Darius Slayton agrees to pay cut with Giants

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton was excused from practice on Tuesday and that led to speculation that he might be on his way off the roster because linebacker Blake Martinez was released after being excused from a workout last week.

Slayton isn’t moving on just yet, however. Tom Rock of Newsday reports that Slayton will be back on the field on Wednesday after he agreed to a pay cut that allows him to keep his roster spot.

Slayton was set to make a base salary of $2.54 million, but he will now make the league minimum of $965,000 for a player of his experience. He will have a chance to earn back some of that money through incentives, but there will likely need to be a significant change to the depth chart for him to have a strong chance of reaching them.

The Giants currently list Slayton as their seventh wideout behind players like David Sills V and Richie James, so it would seem to be far from a sure thing that Slayton’s going to be active for the season opener against the Titans or any other games.

3 responses to “Darius Slayton agrees to pay cut with Giants

  1. What happened here? Slayton had 1,500 receiving yds in 2019 and 2020 (combined). Not too shabby. How could he be so far down the depth chart?

  2. I don’t get this from Slayton’s perspective, or the Giants really either. He’s outproduced most of the other WRs on the roster and is in the last year of his rookie deal. I would have told the Giants to kick rocks and cut me then. He could make the league min anywhere else and would probably get more on the open market anyway. Why reduce your salary to the minimum on a team that doesn’t value you and will be incentivized to not let you hit your salary escalators? He’d likely be better off signing somewhere else than playing with Daniel Jones as well. Weird situation all the way around.

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