and public for idiots.

  7. Everyone commenting is assuming Julio was brought in for the same reason the Titans brought him in, and that just isn’t the case. Having the threat of Julio in the red zone alone is a huge help to offensive schemes. Sure he could get hurt, but with Evans and Godwin being the 1 & 2 options it isn’t backbreaking for their overall offense if that happens. Low risk high reward.

  8. He didn’t come to Tampa to unseat Evans or Godwin. Or even Gage. I’m pretty sure he can still beat the 4th best cornerback on most every team they face. And I’m even more certain that Brady will hit him with accurate, well timed passes. Huge reward, no risk signing.

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